Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Patrick and Stephanie close out #Junesploitation by trying to see everyone naked, Canadian-style.

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Also discussed this episode: Cherry 2000 (1987), Not of This Earth (1957), Not of This Earth (1988), Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich (2018), Demon Knight (1995), Judgment Night (1993)


  1. Regarding SBII - I'll let my thoughts speak from Junesploitation 2014 Patrick, sounds like you "kind-of" liked it back then in your reply. Goes to show how revisits can be really interesting. Sometimes I've revisited a film I hated and ended up liking it and sometimes it goes the other way.

  2. Where's the FTM glossary gone? Next to Human Cigarette Christopher George, we need to add Peter "One of Those Lip Guys" Greene.

  3. For some reason, I had it set in my head that Judgement Night starred Mark Whalberg. I think for some reason I had it confused in my head with Four Brothers.

  4. Great podcast, even though I've never seen these. Those ridiculous characters names were making me crack up..

    Also, Stephanie at the end says "I'm sorry. I love you Canada". Do our American friends think these 2 phrases mean the same thing in Canada ;) I'm kidding, but it made me smile!

  5. I intended to watch Screwballs after you announced this podcast, but when I saw the poster and read the synopsis I thought "maybe not". Anyway, it was a really fun show even without seeing the films!