Friday, November 23, 2018

A Movie I'm Thankful For: Movie Love Is All You Need

by Erika Bromley
I'm such a rebel.

Patrick asked the FTM team to reprise our series of "Movies We're Thankful For" (which we know is grammatically incorrect but life is short so just let this be a cute title, ok?) again during this Season of Thanking. I don't write for the site as much as I did in the early days (SOMEONE has to take care of these kids), and it's been a while since I recorded a podcast (too much giggling?). But I'm feeling pretty thankful, and he's the only person asking me to write for a website, so here I am! But I'm breaking the rules.

Usually in this series, a writer focuses on one movie. Maybe a few. Makes sense. It's in the title. But I'm going rogue.

This November, I'm thankful for -- wait for it -- this movie website. The one we are visiting together right now.
We've taken it in the shins before here at FTM when it comes to feeling overwhelmingly grateful for the community that Patrick and Co. have built. Some readers don't like when we are "too introspective" or "too corny" or "too schmoopy" (guilty... but have you SEEN Patrick's beard?). That's ok. I'm hoping they just skip this piece then. It's not for them. It's for everyone else who's reading.

For over eight years, FTM has given permanent voice to thoughtful criticism, ideas, opinions, jokes, emotions, etc. that used to just be things we'd talk about after we watched a movie. How many times did I tell Patrick that his voice needed to be "out there" in the world? Lots of times. Our friends told him, too. Being the humble dude he is, it took him a LONG time to warm up to the idea that yes, he had something to say. Something to add. An outlook or response that's not always the first way someone else may experience a film. (I am fairly confident that this piece will never even see the light of the screen here because it makes him the center of attention and he HATES that.) I've repeatedly heard people say, "Now that you explain it, it makes sense..." Patrick has a way of analyzing stories, cinematography, music, and Kristen Stewart gifs that others don't have. And we're all smarter for it.

I know there are numerous podcasts and websites discussing movies every day. We are not a unique snowflake. The world is wide enough for us all to exist -- to share our passion and love of movies in ways that hopefully feel authentic and understood, and authenticity and understanding are two of the attributes F This Movie! has reflected since day one (the Avatar podcast!). I can always feel what the writers are describing or discussing, even if I didn't experience a film in the same way. Reading a review or thinkpiece on this site never leaves me feeling empty or alone; in fact, the writing here engages me in a way that makes me feel more connected to the world. How many websites can I say that about? The subjectivity of how we can connect through art fascinates and comforts me. The way that many of us relate to each other is in this way -- we learn and grow from each new perspective we encounter. If I am bored, FTM entertains me. If I am sad, it makes me feel better. If I'm excited, it comes along for the ride.
I love that this site has also shared the voices of other contributors. I love that readers and listeners start to feel like they truly get to know them, and these readers too add a vital piece to the tone of the site. Friendships are forged. Jokes are born. Memories are created. Top Gun cookies are baked. This extraordinary, warm, intelligent community is a topic that FTM has covered at great length, including here (insert link) and here (another link). I don't care that it's been said. Why shouldn't we say it again? Just like we celebrate the "ambitious failures," why shouldn't we continue to celebrate a place that anyone in the world can visit to find kindness and movie love, two of my favorite things? We should. So I am. And I'll continue to by reading, listening, and sharing the #movielove. It's easy.


  1. Schmoopiness aside, you can count me as another who is very grateful for this site. It’s one of the few online communities that is consistently kind and welcoming. I’ll never forget the day when one poster went full troll, and our Gabby F talked him down with unceasing tolerance and generosity. In these times, we all need our safe space. This site is one of mine.

  2. I, for one, love all the schmoopiness. The personal connections between the fthismovie family and movies is what keeps me coming back.

    1. We are so glad. <3 Thanks for taking the time to share that. :)

  3. Great column.... terrible banner.

  4. I've listened to and enjoyed loads of podcasts over the years but the only two I've stuck with and listened to consistently every week for years are Shock Waves/K pov and F this Movie. Through an extended period of illness it's been reassuring to know that at any hour im feeling lousy there's a podcast there with a bunch of genuine friends conversing with humour,smarts and vigour.Thanks Patrick,Riske,Doug,J.B. and all other contributors.There's always another person sat at the table during recordings,though they're silent you always treat them with the utmost consideration and respect and that person is the listener.Here's to the next year

    1. <3 I love that it feels that way. Everyone works so hard to achieve that! XOXO

  5. Great piece.
    I'm in complete agreement.
    I love this site and I feel a bond with contributors and fans alike.
    I love that the line between the two is blurry, that there's a genuine sense of community here.
    I have gotten and taken so much from F This Movie.
    I enjoy Horror movies more than I used to.
    I enjoy Exploitation movies more than I used to.
    Hell, I enjoy Wednesdays more than I used to.
    I love movies and you folks have given me more movies to love.
    It's all well and good to discuss the importance of CITIZEN KANE or the greatness of SEVEN SAMURAI (both sentiments with which I am in total agreement) ....but I already knew that.
    I have F This Movie to thank for THE GUEST, IT FOLLOWS, BONE TOMAHAWK & BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99.
    I have a newfound appreciation and affection for the Films of JOHN CARPENTER, GEORGE ROMERO, TOBE HOOPER & SUPER CRAZY ITALIAN HORROR not to mention UNIVERSAL'S MONSTERS (special shout out to JB for that.)
    Most importantly this site has helped me become less opinionated and more accepting with regard to movies I do not like.
    I find myself phrasing my opinion differently.
    Patrick reminds me that "Every movie is someone's favorite movie."
    I try to remember that before I tell someone a movie they enjoyed "sucked."

    As heard on this very site's podcast:
    "We don't choose the movies we love.
    The movies we love choose us."

    Thanks again, F This Movie for all you've done & all you do.

    1. Mike,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Everything you say here is so wonderful and true. Thanks for being a great human being! <3

  6. Been thinking lately about how the podcast could use more giggles...