Wednesday, April 10, 2019

FTM 487 - PET SEMATARY (2019)

Patrick and Robyn don't want to live their lives again.

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"Pet Sematary" performed by Sean Keller. But it on Amazon here.


  1. You perfectly articulate so many of my thoughts/reactions to the film. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting!

  2. Haven't seen the movie yet, but i hate modern reboots/sequels with all their call backs to the original movie. Somebody must like it somewhere because they keep doing it.

  3. I glad I had this to listen to after watching the movie and feeling very unsatisfied. I've not read the book or seen the previous adaptation, and the film didn't work for me. When Robyn referred to the son as the spare kid, I realized that I was unsatisfied because I never got a sense of who these people are or how their family unit operates before the creepy stuff started happening.

    Also, the film didn't establish a sense of the community or a sense of isolation. There are people at the birthday party and at the college and at the funeral, but no relationships are set up or used to help explore the characters. Stephen King is so good a building a world for his characters to inhabit, and I felt this movie lacked that.


    You folks made a lot of good points, but I will say I think the decision to "switch kids" was simply a filmmaking decision. I think they just decided that it was too hard to make an evil 2-year old scary. The original seems to prove that quite well. And for all this movie's faults, I think the third act does the "scary stuff" about as well as a movie possibly could. I think the set-up is better in the original, but the third act is better here.

  5. I agree on many points. The felt very generic, flat. 1989 the acting was horrible but it had a bunch of atmosphere and creepiness.
    I can answer maybe some of your qs about story.
    1) Louis had some sort of trauma or wreckage, that is why they moved
    2) I assumed in the book that Jud had buried his dead wife in the bad bad place, so he "owed" that is why he led Louis to the PS.