Friday, May 24, 2019

Announcing Junesploitation 2019!

by Patrick Bromley

You want to get nuts? Let's get nuts.

We're just a week away from Junesploitation, our annual month-long celebration of exploitation and genre films.

You know the drill: For those of you new to Junesploitation, here's how it works: each day of the month has its own theme, and you're supposed to watch a movie that ties into that theme. How you interpret the connection is entirely up to you, which means if you have no interest in exploitation or genre movies that's ok and you can still join in! If you're not into Spaghetti westerns, you can watch High Noon or True Grit or Tombstone on June 4! Not a fan of sleazy prison movies? Feel free to check out The Shawshank Redemption on June 18. This month is supposed to be fun -- an excuse to watch movies every day and talk about them with one another. There are no "right" movies to watch. It's participating that gets you in the spirit, not watching a bunch of cheap, violent sleaze. That stuff is just a bonus.
If you do like those kinds of movies, though, or if you're willing to give them a shot, it's super easy to participate in Junesploitation thanks to streaming services. Netflix isn't a ton of help, but Amazon Prime Video has a deep library of titles and there are a number of streaming platforms devoted to just these kinds of movies: Shudder, Full Moon Streaming, and Brown Sugar are some of the big ones. Free services like Vudu, Tubi.TV and Vidmark (on Roku) also have a number of titles you might want to check out this month. And while I rarely advocate watching movies on YouTube, there's a lot of cool and obscure stuff to be found there if you're willing to look. Stay tuned for our annual Junesploitation Primer and upcoming installments of I Stream, You Stream for help on where to find some good titles.

Here is this year's schedule, featuring a few new categories and a bunch of returning favorites:

June 1 - ’80s Action!
June 2 - Slashers!
June 3 - Monsters!
June 4 - Westerns!
June 5 - Blaxploitation!
June 6 - Free Space!
June 7 - '90s Action!
June 8 - Cars!
June 9 - Giallo!
June 10 - Cops!
June 11 - Zombies!
June 12 - Remakes!
June 13 - New Horror!
June 14 - Free Space!
June 15 - Sci Fi!
June 16 - ‘80s Comedy!
June 17 - Fulci! (Lucio Fulci Birthday tribute)
June 18 - Prison!
June 19 - Kids!
June 20 - Vinegar Syndrome!
June 21 - Greydon Clark!
June 22 - Kung Fu!
June 23 - Free Space!
June 24 - ‘80s Horror!
June 25 - Robots!
June 26 - Shot on Video!
June 27 - Italian Horror!
June 28 - Revenge!
June 29 - Free Space!
June 30 - Teenagers!

Is everyone excited?


  1. I'm particularly excited for June 18th!

  2. Already started putting my list together. Excited!

    Here's a list of all Blu-rays released by Vinegar Syndrome:

  3. Oh my God is it already almost June...

  4. So curious to see what people will watch for SOV day. If anyone needs recommendations, feel free to hit me up as I'm a huge fan of that sub-genre. I highly recommend the book "Analog Nightmares" which was released this year if you are at all interested in SOV Horror films.

    1. Any recommendations for SOV would be great

    2. If you aren't well versed in the genre, can't go wrong with "Blood Cult" (1985) as it still maintains suspense and a sense of "familiarity" to slasher Horror tropes. Tim Ritter's "Truth or Dare" (1986) is batshit and the Polonia brother's "Splatter Farm" (1987) is fun. Just like most sub-genres, there are so many different ways you can go with what to watch.

    3. I'm going to use the opportunity to watch Things which has been on watch list for way too long.

    4. Things is one of my favorites. I was stayin away from heavy hitters but I hope you love it.

    5. Thanks for the help, Chaybee. SOV is an area in which I'm not well versed, so there's a learning curve for me too.

    6. Have already lined up Truth or Dare. I love this month. So many movies to discover!!

    7. No problem! If people aren't immediately turned off by the aesthetic, there are a ton of fun ones out there to watch.

    8. If anyone's still looking for a SOV pick, the Polonia brothers' Feeders and Feeders 2: Slay Bells are both on YouTube. I'll probably be watching one or both of those.

    9. These are really fun. Feeders has a very interesting story behind its release in the USA as Blockbuster Video was trying to capitalize on the success of "Independence Day" so they ordered a massive amount of copies of Feeders and everyone who rented it was really pissed off, except for me ��

  5. I also predict "Joysticks" becomes everyone's favorite film for Greydon Clark day. (because it's that good)

    1. There are half a dozen Greydon Clark films avaialble on Prime at the moment. One of them is Joysticks.

      One that I would recommend is Uninvited, a ridiculous and very entertaining killer cat film.

  6. Yah!!!! Getting my list together. Junesploitation is a wonderful time of year.

  7. Hoorah for Junesploitation! It gives me a reason to be happy that half of the year is gone already. (Otherwise, it is not a pleasant fact.) I am looking forward to reading about what everyone is watching.

    My list is coming together quickly. I have saved several films on the DVR for this month. This is also a good chance to dive into my movie collection, which I do not do enough of in spite of steadily adding to it.

    I am especially pleased to see a Vinegar Syndrome day this year. I just purchased a bunch of films for the company's website sale this weekend. A lot of titles are half-off.

  8. George Kennedy flick if i remember correctly. Decent flick.

    1. It was a very sweaty George Kennedy if I remember correctly.

  9. Oh I’ve been looking forward to this! Can’t wait! Very excited about the new day additions.

  10. Oh yes! I won't be able to watch anywhere close to what I did last year, but I'm ready!

    Also, what are all the movies pictured in the calendar graphic? I think that would be a good place for me to start looking.

  11. Been waiting for this ever since F This Movie Fest ended! Per my own personal rules, these are all first time watches (and hopefully I'll be able to watch more than one movie per category on certain days). Hope to review them all (both here and on Letterboxd).

    ’80s Action!- Death Wish 3
    Slashers!- Curtains
    Monsters!- Godzilla (1954)
    Westerns!- Rio Conchos
    Blaxploitation!- Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song
    Free Space!- Flesh and Bullets
    '90s Action!- Out for Justice
    Cars!- Vanishing Point
    Giallo!- The New York Ripper
    Cops!- The Laughing Policeman
    Zombies!- Zombi 3
    Remakes!- The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
    New Horror!- Mom and Dad
    Free Space!- Julie Darling
    Sci Fi!- Shocking Dark
    ‘80s Comedy!- My Chauffeur
    Fulci! (Lucio Fulci Birthday tribute)- The House by the Cemetery
    Prison!- Penitentiary
    Kids!- The Children (1980)
    Vinegar Syndrome!- Mausoleum
    Greydon Clark!- Uninvited
    Kung Fu!- Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior
    Free Space!- Streets of Fire
    ‘80s Horror!- Scream for Help
    Robots!- Runaway
    Shot on Video!- Blood Lake
    Italian Horror!- The Black Cat
    Revenge!- Revenge
    Free Space!- It's Alive
    Teenagers!- Class of 1984

    1. This is a really good list. A number of favorites of mine on here.

    2. Blood Lake is like watching a families 1987 summer vacation video for 80 minutes haha. I mean that with the upmost love that crazy ass movie.

  12. I'm excited as always, but this is going to be an exhausting June for me as I just today started running a different theater but have to keep an eye on my old one until my replacement is officially selected and takes over (the theaters are about 15 mins away from each other so it's not that bad, but it's an extra workload especially during the summer movie season).

    Looking forward to trying to come up with some sort of theme for how I want to tackle this, and ordered a few things from Vinegar Syndrome's Halfway to Black Friday sale which just started.

    1. Ok, my theme for this Junesploition is actually getting my money's worth out of the various streaming services I subscribe to rather than running out and buying a bunch of new stuff. With the exception of SOV day, everything on here is streaming.

      I know Patrick comes up with streaming suggestions each week so I may double up with his picks here and there, but this is what I've got so far:

      June 1 - ’80s Action! - Endgame - Bronx lotta finale (Prime)
      June 2 - Slashers! - Strange Behavior (aka Dead Kids) (Shudder)
      June 3 - Monsters! - Destroy All Monsters (Criterion)
      June 4 - Westerns! - Silver Saddle (Prime)
      June 5 - Blaxploitation! - Darktown Strutters (Prime)
      June 6 - Free Space! - Death Shadows (Criterion)
      June 7 - '90s Action! - Lionheart (Prime)
      June 8 - Cars! - Pit Stop (Prime)
      June 9 - Giallo! - The Evil Eye (Shudder)
      June 10 - Cops! - Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice (Criterion)
      June 11 - Zombies! - I Was a Teenage Zombie (Criterion)
      June 12 - Remakes! - Four Feathers (2002) (Prime)
      June 13 - New Horror! - Apostle (Netflix)
      June 14 - Free Space! - Last Hurrah for Chivalry (Criterion)
      June 15 - Sci Fi! - Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell (Criterion)
      June 16 - ‘80s Comedy! - Choose Me (Prime)
      June 17 - Fulci! (Lucio Fulci Birthday tribute) - Aenigma (Prime)
      June 18 - Prison! - Caged Heat (Prime)
      June 19 - Kids! - Bloody Birthday (Shudder)
      June 20 - Vinegar Syndrome! - Blue Vengeance (Prime)
      June 21 - Greydon Clark! - Wacko (Prime)
      June 22 - Kung Fu! - Dragon Inn (Criterion)
      June 23 - Free Space! - Kuroneko (Criterion)
      June 24 - ‘80s Horror! - Effects (Shudder)
      June 25 - Robots! - Terror of Mechagodzilla (Criterion)
      June 26 - Shot on Video! - Blood Cult (DVD)
      June 27 - Italian Horror! - Caltiki: The Immortal Monster (Prime)
      June 28 - Revenge! - Lady Snowblood (Criterion)
      June 29 - Free Space! - Spirits of the Dead (Criterion)
      June 30 - Teenagers! - Full Moon High (Prime)

    2. This is a terrific guide to streaming options. Thanks for sharing!

  13. It's going to be a great June... Can't wait!

  14. Here's my list so far. I can almost taste it!

    June 1 - ’80s Action! (Sat)
    No Retreat, No Surrender + Police Story
    June 2 - Slashers! (Sun)
    Slumber Party Massacre
    June 3 - Monsters! (Mon)
    Godzilla: King of Monsters + Humanoid from the Deep
    June 4 - Westerns! (Tuesday)
    The Last of the Hard Men + Day of Anger
    June 5 - Blaxploitation! (Wed)
    Black Cesar
    June 6 - Free Space! (Thur)
    Vigilante 1983
    June 7 - '90s Action! (Fri)
    Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
    June 8 - Cars! (Sat)
    Battle Truck + The Love Bug
    June 9 - Giallo! (Sun)
    House of the Laughing Windows
    June 10 - Cops! (Mon)
    Across 110th Street + Dragnet
    June 11 - Zombies! (Tues)
    Zombie 2 + Return of the Living Dead
    June 12 - Remakes! (Wed)
    My Blood Valentine 3D
    June 13 - New Horror! (Thur)
    Starry Eyes
    June 14 - Free Space! (Fri)
    1990: Bronx Warriors + Street Law
    June 15 - Sci Fi! (Sat)
    Hercules (1983) + Galaxy of Terror
    June 16 - ‘80s Comedy! (Sun)
    3 O'clock High
    June 17 - Fulci! (Lucio Fulci Birthday
    tribute) (Mon)
    The Black Cat
    June 18 - Prison! (Tues)
    June 19 - Kids! (Wed)
    Escape to Witch Mountain
    June 20 - Vinegar Syndrome! (Thur)
    June 21 - Greydon Clark! (Fri)
    Without Warning
    June 22 - Kung Fu! (Sat)
    The Legend of 7 Golden Warriors
    June 23 - Free Space! (Sun)
    Enter the Ninja
    June 24 - ‘80s Horror! (Mon)
    Alone in the Dark
    June 25 - Robots! (Tues)
    Black Hole + Deadly Friend
    June 26 - Shot on Video! (Wed)
    Truth or Dare (1986)
    June 27 - Italian Horror! (Thur)
    June 28 - Revenge! (Fri)
    Lady Vengeance
    June 29 - Free Space! (Sat)
    From Dusk Till Dawn
    June 30 - Teenagers! (Sun)
    Freeway + Tragedy Girls

  15. I probably won't get around to all of them, but here's my list for this year - haven't seen any of them so this is a great opportunity:

    80s Action - Hell Comes to Frogtown
    Slasher - Just Before Dawn
    Monsters - Alligator
    Western - Pale Rider
    Blaxploitation - Across 110th Street
    Free Space - The Black Panther (1977)
    90s Action - Speed
    Cars - The Wraith
    Giallo - Blood and Black Lace
    Cops - Police Story
    Zombies - Night of the Creeps
    Remakes - The Beat That My Heart Skipped
    Modern Horror - Mohawk
    Free Space - Night of the Juggler
    Sci-Fi - Strange Days
    80s Comedy - 48 Hrs.
    Fulci - The Devil's Honey
    Prison - Escape From Alcatraz
    Children - Alice Sweet Alice
    Vinegar Syndrome - Welcome Home Brother Charles
    Greydon Clarke - Without Warning
    Kung Fu - The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter
    Free Space - City on Fire
    80s Horror - Evil Dead Trap
    Robots - Forbidden Planet
    SOV - Things
    Italian Horror - The Church
    Revenge - Katalin Varga
    Free Space - Witchfinder General
    Teenagers - Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2

    1. Alligator and Mary Lou and Witch Finder General are awesome sauce and favourites of mine . I hope you enjoy.

  16. My list for the month! Believe it or not, these will be all first time watches for me. Hopefully some days I'll get it more than one (especially on the weekends), but this is what I'll try to stick to at least. I'm especially excited to dive into some Giallos this month.

    June 1 - ’80s Action! - Red Heat
    June 2 - Slashers! - Maniac
    June 3 - Monsters! - Q The Winged Serpent
    June 4 - Westerns! - Sabata
    June 5 - Blaxploitation! - I’m Gonna Git You Sucka
    June 6 - Free Space! - Rasputin the Mad Monk
    June 7 - '90s Action! - The Taking of Beverly Hills
    June 8 - Cars! - White Lightning
    June 9 - Giallo! - Blood and Black Lace
    June 10 - Cops! - Hard Boiled
    June 11 - Zombies! - Train to Busan
    June 12 - Remakes! - Night of the Living Dead
    June 13 - New Horror! - Terrified
    June 14 - Free Space! - The Evil Eye
    June 15 - Sci Fi! - The Quartermass Xperiment
    June 16 - ‘80s Comedy! - Valley Girl
    June 17 - Fulci! - Don’t Torture a Duckling
    June 18 - Prison! - Cool Hand Luke
    June 19 - Kids! - Summer of ‘84
    June 20 - Vinegar Syndrome! - Uninvited
    June 21 - Greydon Clark! - Without Warning
    June 22 - Kung Fu! - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    June 23 - Free Space! - The Black Belly of the Tarantula
    June 24 - ‘80s Horror! - The Stuff
    June 25 - Robots! - The Black Hole
    June 26 - Shot on Video! - Feeders
    June 27 - Italian Horror! - Delirium
    June 28 - Revenge! - V for Vendetta
    June 29 - Free Space! - reserved for my annual birthday marathon
    June 30 - Teenagers! - Joysticks

  17. Exhumed is showing six Antonio Margheriti action 35 mm prints on June 1st and four of them were filmed in the 80s. Is this fate?!

  18. At risk of violating the premise of Junesploitation, I chose to use this as an opportunity to watch a bunch of Criterion movies as I try to work my way through the Criterion Collection. I hope you all will forgive me.

    My #1 rule: only watch movies I hadn’t seen be for.

    So if I could not find a Criterion movie I hadn’t seen that matched the theme, I picked a non-Criterion movie that I hadn’t seen but matched the theme.

    June 1: ‘80s Action! – The Long Good Friday (1980) Spine #26
    June 2: Slashers! – Sisters (1973) Spine #89
    June 3: Monsters! – Equinox (1970) Spine #338
    June 4: Westerns! – Jubal (1956) Spine #656
    June 5: Blaxploitation! – Shaft (1971)
    June 6: Free Space! – Mildred Pierce (1945) Spine #860
    June 7: ‘90s Action! – Dark Phoenix (2019)
    June 8: Cars! – Youth of the Beast (1963) Spine #268
    June 9: Giallo! – A Blade in the Dark (1983)
    June 10: Cops! – The Naked City (1948) Spine #380
    June 11: Zombies! – The Dead Don’t Die (2019)
    June 12: Remakes! – 1984 (1984) Spine #984
    June 13: New Horror! – Antichrist (2009) Spine #542
    June 14: Free Space! – Shampoo (1975) Spine #947
    June 15: Sci-Fi! – Black Moon (1975) Spine #571
    June 16: ‘80s Comedy! – Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1989) Spine #722
    June 17: Fulci! – City of the Living Dead (1980)
    June 18: Prison! – Hunger (2008) Spine #504
    June 19: Kids! – Where is My Friend’s House? (1987) Spine #990
    June 20: Vinegar Syndrome! – Point of Terror (1971)
    June 21: Greydon Clark! – Black Shampoo (1976)
    June 22: Kung Fu! – Zatoichi and the One-Armed Swordsman (1971) Spine #679 - No. 22
    June 23: Free Space! Buena Vista Social Club (1999) Spine #866
    June 24: ‘80s Horror! – The Vanishing (1988) Spine #133
    June 25: Robots! – The Stepford Wives (1975)
    June 26: Shot on Video! – Hoop Dreams (1994) Spine #289
    June 27: Italian Horror! – Fists in the Pockets (1965) Spine #333
    June 28: Revenge! – Diabolique (1955) Spine #35
    June 29: Free Space! – To Sleep With Anger (1990) Spine #963
    June 30: Teenagers! – Cold Water (1994) Spine #944

    1. I approve. You have used your B&N Sale picks... wisely. :-)

    2. Haha thank you sir. Making the most of the new Criterion Channel. It’s terrific.