Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Patrick and JB talk about the end of an era (era) for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and catch up on the movies of 2019.

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Also discussed this episode: Pet Sematary (2019), Us (2019), The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), I'll Take Your Dead (2019), Body at Brighton Rock (2019), Under the Silver Lake (2019)


  1. Apparently Depalma disowned Domino as not his movie. It seems to have been cut almost in half.

  2. Great show! I loved (LOVED) Endgame, but I'm also mostly underwhelmed by the movies this year. I'm also strangely apathetic about almost everything coming out this summer. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Long Shot, and John Wick 3 is all I'm excited about right now. I've never been less interested in new releases before. But hey, it's still a great time to be a movie fan because I've been devouring the Criterion Channel and Kino's blu ray sales!

  3. JB said he was feeling better about this year after having looked back on his list, but it probably says something that aside from The Kid, there was more discussion about bad movies (two of which are from 2018) and classic movies than new releases from 2019.

    I'm trying to come up with some standouts of the year for me (aside from the already mentioned stuff like Us and Endgame) and it's pretty hard. Apollo 11 was very well done (and it helps that the director came to my theater to do a Q&A after one of the shows). I liked that they didn't do any narration, and just let all the footage, some of which was apparently from other Apollo and Gemini missions, speak for itself.

    I enjoyed Happy Death Day 2U even as it shifted away from the horror a bit to get into the Sci-Fi aspects a little more.

    And that's all I've got I guess.

  4. ****spoilers ahead for Serenity****

    I saw Serenity, and near the beginning, when Matthew McConaughey go cliff diving, the camera moves around like it's a videogame. And i thought to myself 'that can't be the twist JB is talking about'. Well, it was. What a weird movie

  5. One of the great pleasures of my life is listening to Mr Bromley and JB do the delicate dance of moving into spoilers on a tent pole movie.

  6. I always wondered if that Black Panther / Hawkeye moment was a "Civil War" payoff, lol.

  7. Great podcast, cool dudes! I'm most intrigued with JB's thesis about comic books expanding consciousness. Is JB this generation's Timothy Leary?

    I finally saw Pet Semetary and thought it was an effective small-scale spook-'em-up, so it makes me kind of sad to hear so many F This-ers down on it. (I've seen and enjoyed the '89 version, but don't really have a deep emotional attachment to it.)

    I take it you guys didn't see Alita. I thought it too was a lot of fun, definitely in the better-than-it-has-any-right-to-be category.

  8. When Patrick takes Charlie to his first R-rated theatrical movie, I hope it becomes an episode.


  9. ***spoilers for avengers***

    it's confirmed, everybody was present for the long tracking shot at the end

  10. Re: Endgame children(so kinda spoilery)

    Captain Marvel's friends daughter is Monica Rambeau, who is a hero in the comics. Also, after Endgame she will be in her 30s since CM take place in the 90s.

    Ant man's daughter is Cassie Lang, in the comics she is giant girl, on a team called the young Avengers.

    I don't know if Tony's daughter is from the comics.

    I also don't know about Hawkeyes daughter, but another Young Avenger named Kate Bishop goes by Hawkeye too

  11. Another delightful podcast! I always appreciate how intentional you are about bringing in different voices. Even children! Still a valid perspective. Keep it up. :)

  12. Loved the Podcast opening with Charlie and Rosie. Delightful.

    Loved Endgame. Looking forward to watching again in a year or 2.

    Don't worry JB. I wasn't insulted by your mention of my Holmes and Watson comment. You had me giggling, and I re-listened a few times! I would say "to each their own", although Holmes and Watson isn't at all the hill I'd like to die on.

    Coincidentally, listening to the Waterworld podcast earlier today, Doug and Patrick were speculating that a lot of the hate for the movie came from "word of mouth", rather than from people that actually saw the movie.

    Similarly, in the days following the release of Holmes and Watson, IMDB was flooded with "reviews" such as "Will Ferrell has never ever been funny 1/10" and "I walked out after 2 minutes 1/10" tons of reviews of people that had never seen it

    Without getting into conspiracy territory, it's possible in this day and age, that you can have have waves of negative opinions, just the same as you can have positive hype.

    All the same, Holmes and Watson will never be my Waterworld. I already have a water based, drama-action, that I rewatch at least once per year, and it's call The Perfect Storm.