Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Man. Myth. Co-host of Shock Waves and Pure Cinema. Star of Camel Spiders. Elric Kane is back for a free-form discussion with Patrick about movie love and being movie lovers.

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  1. That was amazing. I absolutely loved this excellent chat. I won't deny being a bit jealous of both of you, at least I got to listen in!
    I'm so happy this happened.

  2. LOVED this. Two of my favorite pod-casters talking about what they are passionate about.

  3. Star of camel spiders!

    With his ray gun. Nice callback

    And All the creatures were stirring looking serious

    Two of my favourite movie lovers

    Makes me happy that they are friends

    1. This conversation is more about people than movies. It wierd when I know you both so well but have never met you. I remembered the Sybil glasses conversation and that was about 4 years ago. Maybe more on killerpov, you two are both very grounded on your thoughts on movies and that is why I love you both. I am still waiting for Patrick to watch Xtro and for anyone reading this I know he has it because I bought one for him :)

      Well done Erika for setting up the meeting and thanks to Elric for making this happen

      Belated Happy Father's day to two father

      Sybilathon soon hopefully

  4. Ah man, two of my favourite movie podcast guys in the same podcast basement - what a treat! Here's hoping someday Patrick surprises ME in Halifax at the...well, we don't have any cool horror festivals, but like, maybe the Junebug Parade or something?

    In the spirit of the conversation I've got two titles for each of you of movies I LOVE that I NEVER would have watched had it not been for your recommendations (there's a ton more, but these immediately leaped to mind). Patrick: Turbo Kid and Lucky McKee's The Woman. Elric: Possession (natch, but seriously, that just struck me so perfectly - I have yet to rewatch it for fear of diminishing that feeling) and Rolling Thunder ("I'll just get my gear" will be forever engrained in my lexicon). How do you repay a debt like that? Probably can't, other than pledging my support to all of your endeavours, and you know, if you need a place to escape America to, I've got a spare bedroom and a pullout with your names on them - bring the fam!

    Thanks again, guys - look forward to seeing you both at Sybilthon!

    1. My fav TLJ line is "I'm gonna kill a bunch of people" so nonchalant.
      So amazing.

  5. I remember Elric mentioning this episode on a recent Shock Waves, so I have been waiting quite impatiently.

  6. Patrick and Elric nailed on the head why I respond to Podcasts like FThisMovie and Pure Cinema so much, it's all about the personal responce to the movie not the kind of the movie it is. And it's true passion for it. Patrick gave me Funhouse (which got me back into horror), Lifeforce and the Thin Man. Elric gave me the likes of Dark Song, God Told Me Too and Cathy's Curse. I work in a book store and my favourite thing is getting someone to read something they never thought they would pick up. You two do the exact same thing, but so much better.

  7. Is Elric the voice of your the recent Saturday Sleepovers bit i.e. 'do you remember a time...?'

  8. Long time listener, and very much appreciate the show. Here are some thoughts on some ideas in this particular show.

    Re: Zahler: All art is political whether the artist wants to admit it or not (or has some kind of non-intention). The context of the creation matters.

    Re: Polanski: To keep talking about him takes away time from time you could be talking about a female film maker, or a POC film maker or just someone less known. The more you laud the “cannon” of accepted “troubled” film makers the more entrenched that cannon becomes whether you state his/their crimes or not.
    Why not spend your time actually talking about film makers that haven’t received their due? Why continue to contribute to a culture where already lauded white dudes continue to dominate the conversations taking place?
    This is why “cancelled” matters. Not b/c of censorship… but because you’re taking up valuable air time. The conversations continue to put these artists at the center of things and so they STAY AT THE CENTER crowding out voices that could replace them. And they will be talked about any way, so why contribute? (Through film programs, etc...)

    Re: Bertolucci: It is true, Schneider’s feelings in her own words: Schneider, who died in 2011, spoke about the scene in a 2007 interview with the Daily Mail, claiming she felt “a little raped” after it was filmed. “I was so angry,” she said. “I should have called my agent or had my lawyer come to the set because you can’t force someone to do something that isn’t in the script, but at the time, I didn’t know that. Marlon said to me: ‘Maria, don’t worry, it’s just a movie.’”
    Even Bertolucci’s “defense” is garbage: “Several years ago at the Cinémathèque Française someone asked me for details on the famous butter scene. I specified, but perhaps I was not clear, that I decided with Marlon Brando not to inform Maria that we would have used butter. We wanted her spontaneous reaction to that improper use [of the butter]. That is where the misunderstanding lies. Somebody thought, and thinks, that Maria had not been informed about the violence on her. That is false!”
    So it’s okay for two men to conspire against their female lead to get a “reaction”? What are we saying isn’t true here?

    Look, I know you don't like to get "political" around here, but I thought these ideas were large enough to stand some ideas from another angle.

    Again, I appreciate the podcast greatly, just wanted to toss these ideas out there.