Wednesday, July 10, 2019

FTM 499 - EPISODE 499

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  1. I just unsubbed for all the indifference to Rush. Heresy!

  2. Great episode wish I coulda make it to Monday’s show!

  3. Patrick, amigo, if it's that important to ya that someone point out The Last Jedi is a crappy mess of a movie for all the reasons the Red Letter Media crew pointed out in their two reviews, well, IMHO, it is. :)

    Also, there's obviously no defending Bryan Singer the individual, but that doesn't mean X1/X2/Valkyrie/Days of Future Past aren't all solid to great flicks. Spielberg seems to be a genuinely good guy, but that doesn't mean Temple of Doom and The Lost World aren't messes. Directorial virtue and quality filmmaking aren't a 1:1... again, my two cents. :)

  4. Along with drac-u-Doug, my favorite fthismovie bit is the Gene Shalit pun review followed by suicide gunshot. Made me laugh every. Single. Time.