Wednesday, July 10, 2019

FTM 499 - EPISODE 499

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  1. I just unsubbed for all the indifference to Rush. Heresy!

  2. Great episode wish I coulda make it to Monday’s show!

  3. Patrick, amigo, if it's that important to ya that someone point out The Last Jedi is a crappy mess of a movie for all the reasons the Red Letter Media crew pointed out in their two reviews, well, IMHO, it is. :)

    Also, there's obviously no defending Bryan Singer the individual, but that doesn't mean X1/X2/Valkyrie/Days of Future Past aren't all solid to great flicks. Spielberg seems to be a genuinely good guy, but that doesn't mean Temple of Doom and The Lost World aren't messes. Directorial virtue and quality filmmaking aren't a 1:1... again, my two cents. :)

  4. Along with drac-u-Doug, my favorite fthismovie bit is the Gene Shalit pun review followed by suicide gunshot. Made me laugh every. Single. Time.

  5. So I'm listening to this pod today (I'm usually several months late, no biggie), minding my own business, and here's none other than Doug, reading out my old comment from underneath the Avatar episode, and the guys are having a hearty laugh about it! It's me! I'm the "unapologetic burping" guy! Thanks, Patrick and Doug, this made my day like nothing else could!