Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Patrick and JB go back to the early days of the show and revisit their five favorite horror movies.

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  1. Dale is the goofy one with a red nose, Chip's the straight man.

  2. That What We Do in the Shadows was mentioned makes me so happy as a kiwi and a horror fan.

    Oh and I am a Mr. Pumpy fan.

  3. They should have used the "Pillow Pal" for that one scene in Eyes Wide Shut.

  4. Funnily enough, the Astor Theatre in Melbourne, Australia are showing Dawn of the Dead as part of their Halloween marathon. Not sure if it's a print or they're just projecting the DVD, but thought it was interesting regardless, considering what you mentioned about the rights issues... Different owners for Australian market?

    Here's the link anyways! Pretty cool looking line-up:

    1. I was wondering that as well. I think they Astor is also playing DOTD a few more times in Nov. It feels like well we have it we are going to play it. The Spooktacular is going to be awesome this year.

  5. I saw Dawn of the Dead at the Alamo Drafthouse a year or two ago. Let me tell you- I've seen Dawn several times on various formats. I have never heard that score in the way I heard it that night. It was like experiencing Dawn for the first time. They had the volume cranked and the score was absolutely booming. It was incredible. I also saw Suspiria in 4k around the same time and again, the volume was cranked and that score finally clicked with me.

  6. Those were some interesting choices for your top-five lists. I certainly did not expect Shadow of a Doubt or The Beyond. Dawn of the Dead is a film I have never warmed up to. I have watched all of the versions (I picked up the Anchor Bay DVD set quite cheaply years ago) but still have not had that moment of connection. I do love that soundtrack, however.

    The Criterion Godzilla transfers are indeed what Turner Classic Movies is showing this month. They look beautiful. I was spellbound at certain moments watching Mothra vs. Godzilla by the quality of the image.

    Turner Classic Movies has surprised me with some of films it has shown. The James Bond retrospective was probably the most surprising. I doubt that was an inexpensive undertaking for the channel.

  7. My favorite horror film is a toss up between Get Out and Nightbreed. It's always a pleasure to hear you gentleman talk shop about movies in general. Chao.

  8. FINALLY got around to listening to this. Love you guys! JB- moldy tapes are a big no-no, but I can show you how to clean them if need be!