Saturday, January 11, 2020

Weekend Open Thread

It's a new year. Let's try this again.


  1. Thank you for bringing these back! It's not like I usually have anything of substance to say but it's fun to chat with fellow F-heads and read what everyone's been watching.

    So I just finished watching Collateral for the first time since the theater. It's a great thriller but I'm having a hard time getting into it because of its visual language. The constant shaky close-ups just don't sit well with me. I have a Miami Vice rewatch coming up on my watchlist and I'm slightly dreading it.

    1. I've owned the Blu-ray of "Collateral" for years and I still haven't seen it. And yet somehow I found the time to watch my BD of Schwarzenegger's "Collateral Damage" multiple times. WTF is wrong with me? :'(

  2. Thank you, Patrick. :-)

    Since the FTM gang has been posting their Top 10's of 2019 all of last week, I'd be curious to read everybody else's lists of their favorite flicks from last year. Me? I always go for broke ranking every theatrical release that I watched from worst to best. I missed a few biggies ("Little Women '19," "Marriage Story," etc.), but somehow I saw "Cats" and it ranked much higher than I expected... go figure! We start with the worst of the worst, the single foulest non-entertaining, badly acted/directed/written and intelligence-insulting flick that I saw all year (sorry #MeToo sisterhood!)...

    138.-Black Christmas (2019)
    135.-Zombieland: Double Tap
    133.-Freaks (2019)
    131.-Serenity (2019)
    129.-Escape Room
    128.-Pet Sematary (2019)
    127.-El Chicano
    126.-The Last Black Man in San Francisco
    125.-21 Bridges
    124.-Ne Zha (Chinese CG anime, IMAX 3D)
    123.-Godzilla: King of the Monsters (IMAX)
    122.-What Men Want
    121.-The Upside
    120.-The Great Alaskan Race
    119.-Men in Black: International
    118.-The Prodigy
    117.-Wonder Park (3D)
    116.-Motherless Brooklyn
    115.-Five Feet Apart
    113.-Child's Play (2019)
    112.-The Sun Is Also a Star
    111.-Fighting with My Family
    119.-Lucy in the Sky
    109.-Spies in Disguise (3D)
    107.-Climax (France)
    106.-Isn't It Romantic?
    105.-A Hidden Life
    104.-The Dead Don't Die
    103.-A Dog's Way Home
    102.-Black and Blue
    101.-Long Day's Journey Into Night (China, 3D)
    99.-Last Christmas
    97.-Captive State
    96.-Wandering Earth (China)
    95.-The Mustang
    93.-Hellboy (2019)
    92.-The Secret Life of Pets 2 (3D)
    91.-The Bravest (China)
    89.-Dumbo (2019, 3D)
    88.-The Man Who Killed Don Qixote
    87.-Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
    86.-A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
    85.-The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (3D)
    84.-Charlie's Angels (2019)
    83.-Richard Jewell
    82.-The Current War
    80.-The Kid Who Would Be King
    79.-Perfectos Desconocidos (Mexico)
    78.-Aquarela (Documentary)
    77.-The Kitchen
    76.-Bad Guys: Reign of Terror (South Korea)
    75.-Amazing Grace (Documentary)
    74.-The Lighthouse
    71.-Hotel Mumbai
    70.-Cunningham (3D documentary)
    69.-Late Night
    67.-John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
    66.-Apollo 11 (IMAX documentary)
    65.-Line Walker 2: Invisible Line (Hong Kong)
    62.-The Farewell
    61.-Rifftrax Live: The Giant Spider Invasion
    60.-One Cut of the Dead (Japan)
    59.-Gemini Man (IMAX 3D HFR)
    58.-The Aftermath
    57.-Happy Death Day 2U
    56.-Everybody Knows
    55.-The Best of Enemies
    54.-The White Storm 2: Drug Lords (Hong Kong)
    51.-Queen & Slim
    50.-Cold Pursuit
    49.-Good Boys
    48.-Vita & Virginia
    47.-Little Monsters
    46.-Rambo: Last Blood
    45.-Ready or Not
    44.-Angel Has Fallen
    42.-Aladdin (2019, 3D)
    41.-Dark Phoenix
    40.-The Good Liar
    39.-Shaft (2019)
    38.-Doctor Sleep
    36.-What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael (Documentary)
    35.-Jojo Rabbit
    34.-Terminator: Dark Fate (IMAX)
    33.-Jumanji: The Next Level (IMAX)
    32.-It: Chapter Two
    31.-Brittany Runs a Marathon
    30.-Toy Story 4 (3D)
    29.-Dora and the Lost City of Gold
    28 -Joker
    27.-Rifftrax Live: Star Raiders
    26.-Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (IMAX)
    25.-Dark Waters
    24.-Uncut Gems
    23.-Official Secrets
    22.-Apocalypse Now: Final Cut (1979/2019, IMAX)
    20.-Frozen II (3D)
    19.-Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (IMAX 3D)
    18.-Just Mercy
    17.-The Lion King (2019, 3D)
    16.-Long Shot
    15.-Pain and Glory (Spain)
    14.-Spiderman: Far From Home (IMAX 3D)
    13.-The Art of Self-Defense
    12.-Ad Astra

    1. And my Top 10 for 2019:

      10.-CAPTAIN MARVEL (3D)
      Despite DC getting there first with "Wonder Woman," Marvel does justice to its first solo female superhero film. Even with a ton of special effects (including less-distracting de-aging on Sam Jackson than "The Irishman"), the confidence and self-assurance with which Brie Larson plays the titular character elevate this one above most superhero fare.

      A simple story of real men in love with 60's muscle cars (and the women who put up with them, a strong B-story to the bromance between Matt Damon and Christian Bale) done with finely-tuned modern filmmaking technology to make even people who don't care about racing be invested. Is there a genre James Mangold cannot excel at?

      The most entertaining coming-of-age comedy of the year, a painfully awkward and hilarious 'one night in the life' tale of high school overachievers trying to cram into a few hours what they neglected to do for years. The chemistry between Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein is a thing of beauty.

      7.-PARASITE (South Korea)
      While it suffers a tad on repeat viewing, the high-wire management of tones and many characters (who become sympathetic or despicable at a moment's notice) searching for betterment to their lives makes this Bong Joon-ho film a thrilling dramatic spectacle.

      6.-KNIVES OUT
      Best ensemble of the year (Craig, Evans, Curtis, Johnson, Collette, Plummer, Shannon, etc.), with Ana de Armas delivering a star-making performance in a "Clue"-like murder mystery that's also laugh-out loud funny. Between this and "The Last Jedi" looking like the best entry of the new "SW" trilogy, Rian Johnson is living up to his "Looper" potential.

      Until I saw it I was ready to dismiss this as James Cameron's sloppy seconds handed down to strugglingt-to-get-work Robert Rodriguez. What I got instead is world-building on an epic scale, cutting-edge special effects and Rosa Salazar & Christoph Waltz making me deeply care about their characters' well being. Nothing in 2019 left me more pumped for a sequel than Alita pointing her sword skyward.

      4.-THE GANGSTER, THE COP, THE DEVIL (South Korea)
      Even though it leans heavility on exploitation genre tropes, for me this was the standout South Koren film of 2019. A cop gunning for a promotion, a gangster with nothing to lose and a serial killer who appears dumber than he looks (but isn't) cross paths, and the result is pure cinematic nirvana. Severely underrated.

      3.-THE IRISHMAN (70mm)
      Even in the comfort of your home (or smartphone), the eventual reveal of the heartbreak at the center of its narrative makes the last hour of "The Irishman" the perfect summation of the skill Scorsese, DeNiro and Pesci have brought to their many collaborations. Extremely long, but unmissable.

      Marvel has replaced "Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings" as the blockbuster template on how to link a decade's worth of different movies into a strong and entertaining finale (assuming you also watch "Infinty War") that keeps paying off everything fans have invested into this cinematic universe and these characters. Good luck trying to catch lightning in a bottle again with the new batch, Disney. :-O

      1997's "Jackie Broiwn" was the last Q.T. flick in which I felt the man matured from his previous excellent work to the next. 22 years worth of cinephile obsessions later (with a new studio to boot), Tarantino and his cast (including DiCaprio and Pitt delivering career-best work, no small feat) not only deliver the best film of 2019. They also give Sharon Tate a new lease on life for a whole new generation of film buffs. Now if those seasons of "Bounty Law" could come out on Criterion Blu-ray, stat! :-P

    2. how do you rank that many movies, JM? i you use software?

    3. I use Letterboxd to keep a running list of new movies I watch. I don't see as many as JM, and I'm not really interested in ranking all of them, but it's useful in making my top ten at the end of the year.

    4. Good ol' fashioned pen and paper. Takes about a couple of days of serious cinematic soul searching to rank 'em. Only criteria l follow is that any movie has to rank higher in my personal enjoyment meter than all movies listed before. Yes, in my planet No. 43 "Midsommar" ranks right below the live-action remake of "Aladdin." Don't hate me, just enjoy the weather. :-P

    5. Missing Alita in Imax 3D is probably my biggest regret off the year movie wise. Got the 3-D Blu which looks great but it of course is not the same. Going to watch 'THE GANGSTER, THE COP, THE DEVIL' as soon as possible just because you put it above Parasite. Thanks for the recommendation.

    6. ^^^ Thanks Munkee. Loved reading your Top 10 below. :-)

      Mredith, Brian Sager, what about your Top 10 (or higher) lists? Inquiring minds want to know.

    7. I only saw one new movie this year, I think - The Peanut Butter Falcon. And I saw it at the end of December, when I was sick on the couch, and my mom wanted me to see it. It probably sounds weird but I still like hearing about movies and reading about them, but I just don't get around to watching them anymore. I hope I don't get banned from the site or something lol. Still like to know what's good (and why) if I ever get around to seeing something.

    8. I saw I think 55 new movies this year, so I dont have as much to pick from as you, but here's my top 10:

      1. Ready or Not
      2. Knives Out
      3. Doctor Sleep
      4. Midsommar
      5. Dragged Across Concrete
      6. Parasite
      7. The Nightingale
      8. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
      9. El Camino
      10. Dolemite is my Name

    9. ^^^ I'd really like to check "Dragged Across Concrete" (Patrick & Co. really talked it up during the podcast), but here in the US you can only buy it and not rent it online. :-(

    10. It's streaming on Cinemax. If you have Prime you could get a free 7 day trial and check it out.

  3. Since it's early in 2020, I gotta talk about a few new releases. "Underwater" is the heir apparent to all those underwater B-horror flicks that somehow only come out in end-of-decade releases ("Deepstar Six" and "Leviathan" in the 80's, "Virus" in the 90's), and it's fine as long as you don't think too hard about it. T.J. Miller is hired to do for "Underwater" what Rainn Wilson did for 2018's "The Meg." I knew his non-stop shtick was working because my sold out opening night audience were upset when the laughter stopped... ahem. Kristin Stewart proved in "Charlie's Angels" she has action chops, and somehow she carries a predictable and generic sci-fi picture on her constantly-exposed shoulders (and body... seriously, every excuse to have the woman strip down to her undies is taken) to a satisfying finale. It's a paycheck movie, but Stewart (and Vincent Cassel) earn it.

    Despite ranking LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT much lower than 1917 (101 vs. 11), the former's extended hour-long, single-shot spectacle is more impressive than the latter's just because it was set mostly at night and in 3D. Sam Mendes had a lot of resources at hand and shows them off, but Gan Bi maximized his limited resources a lot more. But I'm a World War I whore, so...

    When we watched movies about 50's and 60's racism in the 80's and 90's, they felt like they were taking place a lifetime ago in a completely different America. The most unnerving part for me watching JUST MERCY is that it takes place mostly in the 90's, which now that we're in the 2020's happened three decades ago! :-O Worse, given our present political situation, the America of now feels an awful lot like the one depicted here. Regardless, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx and Tim Blake Nelson (with Brie Larson ending '19 as strongly as it started) give an acting clinic that elevates predictable material way above its punching grade. Not a dry eye in the theater at the end. :'(

    The less said about THE GRUDGE the better, other than Sam Raimi is content with being a titular producer to sell a warmed-over American remake of an American remake of the Japanese original. At least the new version is rated 'R'... not that it makes a lick of (in)difference.

  4. My unofficial, unsolicited and top ten for the year. Obligigatory "not best just my favorites". 1,2 and 3 are intercvhangeable given the day of the week and I really couldn't even begin to espouse how much I truly adore all three films. I've rewatched two of them multiple times and will watch all of them many, many, more times. I even re-avtivated my Netflix account just to watch one of them and will keep it activated until the movie comes out on Blu Ray. My plans for Jan 28th are set(Parasite Blu releases). Cause I never know when I'll want to watch it again.

    1. The Irishman
    2. Parasite (Gisaengchung)
    3. Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
    4. Doctor Sleep
    5. Midsommar
    6. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
    7. Brittany Runs a Marathon
    8. Long Shot
    9. Alita: Battle Angel
    10. Satanic Panic

    Honorable Mentions: Us, The Kid who would be King, The Kid, Peanut Butter Falcon The Art of Self Defense, Fighting with my Family, Ready or not
    Need to see: Knives Out, The Farewell, Ford vs Ferrari, Jojo Rabbit and Honey Boy, Uncut Gems and apparently THE GANGSTER, THE COP, THE DEVIL.

    top ten decade

    1. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
    2. Boyhood (2014)
    3. Hell or High Water (2016)
    4. Sicario (2015)
    5. The Nice Guys (2016)
    6. Hereditary (2018)
    7. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
    8. John Wick (2014)
    9. Short Term 12 (2013)
    10. The Martian (2015)

    No honarable mentions there is just way too many too mention. One note didn't put anything from 2019 on here. Although their was at least 3 GOAT candidates released this year the movies seemed too fresh to justify their additions.

    Favorite movie moments this year? Cliff getting Brandy dinner. Cliff recognizes Tex, meeting the new Tutor, "its ok she said thank you", "Oh no are we out of water?" and of course he was worthy.

    Favorite moment of the decade? The parts between the warner bros logos in Mad Max Fury Road, Watney realizes he's a space pirate, Masons 18th, Bridges and Pines porch conversation, Gosling does Costello and taking my nephews to the movies without telling them what they are going to see the squeeling noise the 4 year old nephew made when he realized the hulk was in the movie.

  5. espouse? should be exclaim...Sorry.

  6. Open thread question: In your opinion, what would be the MOST 90's double feature imaginable?

    Two films that more or less sum up the decade as it was, not necessarily two of the beat film from.the 90s.

    My vote goes to HACKERS followed by CLUELESS. I think the technology of Hackers and the fashions of both Hackers and Clueless encapsulates the decade perfectly.


    1. I'd go with The Truman Show and The Cable Guy. Both were pretty spot on and scathing in their commentary on the growing 24 hour newscycle and the birth of reality tv. Both are also truly prophetic about state of media, celebrity and the cult of personality we currently enjoy. Added bonus it celebrates just how huge Carrey was in the 90's.

    2. "TMNT: The Movie" and "The Matrix." Perfect 90's bookends to the decade. :-P

  7. Here's a quickly thrown together top 10 of 2019:

    1. Avengers: Endgame
    2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
    3. Knives Out
    4. Us
    5. Deerskin
    6. Dolemite Is My Name
    7. The Lighthouse
    8. The Perfection
    9. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
    10. Hail Satan?
    11. Hustlers
    12. Portrait of a Lady on Fire
    13. Alita: Battle Angel
    14. In Fabric
    15. Ready or Not

    (Movies I imagine could make it onto the list that either haven't come out yet in Finland or I just haven't got around to yet: The Farewell, The Irishman, Jojo Rabbit, Little Women, Parasite, Uncut Gems, Waves)

    I'm a huge Marvel fan (comics and movies) and Endgame was just the perfect finale to the 23-movie arc. It's the only movie I saw in a theater twice. I wasn't a big fan of QT's previous couple of movies, but Once won me back big time.

    And a special commendation to Replicas, which is objectively a bad film, but it's exactly the kind of dumb fun I really enjoy (see also: Mortal Engines, Kong: Skull Island).

    1. For all the love Keanu is getting lately, l don't think the crap movies he stars in-between "John Wick" sequels are worth it. "Replicas" really hurt me a year ago... badly! :-(

      Agree with you on "Avengers: Endgame," which IMO is enhanced if you've seen "Captain Marvel." Brie Larson is so much better in the latter than the former it helps to lift up the killer finale of "Endgame." Saw it so many times in theaters l forgot the count... worth it.

  8. My top 10 of 2019:

    10: Captain Marvel (That darn cat)
    9: Star Wars Ep IX (Screw the haters)
    8: Dr. Sleep (Feels like I dreamed it)
    7: Invader Zim Enter the Florpus (The madness!)
    6: Dolemite is my Name (Eddie Murphy gives 100%)
    5: The Irishman (It is what it is)
    4: Avengers Endgame (Hulk tacos)
    3: Alita Battle Angel (Motorball!!!)
    2: Midsommar (Canonical Austin Powers)
    1: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Who ordered the fried sauerkraut?)

    (This is the list I posted on Twitter, but I wonder if I should move Alita up to #1 considering how often I've watched the Blu-ray.)

    Worst movie of the year: The Addams Family
    Future #junesploitation fave: Hellboy

    1. ^^^ Glad to see l'm not the only one that felt "Captain Marvel" was deserving of more Top 10 love. Great minds think alike, Mac. ;-P

    2. Thanks! A lot of folks think the Marvel movies are disposable, but I've found that the character arcs come off a lot stronger on repeat viewings.

  9. By the way I never saw anyone mention the movie The Old Man & The Gun that came out in 2018 from David Lowery. Did anyone see that? Thoughts? It made me happy for Robert Redford. What a way to go.

    1. Plus Tom Waits was in it and he was hilarious!

    2. I saw it in a theater. It was fine but unmemorable, a throwback to smallish character study flicks from the 70's that Redford starred in ("Jeremiah Johnson") except now he's an old man. Ranked it No. 121 out of 140 movies i saw in my 2018 list of worst-to-best ranked theatrical movies.

  10. We sharing Top 10 Lists in here? Here's mine:

    10. Jojo Rabbit
    9. High Flying Bird
    8. Shazam
    7. John Wick 3: Parabellum
    6. The Laundromat
    5. Booksmart
    4. The Irishman
    3. Parasite
    2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
    1. Knives Out

    I've decided to start a project this year of watching all the unwatched stuff I've accumulated on my Netflix list, which is about 40 movies.

    So I watched Clouds of Sils Maria, which was good. Everything about it is really well done, but I can't say it actually did much for me.

    The Talented Mr. Ripley is about 20 minutes too long, but is pretty entertaining.

    I hated just about everything about End of Watch. For starters, if you are going to do found footage stuff, at least have the guts to stick with the gimmick all the way through.

  11. Is it FThisMovie fest yet? I find myself looking forward to that even more than scary movie month. With that said, am I the only one who also wants am FThisScaryMovie fest?

    Not trying to be greedy, I'm just saying.

  12. I'm really glad to see Deerskin in your list, Mikko! It's on a lot of favourite lists here in France, but it doesn't seem to have reached the States.

    By the way, are you guys familiar with Quentin Dupieux's work? I don't recall ever hearing about him on the podcast, and you should really really check him out. Rubber (probably his most famous one, due to the cast?), Steak (starring two cult French comedians in a completely absurd futuristic farce) and Deerskin (his saddest movie) are my favorites. Besides Rubber, Wrong and Wrong Cops are the movies he shot in the States, starring guys like Marylin Manson, Ray Wise, Eric Wareheim, Eric Roberts... His sense of humor probably isn't for everyone, but I'd say he's one of our most interesting contemporary filmmakers.

    Here's my top 12 of 2019, in no particular order (other than the first one):
    - Midsommar
    - The Lighthouse
    - Seules les bĂȘtes (a beautiful French polar from Dominik Moll, whose work I highly recommend)
    - Bacurau
    - Parasite
    - Deerskin
    - Horror Noire
    - In Fabric
    - Extra Ordinary
    - One Cut of the Dead
    - The Irishman
    - Uncut Gems

    Thanks for bringing back the Weekend Open Thread, Patrick! I've always loved reading them, even though I hardly ever participated in the past. I'll try and be less shy this year.

    1. I just happened to catch Deerskin at the Helsinki International Film Festival because it fit my schedule and the premise sounded interesting. Now I googled his name and realized not did I see his previous film, Keep an Eye Out, at the same festival a year earlier, I also own an album of his. I had no idea he was Mr. Oizo!

    2. Keep An Eye Out is actually the only one of his movies that I dislike... He tries to do something different, less absurd, more "obvious" in terms of comedy, that I'm not crazy about. Have you seen Non-Film, his first? It really sets the tone for what's to come.
      And yeah, I forgot to mention Mr. Oizo! Speaking of music, his soundtrack for Rubber is really great.

    3. I love Rubber and, in particular, Wrong. Some of the bits in Wrong (particularly William Fichtner's performance) are to die for hilarious!

    4. I've only seen the two I mentioned, but now I've added Rubber and Wrong on my watchlist. Hearing that they're closer in quality to Deerskin than Keep an Eye Out is encouraging.

  13. Hey guys!

    I consume the podcast like a drug, but I'm going to try and interact with the website more this year. I always love the stuff that I read here, yet I rarely make my way over to the site. So that changes this year.

    Might as well share my top ten along with everybody else. I will say: Patrick went on about how their lists were all going to be the same this year, but there was actually a good amount of variation in their lists (Adam with Alita and Long Shot, JB with All is True, Patrick with Dragged Across Concrete and One Cut of the Dead). Maybe there weren't quite as many differences as in previous years, but I still found them all very unique.

    Anyway, here's my top ten:

    10. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
    9. The Irishman
    8. Doctor Sleep
    7. Uncut Gems
    6. Little Women (saw this one last night, so it edged out Scary Stories at the last minute)
    5. Knives Out
    4. Dragged Across Concrete
    3. Avengers: Endgame
    2. Parasite
    1. Once Upon a Hollywood

    Honorable mention:
    -Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
    -Pet Sematary
    -Toy Story 4
    -3 From Hell

  14. Yay! I’m glad the open threads are back! It’s like if the IMDb boards had been a friendly place! Haha.

    Also, if we are all sharing top 10s, here’s mine. I thought 2019 was a particularly great year for movies:
    10. Knives out
    9. Midsommar
    8. Booksmart
    7. Doctor sleep
    6. Ready or not
    5. The Irishman
    4. One cut of the dead
    3. Parasite
    2. Avengers endgame
    1. Once upon a time in Hollywood

    Honorable mentions:
    - uncut gems
    - Us
    -The Lighthouse
    - John Wick Chapter 3
    - Long shot

  15. A couple of weeks ago JB was talking about people that won't go see musicals because they are not realistic. I'm one of those people. I don't hate musicals. I just have issues with a lot of them. And yes honestly they are far from my favorite genre. The musicals I do tend to enjoy are useally the ones that take place within the making of or putting on a show like in the style of the Berkely musicals or the competition aspect like Pitch Perfect. But I'm not condeming all musicals. Its not urealistic for a person walking and singing a song like Gene Kelly in "Singing in the Rain' or even singing too someone or express your love like the old Doris day or Elvis musicals. No shockingly my own issues are completley based on my own expiernces in life as a clutz who can't walk without tripping over his toes A person whoms singing voice can only be desribed as a Tintinnabulation of cans filled with silly putty, loose change and an injured raven and as a extreme introvert. What I find unrealistic is when its crowd scenes in public how does everyone know all the choreography and why are they all so amazing. This is jouyous miracles happen people burst into song moments. How does it happen? Why does it happen? how could it happen? Flash mobs obviously already answered all these questions but I still have my problems. Of course if I had even maybe a modicum of talent or wasn't such an introvert or joined one of thoseflash mobs (do people still do that) maybe I would be more accepting or willing ot believe in whats on the screen.
    My other issue in those musicals the characters useally sing to and look directly into the camera. This is where me being an introvert comes in. And one of my major problems. Remember earlier when I said that I like musicals about putting on a show or a competition? Well when I watch those movies and the performers sing to the camera, they are singing for an audience. They are singing to the audience in the film the audience watching their show.
    That scene with Kelley singing in the rain. He does not look at the camera. He is singing about ihis joy in that moment. Its all about him. Even when he looks up at the sky, hits the big note and the camera does that overhead zoom on his face, his eyes are closed. He is singing for and too himself and no one else. When you get the crowd or the lead charater singing and looking directly at the camera in say like a 500 days of Summer-esque scene they are singing to one person. You the audience member. Its almost meta/fourth wall breaking but thats not what gets me. What gets me is I can't stand to have people sing to me. I don't go out to resturants with friends anytime around my birthday to avoid the staff sing along. I have left my house two years in a row to avoid my neighbors caroling. And these are people I know and talk to. Friends or aquantiances singing at me creeps me out. Strangers singing at me terrifies me to know end.


    1. But why did I share all that? Cuz Last night I watch a tv pilot twice in a row. I have never watched the first episode of any show, finished and restarted it immediatley. Not only that, the show is a musical. But it seems to be a musical catered specifically for me. ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’.
      ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ stars Jane Levy from Evil Dead, Don't Breathe and Fun Size. She is here usual great self. Levy plays a coder for a tech company. The titualr Zoey whos dealing with the problems of a sick family member, no social life, low self esteem, being overworked, trying to get a promotion and headaches. The sick family member is her father (Peter Gallagher) who 5 months earlier slipped into a catatonic state and has been getting progressively worse despite Zoey and her mothers (Mary Steenbergen; doing what Mary Steenburgen do!) best efforts. So Zoey goes to get an MRI. While in the machine being forced to listen to REM an earthquake occours. On the way home a man starts singing to her then a crowd joins in. I won't spoil to much but Zoey starts hearing and seeing peoples inner monoiluges ' What Women/Men want'style but instead of mysogynistic/mysandric jokes you get classic pop songs about how people are feeling. Don't wnt to go to further for fear of spoiling. I will warn you though it can get a bit sappy at moments. also one scene will remind how sad a song 'mad world' really is. One thing I do love is Zoeys reaction to people singing to her. So relatable. Show is most likely going to turn into a highway to heaven help this person this week type show but if it maintains this level of heart and cleverness I'll keep watching. So from a dude that doesn't like musicals on a site about movies I recommend you watch the tv musical Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

    2. Glad you liked "Zoey..." Munkee. Just beware that NBC aired a sneak preview last week, and the actual show does not premiere on its regular schedule until sometime in February (check your local listings). I know, doesn't make sense to me either. :-O

      And l share your frustration with musicals, but that doesn't stop me from sampling them regularly. Most of them feel like "Cats" to me, but every once in a while l stumble upon something like "Anna and the Apocalypse" (currently streaming on Amazon Prime) that justifies taking blind chances on a film genre l'm predisposed to not liking. Good luck with Zoey, Munkee. :-)

    3. I did see and like Anna and the Apocalypse quite a bit. Thanks for the suggestion.

  16. I listed a Top 10 earlier on the podcast thread, but I totally forgot about Mission Impossible: Fallout, and this list is still constantly shifting in my mind, so I'll list it again.

    11. Midsommar (yeah, I'm cheating)
    10. Little Women
    9. The Irishman (need to watch a second time!)
    8. Toy Story 4
    7. Us
    6. Mission Impossible: Fallout
    5. Knives Out
    4. The Art of Self Defense
    3. Jojo Rabbit
    2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Top 30 All-Time!)
    1. Parasite (Top 30 All-Time!)

  17. Wasn't MI6 Fallout a 2018 film? Best of 2018?