Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Patrick and Rob are having an old friend for dinner.

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Also discussed this episode: King of New York (1990), A Simple Favor (2018), the Saw franchise, Rollerball (1975), The Wrong Missy (2020)


  1. Ridley Scott has proclaimed his love for The Texas Chainsaw massacre and give him his due he does gruesome well! Thinking Brad Pitts fate in the counsellor,Prometheus's cesarean scene and liotta here all touch a nerve....

  2. Ahhhh, A Simple Favor. Such a smug little movie that I have a love hate relationship with. An entertaining thriller that I liked so much of. Then it becomes at times a cartoon - a competent cartoon, but it’s not what the film needed or whats right from certain characters at most times. Blake Lively wears the hell out of some outfits though, thats for sure.

  3. Good talk about Sir Ridley, he's always kind of befuddled me. I want so badly to love Prometheus and Convenient, and they're beautiful to behold, but have so many problems. What do you think about Matchstick Men? Does Cage just take the movie over? It's an interesting debate because it is hard to pin down Scott's voice even though you immediately know what his style is. For me the last shot of "The Duellists" is actually still my personal quintessential Ridley Shot.

  4. Great episode guys and you finally got me to actually watch Hannibal! I didn’t like quite as much you all did, but it was entertaining and I was surprised at how crazy it was for this big, mainstream movie.

    Also, I would love for you guys to maybe do one episode on both Manhunter AND Red Dragon, since they are based on the same story and you could just kind of compare and contrast the two. I think that would be really interesting.

  5. I have a slightly strange history with Hannibal. I was really excited about the movie coming out and about a week before its release, I dislocated my shoulder quite badly and had to have an operation and stay in the hospital for 6 days. While I was there, my mom brought me the Hannibal novel and I devoured it (although it was hell paging through that thick fucker with one hand while hooked up to a drip). When I was released, instead of going home, I asked my mom to drop me at the movie theatre so I can make the opening day of the movie. I finished the book in the car on my way to the mall, hopped out of the car, my arm in a sling and a rough looking bandage peeking out from my shirt, bought a popcorn and a drink, had an usher help me carry everything to my seat and sat down to watch a movie that was... fine. It was... just fine.
    I've come to appreciate it a lot more over the years. Maybe that's because I'm no longer bandaged and one-fisting popcorn into my unwashed-straight-from-hospital face.