Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Top 10 Things I Love About F This Movie!

by Rosalie Lewis
Here are 10 reasons to love Movie Love for Movie Lovers.

1. It’s not pretentious.

2. It covers everything from silent film to straight-to-video Nicolas Cage and John Travolta films, so we’ll never run out of movies to talk about.

3. Passion and big swings are celebrated, whether a movie is perfect or not.

4. The sheer collective movie knowledge among the contributors is just insane, but you’ll never be treated like an idiot if you don’t know something or haven’t seen something.

5. Puns, silliness, and cheesiness are not just tolerated but encouraged.

6. Everyone writes in their own authentic voice.

7. One word: Junesploitation.

8. Three words: Scary Movie Month

9. Schmoopiness

10. Just like the characters in the Fast and Furious franchise, when you’re part of the FTM community, you don’t have friends, you have family.

Happy 10th Anniversary, F This Movie!


  1. There was some shade towards Johnny T VOD on the last p.o.d.

  2. 11. It's somebody favorite movie (Which now is my mantra, when discussing movies)

  3. Here here! Everyone on this site is lovely. I do not actually think I'm the target demographic for this site.. but whatever, I still read and enjoy what others are passionate about. It's good writing. And I never feel treated like an idiot (thanks!). Everyone here is kind and thoughtful. Can't believe I've been visiting for 5 years. Whoa! HBD FTM!

  4. You nailed it, Rosalie! Particularly number 4, ESPECIALLY number 5. 😜