Wednesday, May 13, 2020

#FThisMovie10: Favorite Columns and Podcasts

by Rosalie Lewis
I joined the FTM family fairly recently -- my first column ran in August of 2019 -- and I discovered the podcast and site about a year before that--but I’m overjoyed to be sharing in the 10th anniversary celebration. I adore this site and the people behind it, and even though I was clearly late to the party, I’ve often found myself going back through the archives to listen to podcasts or read articles from years past.

Below are just a few of my favorite selections from memory lane--enjoy!

An article that sums up the spirit of F This Movie: Movies We Shouldn’t Like But Do

I love how the movie love supersedes what we’re “supposed” to like or love on this site. When it comes to movies, we love what we love. And as that guy who wrote Hamilton once said, “Love is love is love is love is movie love for movie lovers.”

A podcast with Erika & Patrick, because those are always special (but what about Phone Booth?): Re-doing Our Favorite Movies of 2002
I think I speak for all listeners and readers when I say that Patrick and Erika have a love for the ages, and listening to two people with so much love for each other talk about movies they love is just magical. Plus they’re really funny. And also I love a good list revisit, which inevitably makes me re-evaluate my own picks for the year in question.

The one where Mark tells his crazy true story: Taken podcast
I had heard rumors of this one but I had to dig through the archives to actually find it, and when I did it was well worth the listen. Mark Ahn, we’re glad you’re here and not in an alley. Also, I still haven’t seen Taken. Also also, this podcast features bonus Vin Diesel talk, which I always appreciate.

Two articles that are time capsules: Doug’s 9 Worst Movies To Watch Right Before Your Wife Has a Baby  and Mike’s A Movie I’m Thankful For: American Movie
One really cool thing about the site/podcast/community existing for ten years? We’ve all experienced major life events during that time, and some of those events have been shared. In Doug’s case, the birth of his child -- which he handles with the usual Doug humor and aplomb. In Mike’s case, he writes about wishing he could actually get out there and make a movie of his own while writing about American Movie -- and now, he’s done that (twice)! Way to go, Mike and Doug!

Several Riske columns filled with rollicking short stories, all somehow related to movies: Date Night At the Movies, Blockbuster After Dark volumes 1 , 2, 3

It’s columns like these that make me laugh, cringe in empathy, or cheer for the odd/great/bittersweet experiences the movies can bring us. Riske’s a great storyteller, and I could read columns like these every day and never tire of them.

A few articles where Rob goes deep and makes me feel things: Without a Paddle: Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat ; A Movie I’m Thankful For: That Thing You Do ; The Horror Movie I Identify With Most
Sometimes it’s difficult for me to articulate just why a movie resonates with me, especially the ones that burrow into my bones and leave me thinking about them for weeks or longer. Rob does not seem to share this problem -- I always appreciate his writing on movies, and his ability to find something significant in sometimes unexpected places. That in turn makes me want to revisit those films and helps me see them in a new way.

A podcast where Robyn and Patrick discuss kindertrauma in delightful ways: Return to Oz
Robyn’s podcast appearances are always a fun time, and this episode was perfect because I’d watched Return To Oz only a few months easier during Junesploitation, so it was fresh in my memory. I didn’t see it as a kid, but hearing this discussion made me realize how much more f’d up I’d probably be if I did.

An article where JB shares his vast film knowledge and raises the profile of a forgotten classic: The Overlook: The Swimmer

When the Pope of F This Movie! says a movie is worth a second look, I’d like to think people listen. He’s always championing classic films and sharing random trivia, in between spending time on the Twitter Machine and watching Dickshark (you’re gonna have to check out the FTM Zoom recording for context on that). I love classic film too, but there’s a lot I don’t know so I always appreciate his knowledge and passion about it. The Swimmer is a movie I love, and that’s why I picked this column. If you still haven’t seen it, you should really listen to JB and track it down.

A couple classic Patrick-programmed movie marathons: Female Directed Horror Movies , Back in Time , Happy Birthday Erika

Listen, no one programs a movie marathon like Patrick, alright? We all know this to be true. I have not stayed awake for 24 hours straight in a few years, but every one of these columns makes me think, “Maybe I’d be willing to sacrifice my sleep and sanity for this marathon.”

An article where Erika appreciates nudity: Shelf Life (Letter D): Deep Red & Daughter of Dracula
As a fellow appreciator of movie nudes, I gotta respect Erika’s statement that “Nudity is never boring.”

An article that could sincerely change your life, by Adam Riske: My Depression Story

I love how there’s room on this site and in the FTM community for realness and honesty. This column, which followed Chester Bennington’s tragic demise, took courage to write and it resonates with me and probably countless others. It’s not preachy or self-involved, it’s just vulnerable and relatable and it’s coming from someone we’ve gotten to know through years of movie columns and podcasts. Thanks for sharing your story, Adam.

A shameless plug for something I wrote: Choose Your Own Noirvember
I remember getting the idea for a “choose your own adventure” style column and being super excited to write it. Sadly I was busy at work that week, so it took some time to come together, but ultimately this is the column I had the most fun writing to date. I hope other people enjoyed reading it and maybe found a new film favorite along the way.

I could add a lot more columns and podcasts from the various lovely contributors to this site -- I have another Word doc open right now with about 50 links in it -- but I’ll close here. What are your favorite articles and podcasts from the past 10 years? Is there one you point people to when you’re introducing FTM to a friend? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


  1. Love this, Rosalie! So glad you’re with us!

  2. Love it! I sometimes just re-listen to the Patrick and Erika shows because it feels like hanging out.

  3. You've been a great addition to FTM Rosalie!

  4. It's nice that we all have our favorites, Rosalie. I also have yet to see "Taken" (I know, I know!), but have head the podcast with Mark Ahn talking about his kidnapping ordeal many times. I bought and still own (and have watched) a Blu-ray of "The Swimmer" based solely on that column JB wrote. And I could relate to Adam Riske's struggles with depression by comparing it with my own lifelong struggles with chronic depression. :-)

    My own personal favorite podcast that I feel is underrated is 2013's The Wolverine. The second half is a typically entertaining movie discussion, but the first half is a laugh-riot introduction to the Adam Thas and Mike Pomaro dynamic while recalling their adventures at that year's Comic Con. So good! :-D