Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Patrick and Rob make this look good.

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Also discussed this episode: I'm Thinking of Ending Things (2020), The King of Staten Island (2020), Butt Boy (2019), The Last Witch Hunter (2015), Sleepy Hollow (1999)


  1. i was pretty indifferent to Anomalisa and Ending Things, but i loved Synecdoche

  2. What a delightful surprise! Thanks gents. Important to remember that there's a lot out there that isn't the worst, and actually is the best. Also, Synecdoche? Smells like Charlie Kaufman's butt.

  3. I hated, hated I'm Thinking of Ending Things. Almost, tapped out of it and I wished I did. When it ended I felt like I just wasted 2+ hours on nothing. Jesse Plemons will always be Fat Damon to me.

  4. There are few things I want more in this world than to see Martin Scorsese give the Academy Award for Best Picture to the producers of Butt Boy.

  5. You know that with a less competent director and/or writer, the MiB agency would be a military unit. It's refreshing that it's a simple bureaucrat agency

  6. I just watched Butt Boy on Tubi and it was pretty great. Just how straight they played it was what made it so perfect. Also, better upside down place than Stranger Things. 10/10

  7. Really appreciate you both discussing I'm Thinking of Ending Things for as long as you did. Is 17 minutes a record for longest discussion of a single title in the 'Have you seen anything good lately' segment?

  8. Wow, the comment about being 22 and having the time for it really called me out. Also, sick Community reference. I love that scene.

    While you guys were talking I started thinking of the Mulholland Drive podcast where Patrick talked about not feeling the need to necessarily understand everything, so I appreciated that the Lynch connections were made right after that. Lynch is one of my two favorites and Kaufman (including his work as a screenwriter) is definitely in my top 5 filmmakers as well, but the comment about Lynch's curious energy in comparison to Kaufman's sitting in a field brooding vibe is so accurate lmao. I loved the movie and I appreciated how non dismissive you guys were despite being a bit cold on it.

    By the way, Synechdoche, New York is what I normally jump to as my favorite movie of all time, so I'd love if a podcast was done on that one :)

    1. I grew up as a high school rival of Synechdoche and it annoys me how no one says it right. For the record, it's suh-neck-doh-kee