Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Patrick and Erika have to believe they are magic.

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  1. I have a direct and maybe personal question for you two. Are you or were you staying awake 24h or more regularly? You've mentioned, that you both watched Xanadu at 6:30 in the morning and you, Patrick, had to leave. Were you watching the movie at the morning, or were you staying awake? Why would you stay awake if you had to go that early?
    I was thinking about this since the first time I saw one of your 24h-marathon movie programming. I do remember the last time I was awake for more than 24h, probably 2 years ago. I felt awful, but it seems normal for you both and your peers, because you have like 24h festivals, too?!
    Is this a US-American thing?

  2. Great episode! And thank you so much for shouting out Cobwebs, that means a lot from my favorite podcast. :)

  3. Please redo the Stir of Echos show. I really blew that one.

  4. My parents own this film on Laserdisc. A part of me thinks that this film should have only been released on Laserdisc and no other medium whatsoever.

  5. Great podcast, you two! You're making me want to see Xanadu again, even though I remember it as not good.

    And Patrick, definitely find time to watch Battletruck if you can. That movie rules.

  6. But we need ERIKA to do Bye Bye Birdie.