Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Roland Emmerich's blockbuster classic turns 25 this week, so we're traveling back 10 years to hear Patrick and JB talk about a big-budget B-movie they unashamedly love.

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  1. Great repeat episode. "ID4" is such a weird mix of dumb popcorn blockbuster, old-school Hollywood patriotism, excellent music by a still-hungry composer (post-"Stargate's" David Arnold) and 'B' actor star power that somehow gels together. It helps that the mix of mostly-practical and early CGI effects have aged better than even the sequel from a few years back (in glorious 3D!!! 😉👍). Guess l like it a lot more than JB and Patrick did a decade ago, enough to upgrade from Fox's old SILVER Five Star Collection 2-disc DVD set (remember those?) to 4K UHD Blu-ray. 🤩💖

    And since we're talking about blockbusters, R.I.P. Richard Donner. 😢😭 Though he stopped directing after 2006's "16 Blocks," his was a constant creative contribution (as producer) throughout the 2000's "X-Men" movie universe (right up until "Deadpool 2"). Rest in the Phantom Zone, Dick. 🥲😇

  2. My thought process during this:

    "That's interesting that JB sorts all his movies into the categories pre Super 8 and post Super 8"

    "This is a lot of Harry Potter and Transformers talk"

    "Funny that JB is deliberating whether he's going to watch the 3rd transformers movie or not"

    "Am I in 2011?"

    Checks notes for podcast on


    I haven't seen Independence Day since the it came out, but should give it a rewatch sometime. I've sheepishly enjoyed pretty much every Emmerich movie that I've seen. I know I'll watch Midway (2019) soon, and probably enjoy it, despite its mixed reviews.

  3. I'll never forget listening to the follow up podcast highlighting(were there highlights?) the independence sequel. Remember trying to defend it, tout it's accomplishments. The effort made me tired and I finally admitted it was a lousy sequel to this film. Sometimes when you have a good thing like ID4 you shouldn't try and replicate it.

  4. I loved the deep dive into ID4. I loved it when I saw it in theatres in 1996 when I was a sci-fi loving teenager. But I have to confess that while I still find charm in it and love how proudly it embraces its B-Movie-ness, I think the cheesiness and cliches becomes a little too much for me now. Though maybe the horrendous sequel has hurt some of my feelings towards the original and maybe I need to rewatch this one again.

    I also love Will Smith here and is perfect for what is needed in this movie. He was also really missed in the sequel, and we could have used a lot less Brett Spiner in that one.

    Though I have to kindly disagree that ID4 quietly came into theatres. My memory is they marketed the shit out this thing and everyone knew it was coming that summer. I feel like it was one step away from telling us it was the biggest movie event of the summer. Or at least, that is what my 43 year old foggy memory is claiming.

    Anyway, I loved the show as always even if it is a 10 year old rerun.