Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Patrick and Adam Riske finally talk about the movie everyone has been waiting for.

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  1. I just watched this over the weekend.

  2. A fun piece of trivia about Urban Cowboy: John Travolta was, by far and away, the best mechanical bull rider on set. They had to use some camera tricks to make anyone look nearly as good. He's not from Texas or a cowboy at all, but I bet he could outride any real cowboy. Dancer = strength and FLEXIBILITY. It also made me wonder if ballerinas (esp women) could outride cowboys if they tried.

    And I feel similarly to Erika. I think about Jim Henson a lot.

    1. I love how the movie went out of its way to show it was really Travolta doing the riding.

    2. I think it MIGHT come down to flexibility AND being loose body wise. Like how babies will be OK in car accidents sometimes because they don't tense up their bodies? Possibly?

    3. Yea, agree. I generally consider the skill of "loosening" part of flexibility.

    4. How are they testing that baby+car accident thing?