Thursday, November 18, 2021

Reserved Seating: LAST NIGHT IN SOHO (Spoilers)

The review duo who would love a Vesper.


  1. can't wait to watch this movie this weekend. until them i can't watch your video

  2. I understand the lack of structure problem. If Edgar continues down this path it might become a problem, I feel that looking for the structure you enjoy would make for a bad first viewing. I feel this movie's structure deserves a one time pass for one reason, this feels like Edgar's Giallo styled movie where the emphasis is on style over substance, Italian Giallo movie's have absolutely no structure which is why Patrick puts them in the 2am slot, on second viewing enjoy it as a structureless Italian Giallo movie but set in London, the movie set pieces are art, I love it, but I agree that going forward not everyone will get it which is a problem because everyone liked Shaun of the dead, cheers for the insightful chat which made me think about my thoughts on the movie

    1. I'm still thinking about this film which is a good thing. Style over Structure would of been expression of my meaning but I'm not that clever to gather all my thoughts straight away. It takes a while but the fact that the film makes me take the time to gather my thoughts means it works for me. A lot of films are instantly forgotten and not worth the time as they break down they get worse. I feel the more time I take to consider this film the better it might be? Only time will tell

  3. I agree with everything you said.

  4. Saw this with my daughter.
    First time back in a theater for both us.
    Loved it as an experience.
    Loved it.
    Future views will allow clearer perception of it as a film.
    We're both big Edgar Wright fans and agreed that
    it felt like the least Edgar Wright-y of his filmography and while this is a not strike against LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, it wasn't without some "clunk" as we call it. That being said-
    Regardless of how it holds up long term, it was a great night at the movies that my daughter and I are still talking about. None of the SOHO's shortcomings can take the shine off of that.