Thursday, January 27, 2022

Reserved Seating: Pitch Your Own Legacy Sequel

The review duo who probably shouldn't be running Hollywood either.


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  2. Can't wait for the Yahya Abdul-Mateen II NFT Force Ghost Cinematic Universe!

  3. ok...lets have some fun...

    48 Hours to Die

    Eddie Murphy returns to the character of Reggie Hammond one last time when his partner Jack is gunned down in the opening scene. He's teamed up with Jacks old partner played by Stephen Root. Honestly i havent thought this thru much other than Eddie rocks, hasnt aged, and this kind of drama/comedy/procedural isnt made anymore.

    Cannonball Ruin

    blah blah blah, jackass gang, blah blah, zach galifinakis, blah, kate mckinnon & melissa mccarthy, blah blah, theme by smashmouth, blah blah, brad pitt and george cloney, blah blah
    the rock, have to drive silly cars fast across the US.

    {title withheld for punchline}

    The gang from Stranger Things star in their first movie as a group of kids that get trapped in an abandoned electronics store during a terrorist attack on their town. They use their smarts to build a robot to help defeat the terrorists. Comming next summer...Short Circuit City (aka Short Circuit 3). Post credits scene with introduce a new bad guy (gene simmons) who will put a chip in the robot making it turn super evil as he lets it go free into Woodfield Mall..."Chopping Mall 2: Run, Run, Runaway" (theme song by Slade making this joke like 3 layers deep).

  4. Fletch Avenged

    Chevy Chase returns to the character of Fletch one last time only to be gunned down in the opening scene. At the reading of the will we find out he has sired a child, now grown, played by Ryan Reynolds. The will is a series of clues and cyphers that Ryan decodes to find Fletchs killer. He gets help for one of the clues from an ex con and an ex cop played by Eddie Murphy and Stephen Root, investigating a separate murder that MAY be connected. (Crossover Movie Baby!)

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  6. Caddyshack III:

    I play a kid who grew up considering Caddyshack one of the greatest comedies of all time and i go on a quest..physical and via the web... to eliminate all known existence and references to Caddyshack II. Final shot will be me driving a bulldozer with a mysterious copilot. The bulldozer will push EVERY vhs, divx, dvd, beta, and laserdisc of Caddyshack II into a huge bottomless pit...the camera pans to my copilot who is Bill Murry reprising his role as Carl Spackler who will break the 4th wall and say "Its in the hole!!"

    { one said we werent alowed to use lifelong dreams as our legacy reboot. also "goonga ga loonga"}

  7. Gremlins v Critters v Ghoulies

    Throw some dough at Joe Lynch, Adam Green, and Mick Garris. contract states all characters and effects need to be 87% practical. Maybe get Joe Hill to write? {holds out open hand} "best picture Oscar pleassse"

  8. These are all great! Keep them coming!

    1. Hazaaa! Thanks dude...big fan of you and Adams work....and i couldnt possibly keep them coming...unlessssssssss of course someone is interested in my pitch for a flick where a grown up Drew Barrymore has to pose as a male butler for some reason but a dark secret comes from her past as she faces off against a secret villain who killed Fletch AND Jack Cates and she battles said villian...with her special telekinetic powers......

      {sorry in advance}

      Mr Doubtfirestarter?

      Ok...ive devolved into just bad jokes at this point.


    2. Anyone know what Rutger Hauer is up to?

      Robocop 4: HoboRobocop With A Shotgun 2?

    3. Kim Cattrall plays a clothing store display the comes to life with the force help of a fallen jedi just as he's been defeated by young ObiWan....

      Manakin 3: On the Lava Shore


      Manequin & Anakin: Steamy Mustafar {k}Nights


      {needle drop on John Farnham one hit wonder} "Im burning im burning im burnin for youuuuuuuu"

  9. Escape From Chicago

    Seriously...i just wanna see Carpenter and Russel work together one more time. No reboot. NO handoff. No requel. Just a post apocolyptic shoot em up in Chi town with over the top villains and our eyepatched anti-hero. Oh sure it'll skew wayyyy more Escape from LA than NY, but ill take it.

  10. One of the heroes of the Fast Saga should be revealed as a descendant of one of the heroes of Roger Corman's The Fast and the Furious, the unrelated flick whose title Universal bought the rights to, thereby retroactively making the entire franchise a legacy sequel.

  11. Hi,
    Long time Listener/reader

    I wrote a fan fiction legacy sequel web novel a few years ago. seems fitting...

    Son of a Blues:

    Whilst incarcerated in the early 80's Joliet Jake Blues was conjugally visited by Carrie Fisher (of Curl up and Dye Fame) which resulted in child (obviously) Many years later he grew up to be a true John Belushi Type, in contrast to the clean cut parentage of Carrie and her square Husband James (Belushi)
    He is a wild and reckless guy who is also the lead singer for his own hard rock group called Black Rhino. After one incident that leaves him in jail(naturally) Carrie decides to finally let him know about his Uncle "Blind" Elwood Blues, because she doesnt know what else to do to save his life. Comedy and drama and car chases and music ensues.

    Featuring Bruce Willis in the Role of Bruno!

    Thanks to Fthis movie for all the movie love you spread!

    1. Hazaa! One last run with the Blues Brothers! Any chance we can throw a few extra millions Bruce's way and get him to play both Bruno AND Hudson Hawk in the movie? Two sequels for the price of one!