Monday, February 7, 2022

Announcing F This Movie Fest 2022!

 by Patrick Bromley

The world's only all-Twitter film festival returns, this year celebrating the movies of 1996!

It's time again for the world's only all-Twitter film festival! What started in 2012 as a way to celebrate our 100th podcast and join us all together for one day has grown into its own annual holiday, and we couldn't be happier to see things grow and take on a life of their own.

If you're new to the site, here's the deal:

1. Secure copies of all six movies, either physically or on streaming. Several of this year's titles are streaming on Netflix, HBO Max, and/or Hulu.
2. If you're not already doing so, follow F This Movie! on Twitter.
3. Beginning at 10 am CST on Saturday, March 5th, we all start watching the first movie at the same time from the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME and talk about it on Twitter (just tag all of your comments with #fthismoviefest and then follow that hashtag. It's like what Joe Bob does on Shudder, only we were doing it years earlier.) It will be like a running commentary. A conversation. Just like WE'RE ALL IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER!
4. If you have to leave for a movie or can only participate in half the festival or whatever, that's cool! Just check in or out with us on Twitter so we know who's there and when. Hopefully, we can all do the full marathon, but we know that's not easy for everyone.
5. Because of the endless COVID pandemic, our post-fest podcast plans are up in the air. We have traditionally broadcast a live episode; if that's possible for us to do this year, we'll make it happen. Stay tuned to the @fthismovie Twitter for updates.

Thanks again to Doug for making this year's artwork, just as he always has!

Here's this year's lineup, celebrating the films of 1996! All times are CST.

10 am: Mars Attacks! (dir. Tim Burton)

12:15 pm The Rock (dir. Michael Bay)

2:45 pm: That Thing You Do! (dir. Tom Hanks)

4:45 pm: The Phantom (dir. Simon Wincer)

7 pm: From Dusk Till Dawn (dir. Robert Rodriguez)

9 pm: Independence Day (dir. Roland Emmerich)
Apologies for some of the shorter breaks this year. We have a lot of movies to get through and some of them are kind of long! Plan ahead.

See you all on March 5! #fthismoviefest


  1. I have been so pumped for this! Never disappoints

  2. Excellent selection, guys! By the time dawn arrives in From Dusk Till Dawn, it will actually be dawn in South Africa, so that's a delightful bonus.

  3. You guys are lucky you dont have GIFS in the comments thread cuz i'd pepper this sumbitch with every tango/cash, predator, and every other cinematic Hi-Five GIF ever plus a bunch of "IM IN!"

    The world continues to be f'd up and scary and endlessly divisive. Its great to see F This find a way to bring us all together safely in the name of movie love, shared experience, and a chance to riff together.

    "Everybody be cool. cool" S. Gecko

  4. "You have my sword, my bow, my axe, and my promise to tweet horrible dad jokes all day about the F This Movie Fest movies."

    - Mashke of the Shire

  5. I have a lot of nostalgia for Independence Day. It was the first blockbuster I saw as a kid back in 1996. Take care everyone.

  6. That's a great lineup! Now excuse me while I go online shopping for a few Blu-rays to get ready.

  7. As someone who has Independence Day as their 3rd favorite movie of all time, I just hope we all admit it rules. Great lineup, this day is gonna be awesome.

  8. Yes! I was so nervous it was gonna fall on the weekend I have to be out of town. This is perfect, can't wait!

  9. I don’t know why I have never seen MARS ATTACKS! but I think this is way to see it for the first time.

  10. Current details for main streaming options via JustWatch (accessed in USA).

    Obligatory Disclaimer: Options subject to change prior to 3/5 and likely to vary by region. Refer to JustWatch closer to gameday to get latest options:

    Free Streaming:

    Mars Attacks..........Netflix
    The Rock..............Prime
    That Thing You Do.....Hulu,Paramount +
    The Phantom...........Fubu, Showtime, Direct TV
    Dusk Til Dawn.........HboMax, Direct TV
    ID4...................HboMax, Direct TV

    Rental Options:

    Good news here, every flick appears to be available to rent via most common platforms (Apple, Amazon, Youtube) for $3.99. In the case of The Phantom its currently $2.99.

  11. Bummer that I'll be out of town, but great lineup!

  12. Day off from work has officially been scheduled.

  13. Locked and loaded and ready to watch!

  14. I hope that I can make it for THE ROCK, THAT THING YOU DO!, and THE PHANTOM. The first I'll most likely miss, the last ones... well, I'm not good at staying up late. :D

  15. It's crazy how excited I get when I see this post, like a kid on Christmas or something. I wish it were any other weekend tho, but I should be able to join for the first 2, and maybe half of That Thing. Can't wait!

  16. Look forward to this every year, can't wait!

  17. This is going to be a lot of fun. My teenage kids will be watching with me this year, so it'll be a slightly different experience. We'll be able to catch at least 3 of the movies. I'm getting them all hyped for it!

  18. Started watching the Rock tonight and thought "Man, I hope it isn't on the Fthis movie fest list...". Curses!

  19. It won't be hard to convince my 75-year old mother to watch Mars Attacks with me. The ROCK is such a solid thriller! Haven't watched any of these in 20 years. Thank you so much for this community. I'll be with ya for the finale for sure.

  20. LOL Me, an East-Coaster who will be in AZ during the fest trying to convert times from CST to EDT to MST… XD