Wednesday, March 30, 2022


By request, Patrick and JB travel back to Sherwood Forest and rob from the rich to give to themselves.

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  1. HELL YEAH!!! One of my child hood favorites. This movie is the one that sparked my fascination with classic Hollywood and personally consider a perfect movie all around. Just like Back to the Future and It's a Wonderful, classics that are absolutely flawless

  2. Fantastic episode, gentlemen! Thank you so much for taking my request.

    And the Errol Flynn western JB mentioned (Dodge City) is terrific, and almost Robin Hood levels of entertaining. Flynn as a cowboy totally works because he plays an Australian immigrant, which of course he actually was.

  3. Looking forward to listening to this. When I worked at Tower Video during the holiday season, I would be asked to recommend something the whole family could watch. The Adventures of Robin Hood was my go to film. So love this movie.

  4. I’ve been putting on the Disney version a lot. Because I really like Peter Ustinov. Cannot get too much Peter Ustinov voice.

    Thank you for mentioning about how no one ever talks about King Richard’s crusades as being BS! King Richard’s been a bit on my mind since I watched The Lion In Winter recently and found out he was gay. Kind of openly gay. His dad, Henry, talked in that movie about sleeping with young boys, too. No one talks about it!

    It was funny how The Last Duel poked fun at those military men who kept going off to puffed up wars because perhaps they...sucked at life.

    From several YT videos I watched about accurate costume and hairdos in period pieces, my understanding is women didn’t show their hair back then. No flowing tendrils, no curls or bangs. That’s all for movies.

    I really liked your old-movie episode, guys! Oh I miss Whatever Happened To Baby Jane. Gotta rewatch.

  5. And in a great bit of serendipity, Turner Classic Movies announced this morning that their Star of the Month for April is Errol Flynn. Tune in to TCM every Monday night to see 41 of Flynn’s finest!

  6. Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for this podcast. JB droppin' the movie knowledge was just the medicine I needed after a long and difficult week.

    1. I felt the same! And to do this podcast for all the right reasons, even make it better.

      Of course, I would love to hear you both talk more about old movies, but I fully understand that you don't want to do it if people just don't listen to them.

  7. I once read a piece about that Errol Flynn would have his own Me-Too-Scandals if he would act today and from what I've read, he must have had a troubled personality. I do understand, why you wouldn't want to touch on this subject, and probably my information aren't correct, but I just felt that it was right to stress this since this could be a no-go and reason not to watch his movies for people.

  8. I was very happy to rewatch this "old movie" and listen to the podcast. I hadn't seen it since I was a kid, but remembered quite a bit about it. Great suggestion Daniel!