Wednesday, March 9, 2022



The FTM gang wraps up the 2022 F This Movie Fest, celebrating the movies of 1996.

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Artwork by Grant Hurlbert (@granthurlbert)


  1. you guys are the best. thanks f this crew!

  2. Congratulations on another great Fthismovie Fest!

    This year was special for me, because it was the first year my kids participated. Unfortunately, as a single dad, it also meant I couldn't just spend the whole day watching movies. But I was glad to participate as I could.

    We watched Mars Attacks! and The Rock all together, and it was wonderful. They weren't really into the tweeting, and I hardly tweeted as well, but keep them informed on the better ones. It was a blast.

    That Thing You Do! I had never seen before, and was surprised that Patrick and Erika had this "unknown to me" movie so high on their best of '96 list. Unfortunately, I missed it as I was driving my son to a friends house. I'll be sure to catch it sometime soon.

    The Phantom was pretty great, and very unexpected. I did not realize it was an Indiana Jones style adventure movie. Was surprised when it opened with pirates. I was cooking dinner during this one, so I missed some chunks. As Patrick said on the podcast, it's nice to see a "super hero" doing stunts etc. without cgi.

    From Dusk To Dawn was my most anticipated, but my other son didn't want anything to do with movies anymore by that point. Fair enough. That was the movie where I went full twitter movie fest. Such a fun movie. I'm going to watch it later again with both of them.

    Independence Day I honestly wasn't really feeling. I quit halfway through (after I realized my tweets were getting more and more negative). Maybe 6 movies is too much? Or maybe I was just tired.

    I was disappointed I missed the "afterparty" stream (which didn't happen), but was glad to listen to it today. Thanks again for hosting this fun event!

  3. Watching Mars Attacks felt like watching early seasons of X-Files. A lot of recognizable people that became way bigger in the years to come.