Thursday, March 10, 2022

Reserved Seating: Mall Movie Time Machine


The review duo who gotta go back in time.


  1. Loved this! You guys are killing it.

    I'm ashamed to admit, took me a hot second to realize you were joking. I just find it totally plausible that they'd program a website/bot to say "I thought we'd be together forever" and think it was cute.

    My local (Finnish, AMC-owned) chain theater installed love seats in the back row a few years ago. They're great if you're fat like me, I sometimes go to a less crowded showing and sit in one on my own. You just have to buy your ticket late, because it's assigned seating and you don't want to run the risk of someone buying the seat next to you.

    I'd love to travel back to see Back to the Future, Major League and T2, I've never seen any of those in a theater.

  2. for the record...i was believing the AMC Stubs A List cancellation process wayyyyyyyy too long into the riff. f@#$ing HILARIOUS stuff.


    Great ep dudes! Lets discuss it more in person when you get still holding your place in line around the back of Woodfield Mall 1&2 for Star Wars's 2nd weekend late may 1977. If you arent in a rush to get back to your timeline we can grab some Hot Sams pretzels after and discuss what we thought of the movie! I got a pretty solid feeling that theres some strong chemistry between that Luke Skywalker character and Leia! Ill bet they smootch in the next flick..and from there..who knows!