Wednesday, March 23, 2022


Patrick and Rosalie Lewis go back to high school.

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  1. Yeah, Katherine Heigl was basically 'cancelled' before it was a thing, because of rumors of her 'being difficult' on set.

  2. If I remember correctly in the show 'Alias' they killed off Bradley Cooper in favor of Michael Vartan.

    Also, not to be a bummer, Marlee Matlin and another woman published books detailing what an abusive monster William Hurt could be. Great actor, quite possibly a bad guy.

  3. This was fun, Patrick and Rosalie!
    I still really like your autobiographical stories, Rosalie, like about sneaking out to see the movie...and checking the ratings first. You could write a great children's book with those kind of stories. Cuz very relatable...but also very different.

    Oh man, I've tried to rewatch this movie several times recently, since it's on Disney+ and I used to like it a lot, but I can't get into it anymore! I thought for sure I'd never tire of Drew Barrymore movies, her face or her cuteness, but my taste has definitely changed in the last few years. I think I feel like I want more from her; I'v come to expect more from my main ladies and heroines. I thought for sure her qualities of being cute and goofy would always be entertaining enough - but I'm just...oddly over it. I don't even like 50 First Dates or the Wedding Singer anymore. Yikes. I'm almost kinda bummed.

    Also I like the JLo conversation. I saw The Wedding Planner, which I also used to like but no longer do. I saw Maid in Manhattan, against my will. I literally lost a bet and had to sit through it and ...I dislike Cinderella stories because she still ends up with the guy. (And wouldn't it be more cool if she didn't?) And I saw Monster in Law. You're totally right, Rosalie. What is Jane Fonda doing in that movie? Being wasted.

    Is JLo supposed to be an underdog in all her movies? I felt like Barbra Streisand always made herself out to be the underdog. Which was such a diva thing.

    Feel better Patrick, Erika and fam!

    1. Also I wanted to chime in as a (very opinionated) woman: I thought Michael Vartan was very good looking and sympathetic back then. Now I realize he has the chemistry of a piece of copy paper. Perhaps they were just trying to get us to value tall aryan looking guys with blue eyes? And Drew was likable enough to sell the whole thing for them? I do think movies try to do that stuff.