Friday, March 4, 2022

Listen to "F! (F This Movie Fest)" The FTMF 2022 Theme!

 by Erich Asperschlager

F This Movie Fest (STILL the world's only all-Twitter film festival) is the best. It's like if every holiday was rolled into one. All of them, even the ones you don't get off as an adult but your kids do. The ones where you have to figure out what to do with a six-year-old all day because it's something called "Flag Day Observed."

While Twitter seems to get a little worse every year, for one day each March it fulfills its true potential, playing unwitting host to a swarm of movie lovers from across the globe, loving movies and talking about them together online.

This year's fest celebrates 6 films from 1996. I was in college back then, and everything seemed possible. Except driving places. I didn't have a car. But I still managed to get to the movies on occasion, sharing firsthand in the big-screen awe and majesty of flicks like The Rock, Independence Day, and That Thing You Do. Other movies had to wait for VHS and the relatively new DVD format. The first time I saw Mars Attacks! was because my friend got the DVD for free with the purchase of his disc-drive enabled, chunky plastic laptop.

Life seemed simpler in the mid-'90s, but even with with complexities and anxieties of the modern age, watching movies with friends makes life feel simple again. That's why I spend several weeks each year writing and recording songs that only appeal to a limited audience of people. The best people. People like you.


F This Movie Fest!
The years roll back
It's 1996
We're feeling good
I hope this feeling sticks
The movies take us
To another time and place
A quarter century or so, to

F This Movie!
F! F This Movie!
F This Movie!
F This Movie Fest!

When Mars attacked Nic Cage and Connery
That thing we did while Zane made comics history
Vampires raised the stakes
And UFOs obliterated Paris, London, Bill, and Hillary

No one knew then what would happen next
Y2K, election drama, war, the plague, and "Thanks Obama"
No one tweeted way back when
'Cause Twitter hadn't been invented
To talk about the tapes we rented
Then it was
And all because of

F This Movie!
F! F This Movie!
F This Movie!
F! F This Movie Fest!
F This Movie Fest!

Keep doing that thing you do
This is our Independence Day
To those about to watch The Rock
We salute you
Watch out Mr. Nicholson
'Cause he's a last-minute vampire
Slamming evil
A last-minute vampire...

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  1. Erich, you've done it again! Love this song, love this column.

    Is it weird that listening to this made me both pump my fist and get misty eyed? Fisty eyed, shall we say?

    Anyway. You all are the best people and I'm excited to celebrate that tomorrow with everyone.

  2. Thank you Rosalie! I miss being with all of you for the real "Big Game."

    There's nothing wrong with being fisty eyed, so long as you have a safe word.

  3. OMG...i knew this was coming for a while but Erich you OUTDID yourself. the guitar/horn combo hits me in the emotions. awesome vocals. great lyrical interplay between the fest, its movies, and 96.

    What a PERFECT way to start the F This Movie Fest day. Thanks for sharing your music sir....made me smile, tap my toes, and did the impossible...made me even MORE excited for today.

    Peace .n. "We are the Music Makers."


  4. The first F This Movie Fest I listened to I had just moved to Austin, and my only daughter was 4. Now 9 (10?) years later she's 13 and just won at a big volleyball tournament while her sisters (6 and 4) cheered on. Tonight we'll be watching a couple of the Movie Fest films together. Thanks for being awesome people!