Saturday, March 5, 2022

It's F This Movie Fest 2022!


'96, babyyyyy!!

Today is the day! We're traveling back to 1996 for six movies from '96 for our annual F This Movie Fest!

All the directions and the lineup can be found here.

Remember to wait for our cue to start each movie so we're all in sync! It's going to be the best day!

F This Movie Fest!!


  1. Anybody got anything going on today?

    1. I actually have to do some editing work, but I'm not on the clock and product's due on Monday. So I'll be Twittering away all day long! :-)

  2. HA! I kid I kid!

    Yo Team F This!!!! Dont go quietly into the night! Dont vanish without a fight! Everybody be be cool!! Dont do your best..losers talk about doing your go home and watch F This Movie Fest! And perhaps most importantly ACK ACK ACK ACK!!!

    Lets all remember today that no matter who we are, no matter where we are, as we watch this lineup of flicks TOGETHER we are a community of movie lovers sharing a few moments together. We may all have very different backgrounds, come from different places, and may never have the chance to meet in person, but today we ARE together and we are connected through cinema. You all rock.

    So pop some popcorn, grab a favorite beverage, and get ready to rock.

    Also..y'all get to break the "no cellphone" cinema rule today..cuz tweet along!!!

    Peace .n. F This Movie Fest!!!!


  3. One of the best days of the year! Got my movies and my snacks ready, let's do this!

  4. HAZAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!! Y'all rocked!!!!!

    Way to many highlights to call out BUT i will select one point Erica asked where we were all from. The list blew me away. An incredible global community. I dig it the most!

    Thanks team F This for pulling us all together. Wouldnt trade it for anything.!