Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Patrick and Rob don't want to talk about time travel. 

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  1. About the people complaining that the time travel doesn't make sense in this movie...

    To quote Patrick H Willems from Youtube: 'there's no wrong way to watch movies, but you're watching the movie wrong.'

  2. I need to revisit this one. I haven't seen it since it came out. Then I loved it until the end, which I thought was dumb and negated the point of the movie to me. But I was a dumb kid I wish I could go back in time and slap, so I might have been wrong then.

    1. good call James....i recently revisited and reallllly enjoyed it.

  3. random the last year i have revisited two Rian Johnson flicks..Looper and Brick. Honestly i think i enjoyed the rewatches more than the original viewing. I think there's alot of details within his movies that benefits the viewer during rewatch. So much so that im planning on revisiting Knives Out this week with full expectations that it will bolster this theory.

  4. I only have seen LOOPER once in the cinema and was mediocre on it. I was totally into this "bUt DoES iT maKe SeNse?"-bullshit. Your love for the movie convinced me to rewatch it, I just have to find the time.

    Thank you for your positive podcast! I always love when you're just loving a piece and tell everyone what is great about it. I know, sometimes those love fests may don't bring good "discussions", but I think the talk itself can be good, and the good mood is infectious.

  5. I love the shot where younger version notices the watch on his arm and put his hand on the same watch but there can only be one watch right?