Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Patrick and Erika answer listener questions and Erika launches a new website.

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  1. "It's Been a While" had this sound bit commercial type thin on MTV when it came out in 2000-something. It was a real earworm of a commercial and I've remembered it since 2000-something. So when I started listening on FthisMovie and you all were saying "It's Been a While" I knew I found my tribe.

  2. Why would you go anywhere else thab imdb to know what movies spielberg directed?

    1. A) They are kids.
      B) Movie fans overestimate the knowledge of what people know about movies and where to look facts up. A lot of my friends like movies, but only do quick google searches because it seems to be faster.

  3. Great show, Erika and Patrick! As usual! I always really enjoy hearing you guys.
    Is Can’t Buy Me Love good because the cool girl is actually cool? And they already have a relationship from the start? We play it a lot at my house, too, and I think that’s what makes it work for me. I think it’s also why I like DRIVE ME CRAZY (1999).

    Before I recently started going to movies a lot with Alicia, my sister, where we get to the movie late and leave before in ends EVERY time - but we go back within the next couple weeks to see what we missed - I’d walked out of only 2 movies. Monster in Law and Moonrise Kingdom. I never thought I’d waste money and walk out of a movie, either, but ? I think I was so annoyed that I felt...offended. They were offensively annoying to me. Haha.

    Erika, you could do movie-whispering ASMR! I love ASMR. I’ve gotten a lot of eye rolling (and name calling!) from my friends over my new-found love for it but I don’t care, I think it’s cool. (Nah, I think it’s amazing). Side-story: I got into it because I was searching youtube for movies featuring poker chips and roulette games because Alicia and I really love watching the beginning of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels because the sound of those European-style chips is DIVINE. It turns out I didn’t even need to watch movies for it, they had dozens of videos of people just playing with casino chips for HOURS. Voila. New found love.

    I’ve also been thinking about Michael J Fox lately! I’ve been wondering “who’s the modern Michael J Fox?” And I can’t think of anyone!

    1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, surely?

    2. Ohhh, good one. He does have cool kid vibes, esp when he smiles.

  4. Thank you for the fun episode.

    I believe that those movie sites you talked about have the same problem that streaming services have: they need content. Lists are easy to make if you don't care about quality, but they will surely help you to raise viewing numbers on your site, especially if you want to provoke with unqualified opinion pieces or very personal statements (that are not shown as those). It is eye-opening if you read a piece written by a journalist that is well-educated and know to differentiate between his/her personal taste and the industries gold-standards, is able to reflect and simply know his/her craft. There is some quality movie knowledge out there, but it is surely washed away by the shier amount of content produced every day to keep the blogs/vlogs/channels going.

    Regarding your thoughts about Staind and if you should "promote" their songs: I had difficult times during the past couple of years because some of my favorite films and music has been produced by people I really wouldn't like on a personal level. Some of them were very hateful towards minorities, very nationalistic, or were way too much in conspiracy theories of the new right. I had to think about it, and I wasn't sure how to deal with it. My solution (for the moment) is to not hear and watch new stuff from those artists, but only those pieces I already had fond memories connected to. I won't promote them to others and if someone would ask me about my opinion on the artist, I'd tell them why I don't like them personally.
    At the same time, I refuse to cut things out of my life that became personal to myself, that influenced me, are part of my memories, my persona and my life, "just" because the original artist became a hateful human being (or has been all their life with me not knowing), because I don't want that artist to intoxicate my own biography with their own BS.
    I said that this is my solution for the moment, because I have thought about it a dozen of times and changed my opinion about it, too.