Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Patrick and JB always get the answers ahead of time.

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  1. there is an australian blu-ray (region free), that look pretty decent. for some reason, the used dvd store near me has one, but they sell it for too much

  2. “I love you, Leo Koreo”!?? Hahahha. JB. Hilarious.

  3. That was a great podcast, probably my favorite one this year so far.

    I've seen Quiz Show once and liked it. I wasn't hot about it, but I still can remember a lot, which definitely speaks for the movie. After the podcast, I want to watch it again (as always) - and I'm sure I will like it even more.

  4. Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. My bad.

  5. If you ever decide to cover Airport, there will be at least one eager listener. Actually, I haven't seen it since I was a kid in the 80's. It was one of those first times my parents let me stay up and watch a movie with them, while my younger siblings had to go to bed. I've been meaning to rewatch it.
    And yes, The Poseidon Adventure is a good movie! That one I have rewatched. And I'm a big fan of the other 70's disaster movies I've seen, The Towering Inferno, The Andromeda Strain, etc.

    1. I find the old disaster movies, like Poseidon Adventures way better now because of the artistry they had back then. Now nothing means anything with cgi. Nothing is special. Back then, when they needed to create a flood, they somehow had to make it physically, big or miniature, somebody was touching something other than a keyboard and mouse

    2. I agree but now I want to think of CGI that is done well and adds, rather than subtracts in the way you described, from new movies. See now, since I found out I like some big superhero movies - a lot, and they made me feel optimistic, my new belief is that it’s not the tech or the format that are bothersomely shallow these days, it’s that they’re not used well...but they could be.

    3. We all went through 20-25 years of CGI that called attention to itself and distracted from the actual "film" - a bit like the bad screens they used in older movies when the stars are driving in a car, steering like they would perform the moose test (I know there is nostalgia for that and I like that sometimes, too - it's still a bit silly looking). Yet, I believe we are now at a point where the hard- and software (and the programmers) are advanced enough to use CGI for actual great benefit, and we can see that in numerous of movies, where you're not able to see the difference between the real set and green screens. Of course, if our heroine fights the big beastly stars devouring monster from another dimension through different timelines, we know it's fake (unless it's something like "Everything Everywhere All At Once"), but most of the time, when used decent, it's a great asset if used properly.
      At the same time, I applaud a movie for building, creating and destroying "real" things. It makes me feel nostalgic about movies, and I like that sometimes.

    4. Me, too. It’s the reason I love Titanic. They sunk a ship. They SUNK A SHIP. Or enough of one.

  6. I’m gonna see I love You, Leo Koreo. I’m a little nervous. I felt really uncomfortable watching Sally Field fall for a younger man in Hello My Name is Doris. I’m just projecting my nervousness for these women (two of the best) onto them basically.

    I’ve actually been wanting to watch Quiz Show again because....(long story) I wanted to watch another dialogue heavy Matthew Macfayden thing, and he’s actually in a quiz show scandal series with someone else I like - Michael Sheen (I liked them together in Frost/Nixon), but I tried watching that show, half an episode, and it’s not compelling. I was like “I might as well just watch Quiz Show the movie”.

    It’s Disney but it’s not on Disney + ? :(

    Patrick reading Robert Redford’s other films makes me STILL not want to see them based on their titles.

    Aw I like Ordinary People. I agree it’s not fair that people hate on it so much.