Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Patrick and Heather Wixson know that life is pain.

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  1. I also have no problem admitting I love for TGM for sentimental reasons.
    It had to be sentimental bc it was strong but basic movie with stock characters - check mark the female pilot, cocky one, underdog one, one that reminds you of his real dad every single time you look at his face and you can’t see anything else (and it throws in a good father-son connection reminder), the super boring 80s “cool girl” bartender madonna character - but I cried a lot, too. I felt like it was a Tom Cruise American-exceptionalism-brand-fantasy tribute movie. I will not see a sequel or another movie like this without Tom Cruise - not likely. No matter how much shirtless Miles Teller you put in it - nope. I don’t come out for military or bro movies, I just don’t bc they’re not my thing, and NOW, with streaming and a million movies to choose from, I just can’t imagine when I’ll choose one again. This felt like goodbye Tom Cruise era.

    I also noticed they didn’t make a big deal of making any particular country or region out to be “bad guys”. Movies have changed, the world has changed, people’s attitudes have changed. All the attitudes in the OG TP don’t really exist anymore. Perhaps they never did!? But Tom Cruise always sold it. I was rooting so hard for him in this movie! It was so emotional and fun.

  2. Not trying to be a troll but literally everything Heather Wixson is on is an assault on my sensibilities. If she has a career (e.g. makes enough money) doing this and her Daily Dead shit, I have severely underestimated myself. Spare me your wishy washy response.

    1. I'm sure this ignorance will work out well for you.

    2. Try harder not to be a troll. Heather is great. You can go elsewhere.