Wednesday, August 31, 2022

FTM 642: F THIS SUMMER! (2022)

Patrick, Adam Riske, Rob, and LA JB wrap up another summer at the movies.

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  1. I had coffee with Slinky Dog HALF AN HOUR AGO!

    My new favorite bit.

  2. Thanks for the fun chat. I do feel compelled to plug Mad God - if practical effects are your thing then holy schmoly.

    1. Mad God is very good. just the spot-motion animation is impressive

    2. Thanks Reuben..ive been saving that one as its made by one of the greats over a looooooooooooooooooooong time. cant wait.

  3. GREAT EP SIRS! So good to have the gang all together...y'all are indeed canvassing the US of A.

    My fav aspect of this show is how y'all have some nicely different takes on key flicks. Always fun to see how some connect and some dont with new movies.

    Another fav aspect: am SO glad JB's digging his new digs!

    Keep up the great work Movie Fam!

    Peace .n. Summer Lovin..had me a blast.


    PS: ooooo..thanks Patrick and Adam for The Ventriloquist Dummy heads up. Just watched and DUG it. Fits perfectly along side two flicks i adore (one by James Wan and one by Frank Hennenlotter.). I went from that to "Cutting Cards" and cant wait to watch a bunch more Tales From the Crypt!

  4. Jaws in IMAX is this coming weekend. Orca alert!

  5. Also, the soulless descriptor Vince Gillian decried that AMC executives used for Better Call Saul was “acquisition driver.” Sheesh.

  6. Great podcast, you guys!

    During the short time I lived in LA, the nightly news once devoted an entire episode to promoting the TV miniseries ASTEROID. So I get where JB is coming from weird LA news thing.

  7. I'm glad Adam mentioned Babylon. You're hearing it first. I'm betting it'll win best picture and best director, and will be a classic for the ages. The next Godfather! Am I getting ahead of myself. Almost certainly.

    Or not. First Man is in my top 10, so I'm excited for whatever he makes. Although I did not care for La La La, so who knows.