Wednesday, October 12, 2022


Patrick and Anthony King do their thing, cuz.

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Also discussed this episode: Vampires (1998), Village of the Damned (1995), Someone's Watching Me (1978), Ghosts of Mars (2001), The Wicker Man (1973), Sissy (2022), Deadstream (2022)


  1. I feel like you could HEAR Anthony's brain breaking when they talk about ranking all the films...

  2. So I've ONLY seen original TCM and this one--none of the rest. It was really fun hearing you two comparing them and while I like both, of course I am also aware of the trashiness of the update.

    Somewhat ironically, I got to interview Gunnar Hansen via phone when I worked at a radio station right after college. Sadly, I had not seen Texas Chainsaw or any other Hansen joint at that time... so I have no recollection of what we discussed, but he was very nice and sent me a signed photo after. So he's my favorite Leatherface for both this & the obvious reason that he's the best.

  3. Yo Patrick! Thanks for the heads up on Deadstream! I was intrigued by the premise when it dropped on Shudder but likely wouldnt have hung in there past the opening 15m without hearing your review. I had so much fun with it!

    I would draw a connection to last years huge surprise (for me) of HOST. In that case they took a relatively recent concept like Zoom meetings and created a really fun, well done low budget horror out of it. In this case Joseph Winter does an amazing job of creating a horror movie out of youtube personalities. There's a ton of attention to detail (the live stream comments that are UNDER the main highlighted comment are so perfectly representative of real live streams and also hilarious) and a very creative modern analogy when he figures out a plan to try and battle the haunted house. Also its crazy amount of Evil Dead 2 love.

    Thanks again! i tend to watch more older stuff during Scary Movie Month and its always a treat to find something new!!!!

    Peace .n. Scary Movie Love


  4. Great podcast, and thanks for reading my 5 word review!

    Last year when Blank Check was covering Carpenter, I managed to fill in my blind spots (plus several re-watches). However, by time they reached the end of the filmography, it was November and I was oversaturated with horror, so I missed the last few of his movies. This is a good reminder I do want to watch Vampires this month.

    This might have been the first time I heard someone refer to The Ward as "a solid movie"; I'll watch it sometime. It sounds like there's absolutely no rush to watch Ghosts of Mars. I actually really liked Village of the Damned, more than most, although creepy kids/dolls is a subgenre I'm naturally fond of.

    1. I watched this last night and this is only the 4 TCM movie I've seen. Of course, the Hooper ones are tied for 1/2, and I'd put this one and the Daddario tied for 3/4, as I thought they were both fun watches. I actually uncharacteristically wrote a few notes while watching TCM 2003:

      -Midriff. Like in Attack of the Clones.
      -Boobs. And sweat.
      -Nice shot pulling out the back of the van after suicide.
      -She tied up her shirt for more midriff.
      -They want to just dump the body and leave? Wouldn't that make it seem more like a murder? They really want to make that concert, huh.
      -Morgan is this movie's "Shelly".
      -R. Lee Ermey is awesome in this!
      -Boobs and midriff.
      -Bouncy running.
      -Wet boobs.
      -How is her shirt still tied up.
      -Is him losing his arm "cannon"? (discussed in podcast. no. nothing is cannon)
      -Coo is awesome

      I have no idea what I meant by that last note. Coochie is awesome? The baby (coo coo!) is awesome? I do not remember at all.

      Overall, I quite liked it. Some bits were nicely shot, as mentioned in the podcast. And though they really milked the midriff, I thought Biel did a great job conveying someone who was terrified, but still competent enough to get away. The shots of her running were solid; often in movies you have actors that obviously run very little in real life (it's something I always pick up on), but it felt authentic here.

  5. Have to commend Anthony with completing director filmographies. I've been doing the same with a bunch of them. I have one left for Carpenter but it's Elvis and I've been waiting for the right moment. Some filmographies are definitely harder than others to complete, like Fulci and Lenzi, but I'll get to them all eventually. Hope you enjoy even the lesser films!