Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Announcing F This Movie Fest 2023!

 by Patrick Bromley

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of 1983!

It's time again for the world's only all-Twitter film festival! What started in 2012 as a way to celebrate our 100th podcast and join us all together for one day has grown into its own annual holiday, and we couldn't be happier to see things grow and take on a life of their own.

If you're new to the site, here's the deal:

1. Secure copies of all six movies, either physically or on streaming. Several of this year's titles are streaming on Netflix, HBO Max, and/or Hulu.

2. If you're not already doing so, follow F This Movie! on Twitter.

3. Beginning at 10 am CST on Saturday, March 4th, we all start watching the first movie at the same time from the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME and talk about it on Twitter (just tag all of your comments with #fthismoviefest and then follow that hashtag. It's like what Joe Bob does on Shudder, only we were doing it years earlier.) It will be like a conversation. Just like WE'RE ALL IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER!

4. If you have to leave for a movie or can only participate in half the festival or whatever, that's cool! Just check in or out with us on Twitter so we know who's there and when. Hopefully, we can all do the full marathon, but we know that's not easy for everyone.

5. Our post-fest podcast plans are still up in the air. We have traditionally broadcast a live episode; if that's possible for us to do this year, we'll make it happen. Stay tuned to the @fthismovie Twitter for updates.

Thanks again to Doug for making this year's artwork, just as he always has!

Here's this year's lineup, celebrating the films of 1983! All times are CST.

10am: WarGames (dir. John Badham)

12:30 pm: Superman III (dir. Richard Lester)

3pm: Mr. Mom (dir. Stan Dragoti)

4:45 pm: Krull (dir. Peter Yates)

7:15 pm: Valley Girl (dir. Martha Coolidge)

9:00 pm: Return of the Jedi (dir. Richard Marquand)
Note: We'll be watching the Special Edition since that's what is most widely available

It's a weird lineup (1983 was a weird year) and maybe our longest fest ever because these are some LONG movies. Plan ahead!

See you all on March 4! #fthismoviefest


  1. I am SO EXCITED! I'll be able to watch Krull finally, after years of it languishing on my watchlist. Mr. Mom & Superman III are also first time watches for me, always fun. Love love love WarGames, Valley Girl is ALWAYS fun, and I don't remember a ton of ROTJ so this will be a good excuse to revisit.

    All hail FTM and thank you, Patrick, for this awesome lineup!

  2. I haven’t seen Krull either despite years of picking it up off the shelves at video stores to look closer at that rad throwing star weapon. And Superman III might as well be a first watch as I haven’t watched it since the 80s.
    In my guess for a 1983 Fest, I had picked Mr. Mom, War Games, Strange Brew, Trading Places, Eddie and the Cruisers and Valley Girl. But I am super excited to have new movies to see as well as my 1983 favorites.

    1. Oh snap! I think im gonna have my copy of Strange Brew ready to throw on at 11pm as a fun post-fest movie. Great call Chris.

      "this chocolate milks 3 months old!"

    2. All of those movies were on the bubble and weren't picked for one reason or another but came very close!

  3. I am fascinated to see how the first half of the lineup in particular plays with everyone. Should be fun!

  4. I'll finally be able to join this year!

  5. OMG! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Last years was so much fun!!

    I LOVE the lineup this year. Filled with several childhood favs from 83! Its hard to explain how cool Krulls Glaive was to us back then (or the many hours spent playing its adaptation on the Atari 2600). Or how cool the concept of the finale of Superman III was. Or the fact that Wargames is very much responsible for many of us getting into computers. Its gonna be a great day.

    Peace .n. Proof of Pizza,


    1. Watching Strange Brew after the Fest is a genius call.

      Doug- “I’m your father Luke. Give in to the dark side of the force you nob.”
      Bob: “He saw Jedi 17 times, eh.”

    2. bwahahaha....omg..that movie...its comedy genius and one of a kind and endlessly rewatchable. i will never not CACKLE at the quote in the van when he takes his hands off the wheel and says "well, brakes out, no point in steering now". im laughing typing it.

  6. Definitely an interesting lineup, half of those will be first-time watches for me.

    I'm already planning a 1983 watchlist for the week preceding the Fest: Jaws 3D, Young Warriors, Something Wicked This Way Comes, BMX Bandits, Videodrome, The Dead Zone...

  7. Global thermonuclear #FThisMovieFest!

    I'm one of the ones who's never seen Valley Girl. Looking forward to some young Cage.

    I dare someone to make a Glaive-shaped pizza.

    A little nervous, though, about going back to Twitter after everything that's happened. If the hashtag trends again, I fear we might attract some unpleasantness. But I'll be there!

  8. All new movies for me, except Star Wars, and RotJ is my favorite anyway. Very excited even though Twitter stinks more now than in years past.

  9. Completely forgot it is this time of the year already. another great line up! Valley Girl and Mr. mom will be first time watches for me. it's going to be fun!

  10. Hot damn this is a fun lineup. Looking forward to people discovering the kind of bonkers cast in Krull.

  11. This is going to be fun! I've only ever seen WarGames and RoTJ. Krull is the one I'm most looking forward to.