Wednesday, October 18, 2023


Patrick and Adam always mix Pop Rocks with their Pepsi.

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  1. What got me on my most recent rewatch (accidentally before the 25th Anniversary) is how does Natalie not recognize the driver her and Michelle accidentally killed?

    She isn't haunted by that? Must be nice.

  2. Also, if Valentine was a Giallo, people would love it.

  3. I'm glad the security guard didn't die. She was the only one I was confident wasn't the killer the whole way through.

    You briefly mentioned Body of Lies. I guess I'm just a sucker for R. Scott, because I love that movie. Mark Strong and Russell Crowe both put in great supporting performances and DiCaprio is convincing as an vet agent who's alliances are torn between 2 worlds.

    1. I have to watch it again. I only saw it the one time when I was doing the R. Scott retrospective and it didn't connect with me, but that's true of some of his other movies too.

    2. Well, if you every watch it again, I hope you enjoy it more the 2nd time. But totally alright if you still don't connect with it (or don't re-watch it). Your thoughts on it are certainly much more in line with the general consensus!