Thursday, October 5, 2023

Reserved Seating: Nu Metal Horror

The review duo who did it all for the Noovie.


  1. Holy crap, Michael Westen Jeffrey Donovan) is in Boom Of Shadows? I have to watch it now!

    Also, i always unironically loved the first Resident Evil. The soundtrack is awesome and it's badass top to bottom. Can't wait for 4K

    1. Right, i ordered the Resident Evil 4K boxset. I only wanted the first one, but it's not available alone. I like the others fine, but it's really the first one i wanted

  2. I saw Alien Ant Farm play at a bar in Cincinnati Spring 2001 right before Smooth Criminal broke. What a time to be alive. Their second album TruANT is legitimately good and I think still holds up.