Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tell Us Your Top 10 of 2014!

Your turn!

We've told you our favorite movies of the year. Now tell us yours! Even if you don't have 10, share some of your favorites. Maybe it's only five! Maybe it's just one! Again, we ask that you all be respectful of everyone's choices (not that I really think it will be an issue, but it never hurts to mention it). This was a good year for movies. Let's keep talking about it.


  1. 2014 was a great year for movies. Hopefully 2015 is up to the same standard!

    1. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
    2. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    3. The Raid 2
    4. Snowpiercer
    5. The Babadook
    6. Calvary
    7. The Rover
    8. Noah
    9. Guardians of the Galaxy
    10. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    Honourable mentions (thanks to the recent podcast now forever known as “Number 11’s”): Boyhood, Under The Skin, The Boxtrolls, Nightcrawler

    1. I really need to see The Tale of Princess Kaguya; I keep seeing it pop up on year end lists. Thanks for reminding me, Gil.

  2. Ah, here we go! There was so much great stuff this year.

    10) Snowpiercer
    9) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    8) Guardians of the Galaxy
    7) Edge of Tomorrow
    6) The Fault in Our stars
    5) Gone Girl
    4) Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    3) Nightcrawler
    2) Chef
    1) Boyhood

    Honorable mention: The Lego Movie

    Wish I had seen it: Whiplash, The Grand Budapest Hotel

    1. And for fun, least favorite movie of the year: Godzilla. For me, that movie is just one huge wasted opportunity and only managed to make me mad after seeing it.

  3. 10. Fury
    9. Enemy
    8. The Raid 2
    7. Life Itself
    6. Snowpiercer
    5. Nightcrawler
    4. The Rover
    3. Boyhood
    2. Gone Girl
    1. Under The Skin

    1. This one is the winner. 7 out of 10 match my list. Nice work Luke!

    2. Do I get a prize? Haha You and I have very similar interests, Mr. Riske.

    3. Your price is Adam calling your list the winner; therefore you win at life. You're welcome.

  4. 10. Obvious Child- While lacking the visual style of the other movies on the list, Obvious Child is a great small story about Jenny Slate (SNL, Parks and Rec) who has a one night stand with a guy then finds out she’s pregnant. Featuring some very funny abortion jokes (yeah I said it) and some charismatic performances, this movie was a real breath of fresh air in the indie film scene.

    9. Grand Budapest Hotel- Wes Anderson is back in my good graces with this picture. It sports the usual eccentricities, crazy characters, and famous people everywhere. A lot of great world building in this movie which was a positive trait for a lot of movies this year. I’m so glad that in my hotel job I was never stuck as the Lobby Boy

    8. Lego Movie- Talk about a movie I went begrudgingly into and came out singing with. The amount of pure imagination in this movie is at a whole other level. Its also the best use of Morgan Freeman since his time in Wanted (“Shoot this motherfucker over here”). Also Lego Batman is the best, just great.

    7. Muppets Most Wanted- While I think I enjoyed the previous Muppets movie more then some other folks around here, I will admit looking back this movie will be the jokier one I revisit more often ALA Gremlins 2: The New Batch. I saw this movie with my fiancée and it was her first moviegoing experience with the Muppets ever and it couldn’t have been more fun. Also Ty Burrell is really good as the French Inspector, hope he gets more wacky film roles like this in the future.

    6. Whiplash- Ok I want to say this first off, I think the teacher goes too far with his students. Judging them and screaming at them is fine if a bit harsh but their was one point in the 2nd act of the film that I don’t want to spoil where I was like “Come on now that’s too far”. That being said great performances from JK Simmons and Miles Teller about an extremely dedicated drummer and his shall I say “strict” methods. I wonder if Patrick does that to motivate his F this Movie writers and podcasters (no proof saying he doesn’t).

    5. Nightcrawler- Just thinking of this movie makes me want to never go to LA ever (sorry LA Doug). That being said this is a great look at the disgusting under belly of getting the news at any cost. Also Jake Gyllenhall’s character was both utterly fascinating as well as the most despicable character to come onto screens this year. Also Rene Russo it’s really cool to see your no longer stuck on Asgard.

    4. Babadook- Well they don’t make kids books like they used to. This movie is super creepy with some great scares and great performances from actual Australian actors not having to fake that they are in America or somewhere else (apologies to filming about to begin on Pirates 5 in Australia). Anyway go in with very little info, just know this is smart horror.

    3. The Raid 2- While as a film I think I prefer the simpler plot of the first Raid I cant deny the hundrerds of different ways that this movie kicked my ass frontways and backways and sideways and downways and any other ways that the Raid 2 Elevator can kick my ass. By all logic a movie like Expendables 3 with nearly all the awesome action stars from the 80’s and 90’s should blow this low budget movie out of the water yet right now I think Ranma could take all those fools.

  5. 2. Birdman- Being a part time actor myself on stage this one hit home pretty hard. I’ve never gotten as upset as Michael Keaton does in the film but I’ve been in the area. Also the whole shot in seemingly one take really kept me in the film the whole way and didn’t feel super gimmicky to me. I can’t tell you all how many times I’ve done the Birdman call since seeing the movie. The Keaton is back and better then ever
    1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes- Well the top of the pyramid for me this year was Dawn that’s for sure. The way this world is presented and the strength of the main characters (even the humans) had a hold on me all the way thru. I don’t know how they top this but I have faith in Andy Serkis and his army of mo-cap players for the next Ape film.

    Honorable Mentions: Gone Girl, John Wick, Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1, A Walk Among the Tombstones, X-Men Days of Future Past, Godzilla, The Interview, Boxtrolls, The One I Love, 22 Jump Street, The Fault in Our Stars, Edge of Tomorrow, Captain America Winter Soldier

    2015 has a lot to live up to.

  6. there are lots of movies on people lists i have not seen i have hope for but so far from what i have seen

    10 the possesion of Micheal king

    found footage possesion movie, urrgg, went in with low expectations and i caught me offguard and i really enjoyed it

    9 The Lego Movie

    Truely Awsome, fun for all ages

    8 Under the skin

    unique and different, i want more stuff like this

    7 The Guest

    watched it twice and it keeps getting better

    6 Lucy
    Big budget, inteligent film making for adults, not something we get very often

    5 The Raid 2

    My action movie of the year

    4 Babadook

    Creepy, Eiree, Atmospheric film making

    3 Edge of Tommorrow

    a really good ride of a movie

    2 Guardians of the Galaxy

    i was joking about the leg, loved it, the type of spectacle movie i watch and rewatch at home every year,

    1 Housebound

    My horror movie of the year, it only beat The Babadook because i love horror movies with a sense of humour

    1. I loved Housebound and have no idea how it didn't make my list. Nice one Dennis!

    2. Its easy to forget. I know my list is not final. It might make interesting reading later to keep a yearly list. After reading Melissa's column. I am wondering how many movies I have seen and I know there are some I still need to catch up with.

      I have not seen. Life itself. Nightcrawler. Birdman. Boyhood. Whiplash. Cheap thrills. a good few that will possibly make an updated top 10 and I feel I have seen a lot of movies. Maybe if I stopped watching 80s horrors also I would have more time but im not gonna do that. ;)

    3. Nightcrawler is probably my favorite film that came out in 2014. I think you'll dig it.

      If you're feeling adventurous - check out "The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears" - it's from the directors of "Amer" and is a beautiful homage to Italian Horror/Giallo. Maybe the 3rd best film on my list (The Guest being #2).

  7. I could agonize over the exact rankings of these all day so this list is in loose order

    10. Edge of Tomorrow/Guardians of the Galaxy: I couldn’t decide which one of these blockbuster sci-fi spectacles I liked more so they’re my only tie. One was a bit more fun, the other a bit more intellectual - you decide which!

    9. Grand Budapest Hotel: Just saw it a couple days ago so probably need to sit with it a bit longer. Certainly my favourite Wes Anderson flick since The Royal Tenenbaums which is one of my all-time faves.

    8. Night Crawler: This is on the list for Lou Bloom’s character (and JG’s performance) alone, but I think I might love this movie - need another watch or two!

    7. The Babadook: A new all-time favourite horror with two of the best performances of the year period.

    6. Cheap Thrills: Super-entertaining AND super-relevant.

    5. The Guest: Holy shit fun - and Dan Stevens is my new man-crush.

    4. Blue Ruin: I love revenge movies - I don’t think I’ve ever seen one depict how it would probably go down as realistically as this. Macon Blair has a particular set of skills and they involve acting, NOT murdering.

    3. The Raid 2: Enough has been said. This movie fucking rocks and I love it.

    2. Snowpiercer: Cool story and great action - this movie has a lot to say and it made me want to listen.

    1. Under the Skin: No movie this year has affected me as much as this - I just watched it a couple of days ago (thank you Canadian Netflix) and I can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t even know that I can call it my FAVOURITE but for now it’s my Number One.

    Honourable Mentions: Jodorowsky’s Dune, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    Wish I’d Seen: Whiplash, Boyhood

    Can we all agree that 2014 was a pretty fantastic year for movies?

    1. "Can we all agree that 2014 was a pretty fantastic year for movies?"

      Hell yes. Much better than I was expecting around May.

    2. This year was a slow starter for sure

    3. I think it was a slow finisher as well though, I don't think there's been a wide release in the last two months I've actually liked.

      Usually there's at least one or two of the late season Oscar contenders that provide us something that would make most top tens. I'm not so sure about this year, as many of the movies seemingly are fairly average (Unbroken, Inherent Vice, The Wild, Into the Woods, American Sniper, The Gambler).

      Late spring-Early Fall gave us most of the better works of 2014. Although VOD skews things quite a bit, as it's more difficult to tag a films release when it receives a fairly limited theatrical release, but doesn't come out on VOD until a few months later (like The Guest and Snowpiecer). Wasn't Snowpiecer even technically released in some markets in 2013, or am I thinking of something else altogether?

    4. I agree with you, Alex, the year-end rush of Oscar bait pictures failed to connect with me as in years past. The closest a late December release came to moving me was "Selma," and that ended up 27th in my list. "Fairly average" is a perfect way to describe some movies that I just couldn't get around to seeing but the trailer/ads seem to indicate they are: "Into the Woods," "The Theory of Everything," "Unbroken," etc.

    5. I agree with that too actually - felt like a great YEAR but all the best stuff was in the middle - I think just about everything on my list were April-October releases.

    6. I think one of the more interesting things about this year is that (in my opinion) it was one of the better summers on recent record. A lot of the stuff I loved came from Spring and Summer, and only a couple from Fall. Nothing from Winter made my list at all.

  8. 10) Fury
    9) Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    8) The Admiral: Roaring Currents aka "Myeong-ryang"
    7) The Edge of Tomorrow
    6) The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
    5) Interstellar
    4) Guardians of the Galaxy
    3) Unforgiven aka "Yurusarezaru mono"
    2) Snowpiercer
    1) The Grand Budapest Hotel

  9. Because I like to challenge myself, here's in descending order every 2014 movie I saw in a theater and (in the past couple of weeks) on streaming leading up to my Top 10. Shoot, my 11-20 would be a formidable Top 10 on any other year but this one. From least to best (and even the lesser one's are pretty good because I avoided the pre-ordained crap stuff like "Blended"):

    85. SABOTAGE
    80. BREATH IN
    76. TUSK
    73. NON-STOP
    72. 7 BOXES
    68. VISITORS
    64. I, ORIGINS
    62. 3 DAYS TO KILL
    61. THE 100-FOOT JOURNEY
    60. WE ARE THE BEST!
    58. BIG HERO 6
    56. THE ONE I LOVE
    48. PELO MALO
    44. BIRDMAN
    37. OCULUS
    35. LOCKE
    31. NOAH
    27. SELMA
    24. GONE GIRL
    23. WHIPLASH
    22. TAKE FIVE
    18. GODZILLA
    17. LUCY
    16. ENEMY
    15. BOYHOOD
    14. THE RAID 2
    11. BLUE RUIN.

    And here it is, the cream of the crop for the banner year that was 2014:

    10. UNDER THE SKIN: Has all the trappings of a pretentious arthouse flick (star of the moment showing skin, a dense narrative deliberately made obtuse, low-budget avant garde premise, etc.) except that, unlike most of that stuff, the images, sounds and sense of unease the movie creates walk out the door with every patron who watches it. That takes skill.

    9. THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL: I too was another Wes Anderson fan who had given up on the man ever delivering another "Rushmore"-type masterpiece. From its old-school-looking-but-cutting-edge special effects/cinematography to a sense that he was getting away with something, "Grand Budapest" is Anderson at the top of his game and reassuring his fans he knows what he's doing.

    8. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: The goofy space epic big-enough enough to last weeks at the No. 1 box office spot (something not even major blockbusters achieve) and personable-enough to make obscure Marvel characters and an actor from a barely-watched NBC sitcom into an instant star. Bonus points for allowing the creative voice of James Gunn a bigger toy chest with which to entertain us.

    7. THE LEGO MOVIE 3D. Now this is the type of CGI special effect overkill I don't mind, the type used for style purposes and that's smart-enough to know it's OK to include live action segments to get a bigger point across than cramming fart jokes: it's the people who you play with that make the experience meaningful, not the toys themselves. Also: BATMAN! :-)

    1. FUDGE! Somehow BEGIN AGAIN fell through the cracks and I forgot to include it in the list. It would have tied with "Particle Fever" in the 32nd spot.

    2. FUDGE DEUX! Forgot to include Mike Leigh's MR. TURNER in the list as well. It would have tied "The Immigrant" in the 26th spot.

  10. 6. GOODBYE TO LANGUAGE 3D. Leave it up to 84 year-old hellraiser Jean-Luc Godard to mess with everyone's minds with new ways to dissect cinema using the 3D tools to dream-up new methods to screw with audience's eye sights/heads. I've never had more fun closing one eye to see boobs on one screen, closing the other to see male weiner, or opening both eyes to see what JLG did to the combined picture of both.

    5. CAPTAIN AMERICA 2: THE WINTER SOLDIER. "The Raid 2" had the better action scenes of 2014, but this one had the complete package: well-developed characters you cared about or at the very least understood (including the bad guys), no-slouch butt-kicking action galore and consequences for what came before and (hopefully) will come after for the Marvel universe. Considering the low expectations I think "Cap 2" is actually on par or even better than "The Avengers."

    4. THE SKELETON TWINS. See, Richard Kelly? This is how you put former "SNL" comedians to good use in dramatic roles. You let them blow steam and be funny in a handful of scenes, and that valve-pressure release allows the pathos of the serious stuff to come across more natural. If "Obvious Child" was the feel-good abortion comedy of the year then this was the feel-good suicide dramedy.

    3. JODOROWSKY'S DUNE. If watching Tom Hardy drive and talk for 80 min. is fun then listening/watching the 80-something director of "El Topo" and "Holy Mountain" recount his aborted attempt to bring "Dune" to the big screen is like hitting the jackpot of interesting folk you'd love to hang around with and talk shit all day long. Next best thing ain't too shabby though.

    2. TIE: GLORIA/THE LUNCHBOX. A Chilean and an Indian movie that, though different (a middle-aged professional's midlife crisis and a widowed lifer employee acquainting himself with his long-lost sense of yearning for love), amount to character studies of average people whom most American studios regard as stereotypes or punchlines not worth investing in. To watch these two films stick their landings through careful build-up of character beats that resonate without seeming to strive for greatness is a beautiful thing to end with after enjoying the films themselves.

    1. IDA. Maybe it's my inherent bias toward Yasujiro Ozu cinema, but the marriage of Pawel Pawlikowski narrowing his mise-en-scene down to the bone (aspect ratio, B&W photography, minimal camera movements, under 80 min. narrative, etc.) and the subject matter (a soon-to-be Catholic nun discovering her Jewish past alongside an older cousin with her own set of baggage in 1960;s Poland) blew me away in theaters and has been doing so constantly on streaming. It's a borderline religious experience offered at the altar of a style of cinema long thought defunct, which Pawlikowski dusts off to show it still carries weight when employed correctly.

    1. Ah, I'm happy to see some fellow love for Lunchbox. It's just outside my top 10 but it's a really, really lovely movie and furthers my admiration for Irrfan Khan. And if Gloria is tied with that, I'm definitely checking that out.

    2. Hell of a list JM

      I need to see Ida. Or Polish Ida as Babadoug called it in the last podcast

    3. "Ida" is streaming in the States on Amazon and Netflix, but I guess across the pond it isn't streaming yet, right?

      Joseph, i showed "The Lunchbox" and "Gloria" on the same vacation to my folks (different nights) and they couldn't have loved the former more and hated the latter just as strongly. Different strokes for different folks. I love both movies equally, but just because you like "The Lunchbox" doesn't necessarily mean you will like "Gloria" (hope I'm wrong).

    4. No not yet but you can pick up the dvd cheap enough. Im trying to catch up with all the movies ive missed. Cheers JM

    5. I really want to see Lunchbox! It's in my streaming list. J. M I salute your list for effort alone!

  11. My list is...probably not quite done, since i am still catching up on a few things (Babadook, for instance, might very well make this list but it's so scary and unsettling that I can only watch it in 20 minute intervals). But here's what I have for the moment:

    1.Under the Skin - Starring the MVP of the year, Scarlett Johansson, Such a wonderful, unsettling movie with a performance that should be raking in the awards.

    2.Boyhood - The gimmick is great, but it's the craft and the emotion that makes this movie as special as it is.

    3.Ida - Like was sad on the best of the year podcast, every bit of this movie sounds like "boring arthouse foreign film cliche,"but seen together and with those wonderful performances it's a piece of uplifting art. Kudos for the use of the Academy ratio, without which one moment would not have been the second most shocking thing I saw on screen this year.

    4.Calvary - Brendan Gleeson. That's all I should have to say about this magnificent performance.

    5.Obvious Child - Jenny Slate, taking what could have been an annoying, "Look at me and my problems!"role and investing that role with warmth and humor and love and uncertainty.

    6.Stranger by the Lake - The thriller of the year for me and a fascinatingly sunny lit piece of dark humor and murder.

    7.Only Lovers Left Alive - Just when you think vampire movies are done, Jarmusch finds a new, interesting viewpoint on them. A good companion piece for Ghost Dog if you consider them as portraits of people who are eternally alone in their self-imposed oddities.

    8.Guardians of the Galaxy - The most fun I had at the movies this year, no question. Holy shit moments, laugh moments, a moment of crying that I wasn't expecting, and all built on character. Jesus, what a load of fun this movie is.

    9.The Grand Budapest Hotel - It's not quite Moonrise Kingdom for me in terms of Anderson madcap adventure stories, but it's still pretty damn great.

    10.Captain America: The Winter Soldier - I keep wondering if I'm over valuing this movie, but then I keep coming back to how the movie is about something aside from how it's exciting and funny and it has interesting things to say about what it's about. (Also, my wife makes the good point that considering how much of the movie she carries, this is practically the Black Widow movie that everyone has been clamoring for.)

    MVP of 2014: Scarlett Johansson. Including Her, she also had Lucy, Under The Skin, Captain America and Chef this year, and that's a hell of a year of varied, interesting performances.

    Just outside my top 10 but I want to highlight them anyway: Cheap Thrills, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Lego Movie, The Lunchbox, Stage Fright and The One I Love.

    Movie that kept jumping all up and down my list this year because I'm not sure quite yet where to put it: X-Man: Days of Future Past.

    Best movie that seems to have been released under cover of darkness: Stonehearst Asylum, an adaptation of an Edgar Allan Poe story starring Jim Sturgess and Kate Beckinsale, as well as Ben Kingsley, Michael Caine and David Thewliss. How I missed the release of this movie with that cast is beyond me, but it's well worth catching up with now that it's out on DVD.

    Worst of the Year, an impressive achievement since I also saw Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Yo, Frankenstein: Jersey Boys. Jesus, what a disappointment of boredom and half-assed musical numbers.

    1. Agreed on your assessment of Scarlet Johansson. She had a great year, and though I didn't really like Lucy as a movie, ScarJo has proven that she makes for a great female action star. I just hope she can get better such material.

  12. 10. Enemy
    9. The Edge of Tomorrow
    8. Snowpiercer
    7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    6. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    5. The Guest
    4. Whiplash
    3. Guardians of the Galaxy
    2. Gone Girl
    1. Nightcrawler

    HM: Interstellar, X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Lego Movie, John Wick, Predestination, Blue Ruin, The Babadook, and The Raid 2.

    I have yet to see The Grand Budapest Hotel and Boyhood, so my list may change around Oscar season when I'll likely be watching them. It was an excellent year for movies, my list has been changing all year long. I watched The Babadook last night, and really wanted to get it on there; but alas I really wanted Enemy to keep its spot on there to bookend Gyllenhaal's ascension as my favorite actor.

  13. I loved Snowpiercer and I am excited to see it mentioned so much by others! Truly a masterpiece. Chan Wook Park's Stoker had some lovely Hitchcockian influences to it and Kim Jee Woon's The Last Stand was fun and definitely in tune to his style, but Joon Ho Bong's film really captivated me. It is a little (a lot) unfair of me to even make that kind of comparison to the other films (which I still enjoyed) because really all the three have in common is that they are the english language debuts of Korean directors. I only mention these films because I am excited that Hollywood production companies are taking notice of what Korean cinema has to offer and rather than throwing money into remakes of Korean movies (which still have potential to be great . . . poor Oldboy), let's give budgets to the incredible Korean directors themselves.
    I have to mention that I enjoyed it when Jamie Bell says how he hates getting older when the train passes the year marking. I love that Joon Ho Bong threw that little bit in there even though that is something western audiences might not get (that Koreans believe everyone gets a year older on New Years). Just a small example that he made the film he wanted to make down to the last detail.

    Though I have not even seen 3/4 the films being mentioned here or on the podcast and not from a lack of wanting to see them, I must say John Wick was a wonderful surprise for me. Loved it. Also, of course, the Raid 2, phenomenal!

    May I also just add that a highlight of 2014 for me is discovering this site, podcast, and community! Looking forward to 2015 for not only the movies, but for what I will read and hear from this site from the contributors and from the comments.

  14. I may as well throw my bottom ten just for the sake of discussion. Maybe it's because the year was so good in cinema that I think it's quite clear what movies worked, and didn't work in 2014. So unlike previous years I was easily able to make out my bottom ten.

    10. Monuments Men
    9. Transcendence
    8. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
    7. Sabotage
    6. Transformers Age of Extinction
    5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    4. Pompeii
    3. I Frankenstein
    2. Left Behind
    1. Ouija
    HM: Need for Speed, Deliver Us From Evil, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

    When I saw I Frankenstein back in January I thought nothing was going to top it, little did I realize that there would be two particularly awful entries I saw in back-to-back weeks (my father forced me to watch Left Behind with him.... Thanks Dad!).

    1. Your dad should have given you five bucks, since I don't think anyone else saw Left Behind who wasn't being paid to do so.

    2. At least he agreed that the movie was horrendous, but he still thinks the books have merit to them. To be fair I've never read them, but if the writing is anything like the movie (of course I know the basic plot is), then there's no chance the series is remotely good.

      Nic Cage probably needed the $5 though. I see that he's now in some weird ninja movie with Hayden Christensen... The poor guy needs some serious movie counselling.

    3. For a moment there Alex I was thinking. Ok, here's a different top ten list.

      Hang on, Ouija, number 1. What's going on here?

      Then I realized ;)

  15. Top 10 in no order:

    The Guest
    Pieces of Talent
    Strange Color of your Body's Tears
    Mood Indigo
    Under the Skin
    The Raid 2
    I am a Ghost
    Best movie I saw all year (but not released this year)
    Final Cut: Hölgyeim és uraim (Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen) - This will be my 5th time pushing this film here! haha. I'm gonna keep doing it till someone watches it! It's in my top 5 favorites of all time.

    1. Available to watch here -

    2. Ok just for you because your Awsome I will bite. ;)

      I don't know what to say? It is an amazing piece of editing and cinema knowledge to create something like this.

      It is truely like nothing else I have seen and I really enjoyed it. It would make a great commentary piece for a podcast to see how many films and musical numbers you can identity. Some are so fleeting you've gotta be quick and super knowledgeable.
      I will also certainly add the Italian homage film to my list too. I am a big fan of Italian horror movies

    3. Nice Dennis!! I was hoping someone would check this out. I'm so glad you dug it. It is truly a feat isn't is?! The DVD was sold with a book a couple of years ago as an "educational experiment" so this will never be commercially released due to obvious issues with copyrights. It's such an amazing experience to watch. This is from the same director as Hukkle, Taxidermia and most recently, Free Fall which I'm looking forward to.

    4. Copyright could be a problem here. Thats true ;)

      The actual link you provided would not work in the uk due to copyright infringement issues but there is another copy on youtube that did play. I think any film buff would find something about it to like

    5. It's a movie that shows love for movies and movie making. I couldn't see how any movie lover couldn't like this or at least appreciate what it is.

      Sorry bout the link, glad you found it!

    6. I believe Patrick has talked about "Final Cut" in a podcast earlier this year (forgot the main movie/topic they were discussing), the name sticks out since I'm an editor by trade and Final Cut Pro is the program my employer has in all of the company's editing suites.

    7. Hey Vargas, if you're an editor by trade then Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen will blow your freaking mind. It is an exhaustive exercise in film editing.

    8. The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears is my #1.

  16. 2014 was such a good year that my top 11-20 would just about be good enough to have a very satisfying Top 10 in a different year. So I will begin with those before I get to the top.

    Top 20-11:
    20. Citizenfour
    19. Whiplash
    18. Happy Christmas
    17. Birdman
    16. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1
    15. Blue Ruin
    14. John Wick
    13. Listen Up Philip
    12. Blind Detective
    11. Edge of Tomorrow

    Top 10:
    10. Manakamana
    09. Her
    08. Snowpiercer
    07. Oculus
    06. Strange by the Laker
    05. The Wind Rises
    04. Why Don't You Play in Hell?
    03. The Strange Little Cat
    02. Goodbye to Language 3D
    01. The Guest

    Honorable Mention (in order of preference):
    The Drop, Boyhood, Nobody's Daughter Haewon, Nightcrawler, Force Majeure, Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats, Night Moves, Black Coal Thin Ice, They Came Together, Ida, Our Sunhi, The Zero Theorem, Camp X-Ray, Big Hero 6, Feast, The Babadook, The Immigrant, Finding Vivian Maier, The Missing Picture

    And now for the less happy choices.

    Bottom 10:
    10. Mood Indigo
    09. Proxy
    08. Patema Inverted
    07. Starry Eyes
    06. Witching & Bitching
    05. Only Lovers Left Alive
    04. The German Doctor
    03. Child's Pose
    02. Jason Nash is Married
    01. The Raid 2

    Dishonorable Mention:
    Divergent, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Wolfcop, Begin Again, The Protector 3D, Interstellar, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Godzilla, Locke, The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears, In Your Eyes

    1. I love that 3 of my top ten are in your bottom ten and 1 is in your dishonerable mention. You and I need to watch movies together haha! At least we agree on the Guest.

      Nice list though, Ghost.

    2. Thanks! I figure I am alone around here with my distaste for The Raid 2.

      And I saw plenty of movies that were probably "worse" than my ten worst list, but they were bad in bland, ineffectual ways that were quickly forgotten. The ones that end up making my list left me angry, partially because I went into each one somewhat excited, and thus stuck in my memory as the year went on.

    3. I totally agree with the way you assessed your worst. Actually, Babadook is on my worst due to my expectations and circumstances seeing it (Spooky Movie Fest, MD, which turned out to be pretty weak). THE worst movie I saw in 2014 (although not from 2014) was "The Intouchables" and that's on the IMDB must see list which is insanity. But, to each his own.

      I'm certainly not surprised you didn't dig 'Strange Colour' - a lot of mixed feelings out there about that one. I personally think it's amazing - even better than Amer. I also stood by Berberian Sound Studio last year and it was on my top ten. A LOT of people hate that film. I always appreciate hearing different viewpoints on things, hence why I dig this site.

    4. Interesting Bottom 10/Dishonorable Mention list Ghost. Any list that has "Transformers 4," "X-Men: DOWP," "The Raid 2," "Begin Again," "Interstellar" and "Locke" is... peculiar. ;-)

  17. Here goes nothing:

    The Grand Budapest Hotel and Edge of Tomorrow just missed out (tied for 11th, I guess?)

    10. Guardians of the Galaxy
    9. Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier
    8. The Rover
    7. Blue Ruin
    6. Proxy
    5. The Babadook
    4. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    3. The Raid 2
    2. Gone Girl
    1. Snowpiercer

  18. 1. Interstellar: The first Nolan movie I have loved. Doug said it best, every second worked for me.
    2. Under the Skin: Unforgettable and Unique.
    3. Joe: Nic Cage is awesome, Gary Poulter (RIP) as G-Dawg is a revelation.
    4. Snowpiercer: F-Heads know about Snowpiercer
    5. They Came Together: Patrick and JB were not fooled, this movie is a riot from start to finish. Wish more modern comedies tried to be this funny.
    6. Transformers: Age of Extinction: Pop-Trash-Art at its finest. Every shot is a glossy, shiny masterpiece. Screw everyone I liked it.
    7. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: It had me at monkeys riding horses shooting guns.
    8. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa: Steve Coogan cracks me up. Silly Greatness.
    9. Willow Creek: I love The Blair Witch Project and I love Bigfoot, so…
    10. Journey to the West: Don’t read about it just see it.

    Worst movie of the year: Godzilla. Still feeling the sting of this slap in the face. #FordBrody.

  19. Most favorite:

    1 Boyhood
    2 Edge of Tomorrow (All You Need is Live Tomorrow)
    3 Nightcrawler
    4 The Drop
    5 The LEGO Movie
    6 Gone Girl
    7 Under the Skin
    8 Fury
    9 Rosewater
    10 Snowpiercer

    Just off the list: Interstellar, Top Five, Guardians of the Galaxy

    Wish I'd seen: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Force Majeure, Enemy

    Least Favorite: Earth to Echo, Into the Storm, Lucy

  20. Just watched Blue Ruin last night and I see why it's on some lists. That's a hell of a film.

  21. Sorry it’s kind of long. I have this insatiable need to justify everything I say.

    Honorable Mentions: Chef (really charming without much to say), Interstellar (F the haters), The Lego Movie (probably the movie I recommended the most), The One I Love (half of my favorite movie of the year), The Raid 2 (awesome, just not my kind of action), They Came Together (the funniest thing I saw all year)

    10) Citizenfour

    This may not be one of the most entertaining movies of the year, but I think it’s one of the most important. I’m generally turned off by any documentary with an agenda. I feel like they rarely give credence to both sides of the argument and will skew the truth to make a point. Like JB said about “America”, I hate movies that tell lies to make people believe the wrong thing. As someone who studied agriculture in college, for me that movie is Food Inc. But I digress. Citizenfour is unique because it looks at an issue which has bipartisan concerns. It takes equal shots at George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and members of the intelligence community for the part they played in the invasion of our privacy. No matter what you think about Eric Snowden’s actions, the film will open your eyes to atrocities of the American government which we like to pretend aren’t real.

    9) John Wick

    With any action movie, I think there are undeniable qualities such as the skill of the choreography, how real and visceral it feels, etc. What makes me love them, however, is usually how much I care what happens. John Wick pulls out the kitchen sink to make sure you hate the bad guys. It gives us a flawed main character who was trying to be a good guy but just says “fuck it” and decides to be a badass again. This is the kind of action that really clicks with me. While “objectively” I’d probably have to say The Raid 2 was a higher quality movie, I just wasn’t nearly as invested in the outcome. John Wick got me right where it hurts. In the dick.

    8) Only Lovers Left Alive

    On paper, there is absolutely no reason I should have liked this movie. It has an overbearingly pessimistic view of humanity and a strong hipster vibe toward anything popular. It also takes a few shots at religion, and I’m a religious guy. For some reason I can’t explain, though, it hit all the right notes with me. Maybe it was just how cool Loki looks playing guitar and being all “old-soul.” Maybe it was the commentary on the deterioration of society, which I also see as a big problem though maybe for different reasons than Jarmusch. Maybe it was the awesome dialogue. Maybe it’s just because I’m a Jack White fan. For whatever reason, I really related to it and had to include it on my list.

    7) The Grand Budapest Hotel

    I’ve never been a big Wes Anderson fan. I recognize why many see him as genius, and I think the meticulous nature of his production design is incredible. Regardless, I usually find most of his work cold and unrelatable. The Grand Budapest Hotel is my new favorite of his, toppling the Tennenbaums. It has a comedy and maturity which I’ve never really seen him explore. It’s a fun adventure caper, which is a severely underrepresented genre lately. It also has a classical sensibility that I love. I found a theme in my favorite 2014 movies, and it’s films concerned with a decay and loss of culture. This one may embody that theme better than all the others.

    1. Just curious, Andy, which half of "The One I Love" did you like most? The Ethan half or the Sophie half?

    2. Haha I was actually referring to time-wise. I really liked the first half of the movie, where the premise is set up and they are reacting to it. I thought it was really well-written and interesting and I was totally on board. The second half just went in a dramatic direction that let me down alot. To answer your question though, I'd say I liked the Ethan half better haha.

    3. Thanks. I just saw "The One I Love" last night, one of eight 2014 movies I saw in the first two days of 2015 to sneak into my list (along with "Stage Fright," "3 Days to Kill," "Mr. Turner," "Nightcrawler," "Sabotage," "Oculus" and "Locke"). Just plain ran out of time to watch "Palo Alto," "Proxy" and "All Cheerleaders Die." But every year there's a movie that I rank in the middle of the pack that always stays with me and I rewatch more often than movies I rank higher. That happened with Sarah Polley's "Take This Waltz" a couple of years back, and I can see "The One I Love" becoming that movie to me this year. Such a great premise that yes, once explained loses some of its charm, but while the balls are up in the air it's quite a fun little indie flick.

    4. Yeah I just crammed in Boyhood in the last couple days, and it probably would have made it into my top ten, but I need to see it again before I can be sure. So I know where you're coming from.

    5. Andy I really empathize with your comment about needing to justify your choices I was like that with my list last year!

  22. 6) Calvary

    I’m going to go ahead and ‘fess up that I’m a Christian. I’ll also admit that I’m a sucker for any film which treats religion fairly, rather than painting it as an evil scam organization or a bunch of pitiful buffoons. Paul Thomas Anderson has always been one of my favorites for his portrayals of religion. Just think of John C. Reilly’s character in Magnolia (arguably the most likable in the film) and how he portrays the victimization of believers in TWBB. I digress again, but Calvary, through black comedy and brutal dialogue, has done a great job at showing the struggles of those who are honestly just trying to do the right thing. That being said, I’ll admit that it’s a bit heavy-handed at times, but it plays things off so wittily that you give it a pass. I laughed out loud several times and was emotionally gut-punched at a few moments. It was just right up my alley.

    5) Edge of Tomorrow or All You Need Is Kill or the Unexpected Virtue of Live, Die, Repeat

    I kid the marketers for Edge of Tomorrow, but the blu-ray labeling really cracked me up. As for the movie itself, I think this was one of the best-realized visions of the year. It could have been so, so bad if they hadn’t done such a great job editing. It flows at a click that never loses your interest, and isn’t afraid to just be a fun movie. On a second viewing I found the climax to be kind of dull, but the rest of it plays so great that I didn’t care. And the last shot will just leave you smiling for five minutes as the credits roll.

    4) Snowpiercer

    I have FTM to thank for me even seeing this movie. I had passed it several times on the shelf at the rental store and wrote it off as some sort of cheap movie trying to cash in on Chris Evans’ face. Man was I wrong. This is one of the most inventive sci-fi movies in awhile, and really captures a video-game style plot structure. Everything is about moving forward to reach a goal, and you’re not really sure what you’ll do when you get there. I was initially annoyed with what I thought the movie was going to say about class structure (yeah, yeah I’ve heard it all before), but where it ends up is just mind blowing. It reveals a writer who has really thought about these issues and wants to pose a question rather than preach the answer.

    3) Blue Ruin

    I’m not sure if this totally counts since it debuted in 2013, but none of us saw it until last Spring so I’m including it. I can’t remember a movie which so drastically changed my opinion over the course of its runtime. The beginning is really slow, and I was honestly zoning out and writing it off as student-film-style garbage. But it becomes so much more than I expected, and by the last shot I was grinning like a schoolgirl. This movie has a lot to say about putting revenge in the real world, holding grudges, and how misunderstandings and overreactions can cause catastrophic damages that weren’t even necessary. I’ll probably find fault with it later, but right now I have no regrets.

    2) Guardians of the Galaxy

    When Patrick posted his favorite blockbusters, I said that EOT was still my favorite. However, I hadn’t rewatched any of them, so I went back and reviewed a few. On a second watch, GOTG was just pure joy. I was laughing at all the same gags again, catching references I’d missed the first time, and letting the tone wash over me. I wallowed in its retro vibe, and the respect it pays to the fun spirit of 70’s pop. It is probably my favorite Marvel movie now, and I feel like I could watch it at any time with no hesitation. Oh yeah, and they set the finale in broad daylight. Hell. Yeah.

  23. 1) The Babadook

    The Babadook is everything I want from a film. Once again, I have to thank F This Movie, because if not for Scary Movie Month I would probably still be stuck in my anti-horror naivety and would have skipped it. The Babadook grabbed me from the first shot and never let go for a minute. It truly frightened me, both viscerally and psychologically. I saw it in the local hipster theater with a couple of girls who were trying to ironically laugh it off, and even that didn’t take away from how affecting it was. It works as a horror movie, an emotional drama, and a powerful metaphor. What’s great though, is that the metaphor is open to interpretation! It could be a myriad of different things which all apply to the situation. The last few scenes also leave so much of the plot open to speculation. You can read it in 40 different shades of how straight-forward it is, and all of them would be defensible. The acting is brilliant, the sound mix floored me, and the atmosphere was spectacular. I realize that Patrick had problems with the 3rd Act, and I think I can guess what they are, but I would argue that it was all intentional to set up the ending. I can’t say anything else without spoilers, but I thought the movie was damn near perfect. It topped my list the night I saw it, and after a rewatch it still hasn’t budged.

  24. My turn! Again, these are personal favorites, the ones that really “spoke” to me, as opposed to a clinical film-theory-and-criticism “best of” list:

    10 X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (Bone claws)
    9 UNDER THE SKIN (Under the black goo)
    7 THE RAID 2 (Get outta the kitchen!)
    6 THE WIND RISES (Airplanes are neat)
    5 SNOWPIERCER (Bullet eggs)
    4 JODOROWSKY’S DUNE (Spiritual warriors)
    3 STAGE FRIGHT (Why am I so haunted?)
    2 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (Ooga-chucka, ooga-chucka)
    1 THE LEGO MOVIE (Everything is awesome!)


    As for worst of 2014, did anybody else see VAMPIRE ACADEMY? Yeesh.

    1. In the same year that I didn't make the time to see Gone Girl, Whiplash, Edge of Tomorrow among other things listed in this thread... I saw Vampire Academy. But hey, at least I get to say I saw Vampire Academy! It was a... thing. Right?

    2. I share your pain.

  25. 10.The Grand Budapest Hotel
    9.Lego Movie
    7.Guardians of the Galaxy
    6.Cheap Thrills
    5.Life Itself
    4.The Babadook
    3. The Raid 2

    Honorable Mentions
    Gone Girl, Under The Skin, The Guest, Snowpiercer, Big Hero 6, Captain America 2, Locke, Housebound

    Didn't get a chance to see Birdman or Inherent Vice

  26. Since they refuse to release Nightcrawler anywhere near me, I have not yet seen it, but just know that it would probably make my list, given the fact that there is a life-size shirtless Gyllenhaal poster above my bed at this very moment (OWW!). With that disclaimer and my man crush now out in the open, here is my top ten:

    10. Enemy
    9. Tusk
    8. They Came Together
    7. Gone Girl
    6. Edge of Tomorrow
    5. Blue Ruin
    4. Cheap Thrills
    3. The One I Love
    2. Snowpiercer
    1. Boyhood

    Honorable mentions: 22 Jump Street, Non-Stop, Chef, Only Lovers Left Alive, and who can forget: THE NUT JOB!

    1. Biographical note: I am a 21 year old with divorced parents who is from Houston but lives and goes to college in Austin. Am I suggesting that Richard Linklater has been stalking me for 12 years and turning my life into a movie? Perhaps?

  27. Top 15:

    15. Guardians of the Galaxy
    14. Exists
    13. Only Lovers Left Alive
    12. Nightcrawler
    11. The Skeleton Twins

    10. Top Five
    9. Edge of Tomorrow
    8. Frank
    7. The One I Love
    6. The Lego Movie

    5. Whiplash
    4. Why Don't You Play in Hell
    3. Godzilla
    2. The Raid 2: Berandal
    1. The Guest

    Honorable Mention: Under the Skin
    Biggest Surprise: The Maze Runner

  28. In no particular order....

    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Lego Movie
    Penguins of Madagascar
    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    The Imitation Game
    How to Train Your Dragon 2
    Captain America 2
    Don't Blink

    1. What do you know, Kathy, "Don't Blink" is streaming on Netflix Instant. Too late to make my list, but I'll be sure to watch it. :-)

    2. I watched Don't Blink last night - it was too a lot of things to make my list. :P Some solid performances - Zack Ward and Brian Austin Green in particular - but if you didn't like "Lost" because it left too many questions unanswered, stay the hell away from this one!

  29. Ok so here goes my top ten in what was a really great year to be a movie fan.
    10. The Rover
    I have no idea what this movie is trying to say, and it might not be saying anything, but I haven’t thought about any movie I saw in 2014 more than this one.
    9. Joe
    I really liked this movie, and I really enjoyed Nicholas Cage’s performance, which was truly a standout of great performances this year.
    8. The Raid 2
    One of the best times I had watching a movie this year.
    7. Guardians of the Galaxy
    Incredibly fun, and is easily one of the most well-made superhero films to come out in years.
    6. The Homesman
    Me and like, 6 other people in America saw this movie, and I think that is just a shame. Tommy Lee Jones makes a really good film here, and Hilary Swank knocks this performance out of the park.
    5. Snowpiercer
    Visually incredible, and it has what I believe to be a triumph of screenwriting. The characters have exactly one goal, and that goal is as compelling as it is simple. Get to the front of the train.
    4. Enemy
    Gyllenhaal is easily the most interesting actor working right now, and I loved this movie. I still have no idea what it means, but it is simply captivating.
    3. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    I really enjoyed this movie, it was just so much fun and chock full of excellent performances. Ralph Fiennes is incredible in this movie, and every minor character seems to be perfect for the role.
    2. Nightcrawler
    This is equally as entrancing as Enemy, but I actually was able to grasp this, and that is why I think I put this movie so high on my list.
    1. The Guest
    This was absolutely the most fun I had at a movie this year, and it wasn't even close. A real triumph that was missed by the general public, and that is a real shame. But Dan Stevens was incredible in this, and I was sitting there with a stupid grin throughout the entire movie.
    Also, as a side note, I’m very happy to have come across F This Movie this year, and it has been so much fun for me to be listening, reading, and participating in all this site has to offer. So thanks to everyone here who has made this such a fun movie year for me.

    1. Such a shame what little exposure The Guest got. It comes out on Blu Ray Tuesday....hopefully more people can discover it that way.

    2. I was lucky enough to see The Guest in a theatre. Played for a week and caught the very last screening on Thursday. Small audience but we all laughed super hard throughout. For sure my fave moviegoing experience of the year.

    3. I don't think it played in a theater within 300 miles of me. I'm very excited to pick up the Blu Ray as soon as it comes out.

    4. "The Guest" and "Tusk" were playing in the same theater in NYC the week I went, and I chose to see the latter. Looks like I chose... unwisely. :-(

    5. I'm definitely trying to get my friends to see it, and even though I already own The Guest on Amazon instant, I will absolutely be picking up the blu ray as well.

    6. Also yeah, that was a bummer of a choice there J.M.

  30. 1. Guardians of the Galaxy
    2. The Lego Movie
    3. Snowpiercer
    4. Gone Girl
    5. The Raid 2: Berandal
    6. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    7. Nightcrawler
    8. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
    9. The Babadook
    10. Interstellar

    I have yet to see Inherent Vice though D:<

  31. Unfortunately I just didn't get to see enough movies to come up with a reasonable top 10. I still haven't seen Boyhood, Whiplash, Inherent Vice, The Grand Budapest Hotel (though I'm hoping to remedy that one this week), Interstellar, Enemy, The Homesman...the list goes on. That being said, of what I did manage to see this year, my favorites in no particular order are:

    The Raid 2
    Cheap Thrills
    The Guest
    John Wick
    The Drop
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Edge of Tomorrow
    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    Such a great year, I'm hoping I get to catch up with those others I mentioned soon.

  32. My top 10 of 2014 will probably be in fluctuation for a while as I am still catching up on a lot of movies, but that won't stop me from posting it as fact!

    "The One True Top 10 Movies of 2014" - Josh Alfrey

    10. The Guest
    9. Locke
    8. Obvious Child
    7. Only Lovers Left Alive
    6. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    5. Ida
    4. Birdman
    3. Enemy
    2. Under the Skin
    1. Whiplash

    While I've watched A LOT of movies last year, I still have some more to tackle and hope to write up something more substantial when I can. I think it's fair to say though that I've loved what we have gotten over the last year and it makes me all the more excited for this next year of movies to come.

  33. Earnest Goes to Hollywood
    Looking for a serious film to discuss at dinner parties? Here is a list of well-meaning, sincere efforts that might not make too many Best lists, but are perfectly fine:
    • Rosewater (in JB's top ten)
    • Begin Again (in Adam Riske's top ten)
    • Unbroken
    • The Good Lie
    • Kill the Messenger
    • Get on Up

  34. 15. Coherence
    14. Enemy
    13. The Double
    12. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    11. Mr. Turner
    10. Next Goal Wins
    9. Frank
    8. Borgman
    7. The One I Love
    6. Locke
    5. Nightcrawler
    4. Two Days, One Night (Deux jours, une nuit)
    3. Guardians of the Galaxy
    2. Boyhood
    1. Gone Girl

    It's been such a good year, I couldn't help but make it a top 15. So sue me.

    A few big movies (like Foxcatcher, Birdman, Whiplash, The Imitation Game and Inherent Vice) aren't out here yet.

    Worst of the year: Dumb and Dumber To and Kummeli V (a Finnish comedy).

    1. For a while I thought Borgman was just people mispronouncing Birdman.

  35. My top 15 for 2014:

    15. Under the Skin
    14. Joe
    13. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    12. Guardians of the Galaxy
    11. Enemy
    10. Captain Phillips
    9. The Conjuring
    8. Tim's Vermeer
    7. Her
    6. The LEGO Movie
    5. Before Midnight
    4. How to Train Your Dragon 2
    3. The Raid: Berandal
    2. Snowpiercer
    1. Calvary

    Pretty good year, still missing a bunch...

  36. Replies
    1. This is the most relatable list here. You're truly in touch with the populace at large.

    2. It's certainly the most objective one I have seen.

    3. Rank them or get out, hippy.

    4. I see stars... am I into astronomy or do I also watched movies? ;-P

  37. 10. Snowpiercer
    9. Obvious Child
    8. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    7. Into the Woods
    6. John Wick
    5. Whiplash
    4. Jodorowsky's Dune
    3. Selma
    2. Foxcatcher
    1. The Babadook

  38. What a great year for movies! I unfortunately didn't see as much as I wanted (sorry Birdman, John Wick, and Under the Skin...) but am pretty happy about my favorites.

    10. Gone Girl
    9. X-Men: Days of Future Past
    8. Interstellar
    7. Chef
    6. Guardians of the Galaxy
    5. Nightcrawler
    4. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    3. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    2. The LEGO Movie
    1. Edge of Tomorrow

  39. This year I think I have enjoyed everyone's lists so much and making one myself. Most of these I will be re-watching! Can't wait to catch up with some of the ones on other people's lists!

    1) We are the best
    2) Snowpiercer
    3) The Lego movie
    4) Boyhood
    5) Two days one night
    6) They came together
    7) The Raid 2
    8) What we did on our Holiday
    9) Pride
    10) Blue Ruin

    11) The trip to Italy
    12) Stage Fright
    13) The Grand Budapest Hotel
    14) Reaching for the moon
    15) Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
    16) Guardians of the galaxy
    17) Tim's Vermeer
    18) Belle
    19) Edge of tomorrow
    20) The Railway Man

    Such a great year for movies!

  40. Terrific top tens everyone!

    I definitely have many many more to watch to catch up to you all, therefore here is my semi-complete list!

    10. Housebound
    9. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    8. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
    7. Captain America: Winter Soldier
    6. Stage Fright
    5. Witching and Bitching
    4. Cheap Thrills
    3. Guardians of the Galaxy
    2. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    1. Snowpiercer

    We will be watching The Babadook, Birdman, Foxcatcher, The Guest, Under the Skin and Enemy this week, THEN I will feel more complete!

  41. Here's my full year end wrap up!

    1. Nice list, your 2nd Top 20 could double-up as a real Top 20. And yes, I'm shocked when I look at my list that in the 30's, 40's and even 50's there are movies than in any other year would have been easy Top 20 or even Top 10 picks. It was brutal to narrow it down to a Top 10 this year, which can only mean one thing: 2015 is going to suck. ;-)

  42. 10.The Guest
    9. Blue Ruin
    8. Edge of Tomorrow
    7. The Lego Movie
    6. Grand Budapest Hotel
    5. Gone Girl
    4. Life Itself
    3. Whiplash
    2. Snowpiercer
    1. Boyhood

  43. In no specific order:

    A Most Wanted Man
    Kill the Messenger
    Gone Girl
    The Skeleton Twins

    Yay! Movies!!!

  44. 1. Boyhood
    2. Snowpiercer
    3. Guardians of the Galaxy
    4. Interstellar
    5. Her
    6. Inside Llewyn Davies
    7. The Babadook
    8. Edge of Tomorrow
    9. Wolf of Wall Street
    10. Godzilla

    I loved Godzilla, I might be the only one however. A lot of my picks came out in 2013 in the US but 2014 in England.