Thursday, October 29, 2015

Riske Business:Songs I Love from Horror Movies and Totally Should

by Adam Riske
Some choice cuts to add to your Halloween playlist!

Title: "Spider Baby Theme"
By: Lon Chaney Jr.
From: Spider Baby

I can just imagine the filmmakers of Spider Baby went up to Lon Chaney Jr and asked him “hey, Lonnie, baby, can you whip us up a theme song?” and he then retreated to the recording studio and came up with this all on his own in one single take. It’s just so effervescently bizarre. Every lyric might as well be “HALLOWEEN. HALLOWEEN. HALLOWEEN. HALLOWEEN.” You can really tell Chaney is getting maximum delight from every syllable of the words. It’s the perfect song to set the mood for Spider Baby, which plays like the best ever episode of The Addams Family. BTW…Jill Banner...OMG! Just needed to be said again. That is all.

Title: "Youth of America"
By: Birdbrain
From: Scream

This could have easily been “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds but I want to give a shout-out to Birdbrain’s “Youth of America” instead because it’s the song people seem to gravitate towards less from Scream, which is slowly becoming my favorite horror movie of all time. I think it’s really funny at the 0:28 second mark that the lead singer of Birdbrain seems to not really dig that Neve Campbell is taking her shirt off. Probably a total mistake but the way it’s edited together makes it pretty glorious. BTW…what is Birdbrain actually doing in this van? Are they Nightcrawlers?

Title: "Looking for the Magic"
By: The Dwight Twilley Band
From: You’re Next

This one is a bit of a cheat because it’s not originally from You’re Next, but seriously was it on anyone’s radar before this movie? (Please say no or I’ll look stupid). Anywho, listening to this song makes me immediately want to rush out and re-watch You’re Next, which should be the goal of any song featured in a movie. I think I’m going to listen to this song on repeat. That’s a joke. Because the song plays on repeat at Larry Fessenden’s house in the movie. I’ll show myself out.

Title: "I Still Believe"
By: Tim Cappello
From: The Lost Boys

Everyone laughs at this song or likes it ironically. I don’t. I just love it. If I were as jacked as Tim Cappello in the movie The Lost Boys I would be doing the exact same thing he was doing; trash can ablaze and all! I just saw that Cappello is going to be at the Spooky Empire convention in Orlando, which just happens to be at the exact same hotel I was at earlier this month for a convention for work BECAUSE LIFE IS NOT FAIR. P.S. I find this video of value because it documents the weird dancing of Jami Gertz, who has mom-face (even when she’s young she looks like someone’s mom).

Title: "The Grave"
By: N.G.N. featuring Killa
From: Tales from the Hood

I used to own the Tales from the Hood soundtrack and it was amazeballs. It was a mixture of west coast gangsta rap with horror overtones. Picking a favorite song off that CD was like picking a favorite child. My favorite child was “The Grave.” by N.G.N. It’s a song that don’t give a FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKK! Quick, fun biographical aside: I was at a frat party once where I met Moe Z M.D. who was not only one of the producers of this album but also on Tupac’s “Me Against the World.” We had a great chat and I gushed over his work. Good times! It’s one of my favorite memories from college. BTW…when is this movie coming out on Scream Factory Blu-Ray?

Title: "The Blob"
By: The Five Blobs
From: The Blob

One of the movies I share with my mom is The Blob (1958), so hearing its theme puts a big smile on my face. BTW…has anyone ever gone to Blob-Fest in Pennsylvania every summer? I really want to go. Just curious if it’s as cool as it looks. This song > the Ghostbusters theme in my humble (and probably wrong) opinion. While I’m at it, Unfriended is better than It Follows.

Title: "Hold Tight"
By: Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich
From: Death Proof

This is one of those rare cases where a character in a movie tells you (and builds up) how amazing a song is and then it totally pays off! Tarantino really knows what he’s doing when picking songs for soundtracks.

Title: "After Dark"
By: Tito & Tarrantula
From: From Dusk Till Dawn

This song is amazing even without watching Salma Hayek’s strip tease to it. But I recommend watching it alongside Salma Hayek’s striptease to it. Because you have eyes and you should use them for good. It’s something everyone can agree on. Like puppies and football. Except snakes are gross. They almost freak me out as much as fish. Almost. Do you think Salma Hayek speaks Parseltongue? My favorite part of this video comes at the very end when George Clooney starts to speak German???


  1. Nothing from our boy Gowan? "Moonlight Desires" is my JAM!

  2. got a problem with "Cry Little Sister"?! I guess it's hard to pick just one song from Lost Boys! Also..."mom face" ? Ha! BTW the 5 Blobs was actually the great Burt Bacharach who also penned the Casino Royale song and countless other film/tv tunes...oh for the music of yesteryear...

    1. Cry Little Sister is a good song. I am shit.

    2. aw c'mon your not shit...I mean your no Tim Cappello but...

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  4. I know that it's only in the credits, but I probably would have gone with "Chick Habit" from Death Proof. I couldn't get that song out of my head for a long time after seeing the movie and it works so well as the credits song. But "Hold Tight" is also great. The Blob song is awesome and it really makes me want to watch the movie.

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