Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Your 2016 Junesploitation Primer

by Patrick Bromley
It's 30 more days of madness!

Tomorrow kicks off the Fourth Annual #Junesploitation, our month-long celebration of exploitation and genre movies. It's one of my favorite times of year at F This Movie!. Hopefully it's just as much fun for you, whether you've participated in the past or if this is your first time.

See, I love F This Movie Fest, our annual all-Twitter film festival, but that only lasts a single day. The beauty of Junesploitation (and its cousin, #ScaryMovieMonth) is that it goes for a whole month, offering day after day of blood and boobs and bad dubbing and, above all, fun. Therein lies the key to surviving Junesploitation: have fun. If you're watching a movie and you're not having fun, watching something else. Or be sure that you watching something fun the next day. The last thing I want this month to be is a drag.
So how do you choose what you're going to watch this month? A great place to start is with look at our first, second and third Junesploitations -- you can check out everyone's choices and capsule reviews here. I go back in the week leading up and read them again to get some ideas for stuff I want to watch this year.

This year you have more streaming options than ever before. In addition to the standards like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, there are new pay services that have sprung up like Full Moon Streaming, Shudder (totally worth $5 a month, and that's from someone who already owns a LOT of horror movies) and Exploitation.TV, which is powered by Vinegar Syndrome and has a large library of titles. Unfortunately, many of those titles are old adult films. As much as I love watching all these exploitation and cult movies in June (and all year), I'm not into watching porn. Your mileage may vary.
If you have a Roku player, there are a number of channels devoted to exploitation movies, too: Grindhouse Channel, Midnight Pulp, Drive-in Movies, Cultorama, The Monster Channel, Mutant Sorority, Kung fu Theater...the list goes on. There are also a LOT of these movies available on YouTube, and while I generally don't encourage watching films that way for a number of reasons, I've been known to make an exception when it's literally the only way that anything is commercially available now.

Click on the links in each of the categories below. On those hard-to-choose days, at least you'll have an idea of stuff to pick from. Just keep in mind that you can really watch ANYTHING that you think fits into the category, whether it appears on any of these lists or not. That's the fun of Junesploitation!
1 - Sci-fi!
2 - ‘90s Action!
3 - Slashers!
4 - Kung Fu!
5 - Zombies!
6 - Scream Queens!
7 - Cars!
8 - Free Space!
9 - Animals!
10 - Sexploitation!
11 - Masters of Horror!
12 - Blaxploitation!
13 - New Horror! (Horror movies post-2000)
14 - Nazis!
15 - Free Space!
16 - Monsters!
17 - '80s Action!
18 - Teensploitation!
19 - Italian Horror!
20 - Westerns!
21 - Eco Horror!
22 - Free Space!
23 - Prison!
24 - War!
25 - Bugs!
26 - Revenge!
27 - Apocalypse!
28 - '80s Horror!
29 - Free Space!
30 - Cops!

This is all I've thought about for the last week. I'm ready. Are you?


  1. Ha Ha, I woke up excited this morning thinking it was June 1st. Dam you May and your 31st day!

  2. Can't wait to take part in my first Junesploitation! Thank you so much for doing this! Can't wait to discover new and hopefully exciting movies.

  3. So pumped for this!

    By the way Patrick, your episode on 'How Is This Movie' was great stuff.

    1. I really enjoyed Patrick's interview also. Hopefully it will be mentioned on this weeks podcast for those that don't frequent the website.

  4. It's June 1st here in Finland already. It's 1:30 am and I get off work in a couple of hours. I really should go straight to bed, but maybe just one movie...

  5. I'm up for it, I'm gonna try to do the whole month, see how I do, my heart is in the right place

  6. Does anyone have advice for how to get in a movie a day? I'm pretty busy and wondering how you do it. It looks like I'm going to give up all my other stuff, but I've got a 100% new to me line up and a tolerance, nay, passion, for Italian ripoff cinema so it'll be fun if I can clear up some time!

    1. 1. Pick shorter features. For Western day I am watching a film that's an hour 1 min. long cause I know I'm really busy that day. There's more "shorter" features than you think.

      2. Watch it in sections if you have to. Start in the morning and work your way throughout the day.

      3. Cheat! On a slow day watch two, three, four movies for future categories.

      4. Sick and vacation days!

    2. I believe it was Patrick Bromley who said, "it's not about not having a job, it's about not sleeping."

    3. Thanks! I'll take Chaybee's advice but I need about the same amount of sleep as a newborn to even basically function. Anyway, here's my prospective line-up.

      Sci-Fi - R.O.T.O.R
      '90's action- Street Knight
      Slashers- Long Weekend
      Kung-Fu- Master of the Flying Daggers
      Zombies- Zombi 3
      Scream Queens- Terror Train
      Cars- Gas-s-s
      Free-Terror Firmer
      Animals- Knight of the Sharks
      Sexploitation- Candy Stripe Nurses
      Masters of Horror- Deep Red
      Blaxploitation-Black Shampoo
      New Horror- The loved ones
      Nazis- Ilssa she wolf of the SS
      Free Space- Pitfall
      Monsters- Island of the Fishmen
      '80's action- Jungle Force
      Teensploitation-Beach Party
      Italian Horror- Short Night of the Glass Dolls
      Westerns-Day of the outlaw
      Eco Horror- Boggy Creek 2:the legend continues
      Free Space- The beyond
      Prison - Amazon Jail
      War- Final Strike
      Bugs- No Idea! Suggestions?
      Revenge-A man called rage
      Apocalypse- 2019:After the Fall of new York
      '80's Horror- Sleepaway Camp
      Free Space- Mad Dog Morgan
      Cops- Psycho Cop 2!

      What do you think?

    4. Nice, for bugs go for Friedkins Bug, its a nicely unseen movie, or Starship troopers, The Mist, The fly, either version or Tremors, kinda big ass bugs

    5. Nice, for bugs go for Friedkins Bug, its a nicely unseen movie, or Starship troopers, The Mist, The fly, either version or Tremors, kinda big ass bugs

    6. Divorce actually frees up a whole lot of time for movies :) If that isn't an option, everything Chaybee said. But honestly, it isn't super important to watch one every day. Watch what you have time for, and have fun with it. And don't give up "all your other stuff", just most of it!

  7. If I were scheduling the podcast, it would be Blade Runner for tomorrow...that or Southland Tales.

  8. You're not into watching porn? Patrick. I knew you were a cool guy. I respect you for that.