Friday, October 12, 2018


It may not be much of a horror movie, but that won't stop Patrick, Alejandra, and Adam Riske from starting a coven to talk witches and kitchen dancing.

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  1. Adam breaks into song as a point of reference:
    "It's your thing..."

    Never not funny.

  2. I watched this movie a bunch as a kid. My mom and I would always bump the soundtrack. Shout-out "Coconut"

  3. Third installments in horror franchises are often really interesting, if not always great. It seems like the filmmakers say "well, we've had 2 in a row that were similar to eachother.... Let's do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT":

    The Exorcist 3: Legion
    Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors
    Halloween 3: Season of the Witch
    Alien Cubed
    Poltergeist 3
    The Omen 3: The Final Conflict
    Psycho 3
    Army of Darkness

    All are super interesting approaches that aren't always successful, but they definitely take risks and are distinct from the other entries in the series.

  4. This was super fun. Thanks for the bonus podcast. Loved that you stuck to your guns Alejandra. While the gents were nice I think its important that we remember that if Andrew Divoff fought either Sandra or Nicole he would have his ass handed to him...everlasting.

  5. Great episode! 2 episodes in one week is always a treat!

    Also, it may or may not have been the highlight of my day when you guys read my 7 word review on the podcast. I geeked out just a little bit haha

  6. Finally got a chance to listen! This was an interesting discussion because everyone was coming to the movie from a different place. It can be hard to discuss why you might like a movie if it was something you saw as a kid, especially if family memories are brought into it. I'll always love Dude, Where's My Car because I tie it to memories.

    So Alejandra, don't be too hard on yourself for not fully being able to articulate why you love this movie. It's just good that you have movie love!