Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Patrick and Rob visit an abandoned town of video game horror.

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  1. Laurie Holden praise? I can listen for days.

  2. To speak on behalf of the Pet Sematary remake, I think this movie is being remade because the story really hasn’t been done justice on film before. I think the book is truly great, and the original movie is fine. I understand if people are affectionate towards it, as there are people who are affectionate towards every 80s horror movie. But I don’t think many would argue it’s a GREAT movie. I would argue most things don’t totally work in it. I think in the hands of terrific directors and a much better actor in the lead role, this story can be done justice.

  3. Definitely see the Producer's has all of Donald Pleasance's scenes are still in it. The director cut his scenes down and his narration because he found Pleasance "boring". He was completely wrong.
    And you didn't even turned around the cover art of Phantom of the Paradise to the Rich Corbin art? :-)

  4. This is quasi-inspired by Centralia, Pennsylvania, the town that was abandoned due to a vein of coal being on fire beneath it. My mother was born and raised there, and I grew up visiting relatives there. The fire started in a trash pit in back of my great-aunt's house. We used to walk there to shoot .22s. Smoke would be coming out of the ground and the rocks were hot to the touch. Decades later, the government put a big CO2 monitor in her house and then finally moved her into a trailer after buying her out. It only had about a thousand residents even before it became a ghost town.

  5. When this podcast came out I was exited, because it does not often happen that I can listen to a podcast about a movie I had just watched (on Amazon Prime) for scary movie month.
    At first I have to mention that I've seen this movie when it came out 2006. I was 18 at that time and it was a fun scare back then. After that, I never came back to it, but hailed it also as probably the best game related film. When I rewatched it a few days ago, I was very disappointed. The CGI effects are looking terrible today, the male sub-plot is not interesting and the exposition really does harm the movie in my opinion. I was all the way on Patrick's side, if there is something like this. But Rob gave the whole thing a really interesting take, one I haven't seen before, because I simply couldn't get involved and, as a result, didn't really follow the story or meta-plot.
    So - I've watched it a second time today and while I still don't think, that it is a well made movie on a lot of levels (I also don't think that the original score of the game is benefiting the movie), there are truly great pieces in it. So - somehow it's still a wasted opportunity, but one with a heart and the potential to be really, really great, which it isn't unfortunately.
    One thing I also wanted to say: The monsters really looked like out of the Japanese culture, maybe because the game was originally designed by a Japanese studio, as far as I know.

    I'll post two 7-letter-reviews - simply because I've watched it twice.

    1. Thanks for giving it a second chance!

    2. Thank you for making things better. It always makes me sad (I'm with Adam on this one) if someone finds bad things to say about movies I like - and is right with it. And I'm always more happy if someone can point out really good stuff in movies I couldn't see that way.