Wednesday, May 29, 2019

FTM 493 - LOST IN SPACE (1998)

Patrick and Rob sense danger in the world beyond the world.

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  1. The spammers have been working double time recently. I think they sense the coming of Junesploitation

    Sorry patrick, i know it's more work you don't need

  2. Natalie Imbruglia haircut appreciation society

  3. One summer my family acquired both Lost in Space and Space Camp, and my siblings and I spent the whole summer with those playing in rotation. I have a place in my heart for it - weird spiderness and wooden William Hurt and all. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  4. Haven't had the chance to listen yet, but re-watched Lost in Space in preparation. Marginalized females, breast armor and joey one-liners aside I appreciated they attempted something more complex than I remembered, though even now it's muddy, at best. Did they dub jared harris or is he just really good at an american accent?

    1. Found my own answer on twitter, "I had an encounter with Jared Harris at Sundance a couple years ago and actually asked him. He was never told it was going to happen and was very upset about it when he found out at the premiere." I guess they did it to mask his accent, but he's a great actor, that's lame!

  5. It's not a movie, but The Worthing Saga by Orson Scott card has several stories set in a society structured around that kind of cryogenic deep sleep tech. The richer you are the more time you get to skip, there's a story about two boys who are friends, but one of them is wealthy, and as time passes his friend gets older much faster than him. It's pretty good, get it from a used bookstore to avoid giving OSC more money

  6. Could we get a Lost In Space full movie commentary? I think that's something that should exist.

  7. You guys skipped the best line - "This cold war just got HOT!" I was going to say I was only a casual fan of the original series, but the Tybo the Carrot Man action figure on my desk tells me that's probably an understatement. I was excited for this in 1998 and I can't say I was disappointed. The movie really does the first few b&w episodes justice - they had a little more of a serious tone. Smith may have been constantly monologing out loud, but he was also shown to be a dangerous murderer. Most of what we remember about the series comes from the loopy color seasons that likely got more play in syndication. I think it's no mean feat that this movie is still watchable, in a way that other TV adaptations of the time are no longer (have you tried watching My Favorite Martian with Jeff Daniels or Ernest as Jed Clampett lately? It hurts). The aspects that date it to the '90s - mainly the SFX and the music - now have the patina of nostalgia about them for me. So after listening to this episode, I'll have to watch it again - let my kids get to see Joey as a space hero.

  8. Regarding Breakfast at Tiffany's and Manic Pixie Dream Girls, I've always had a problem classifying Holly as one. For me it seems like the point of MPDGs is that they "save" the boring man by falling in love with them, whereas Breakfast at Tiffany's seems to be the boring man "saving" the free-spirited woman.
    A MPDG has no arc or journey of their own, and only serves as a catalyst for the man, but I think Breakfast at Tiffany's is all about Holly learning to stop running from her problems and do things the hard way for once.
    Anyway, always happy to see you guys discussing older movies!

  9. I think you guys might like the Netflix Lost In Space more.