Thursday, May 30, 2019

Your 2019 Junesploitation Primer

by Patrick Bromley
Everything you need to be ready for Junesploitation!

Just kidding. There is no being "ready" for Junesploitation.

Our annual celebration of exploitation and genre movies kicks off in just two days. How can anyone stand the suspense?

Outside of maybe Scary Movie Month and F This Movie Fest, Junesploitation is the biggest and best thing we do here at F This Movie!. What started as an excuse to watch some trashy movies has expanded into a full-blown month-long party, and it's all because of your enthusiasm and participation. You guys are the best.
Several of you have already made your Junesploitation viewing lists and even published them in some cases, which is awesome. The level of excitement we see online for this goofy made-up holiday is genuinely awesome and makes the whole thing so much more fun. If you aren't yet sure what you want to watch -- or you aren't sure what certain categories mean -- this primer should hopefully help you explore the weird and wonderful world of exploitation movies.

As mentioned in the original Junesploitation announcement, there are a ton of streaming services from which to choose titles: Shudder, Full Moon Streaming, Brown Sugar, Shout! Factory TV, plus free sites that have large libraries like TubiTV, as well as the usual Netflix (which is pretty worthless for anything but Netflix-produced content these days, though some newer horror films can be found there), Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video, a true GOLD MINE with hundreds of kung fu, horror, and exploitation films available in their library. Also check out Shaw Brothers Universe, which is a great resource to tell you where hundreds of amazing kung fu films are available to stream. The Grindhouse Cinema Database offers hundreds of titles broken up by genre, so that one's good if you're ever feeling stuck on a certain category.
As always, we're providing a collection of links (below) that will take you to some recommendations of titles from each day's category. If you're new to Junesploitation, please know that you do not need to watch a movie off of any of these lists (except for the ones with a finite number of titles like Vinegar Syndrome or Greydon Clark). These are just here to give you some ideas, but you're free to pick any movie you want that you feel fits into a given category. Remember, the whole point is it have an awesome time and watch a lot of movies, so be sure to make it fun for yourself and watch what you want to watch.

June 1 - ’80s Action!
June 2 - Slashers!
June 3 - Monsters!
June 4 - Westerns!
June 5 - Blaxploitation!
June 6 - Free Space!
June 7 - '90s Action!
June 8 - Cars!
June 9 - Giallo!
June 10 - Cops!
June 11 - Zombies!
June 12 - Remakes!
June 13 - New Horror!
June 14 - Free Space!
June 15 - Sci Fi!
June 16 - ‘80s Comedy!
June 17 - Fulci! (Lucio Fulci Birthday tribute)
June 18 - Prison!
June 19 - Kids!
June 20 - Vinegar Syndrome!
June 21 - Greydon Clark!
June 22 - Kung Fu!
June 23 - Free Space!
June 24 - ‘80s Horror!
June 25 - Robots!
June 26 - Shot on Video!
June 27 - Italian Horror!
June 28 - Revenge!
June 29 - Free Space!
June 30 - Teenagers!
The insanity starts in just two days!


  1. Hey, this might be the kick in the pants I need to actually watch some movies again. Life gets in the way sometimes, but having a chance to watch some cool movies and chat it up with cool people is more than enough motivation to get back in the movie groove.

  2. Anyone have any suggestions on how to find a Shot on Video title?

    1. Clicking the link will take you to a list.

    2. If you aren't looking to purchase physically media (there are a ton of SOV films that have been issued on DVD; Intervision, SHS and Slasher Video are some studios that come to mind, I would say YouTube, unfortunately is your best bet. I know you can rent most if not all of SRS Cinema releases on Vimeo.

    3. Thank you, I just figured a lot of those titles in the list were pretty obscure, and I'm Canadian so they may be a little hard to find. I see Youtube has a few.

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  4. Life is pretty busy, so I'm certainly not going to be able to do a movie a day like in past years.. But I am looking forward to reading everyone's mini-reviews!