Tuesday, October 1, 2019

FTM 510: SLEEPWALKERS Commentary

Our annual commentary finds Patrick, Adam Riske, Mike, JB, and Jan talking Stephen King, cats, Mick Garris, cats, incest, corn, and cats. Happy #ScaryMovieMonth!

Download this episode here. (41.1 MB)

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  1. Just starting...a little feedback, it would be better if you did a countdown, 1 2 3 click start, rather than having the actual podcast start at the same time as the movie. A little easier for us to sync things up!

    Can't wait to watch while I listen along. As someone who doesn't read fiction because I read constantly at work, I have never heard of this movie or read the book.

    Also, can't wait for next year's commentary for Gremlins: The New Batch, because it's the absolute best, and Dante is also the best, and I know Patrick must love it.

    1. Everyone loves it. Not just Patrick.

    2. You can bank my vote for Clovis for mayor. That cat knows where it's at. Sorry...knows where it's cat.

    3. I am commenting to clap for Will Benson's comment. #Clovis4Ever