Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Patrick, Mike, and the ball are back.

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  1. I’ve got some ideas:
    Final Destination
    Paranormal Activity
    Conjuring Cinematic Universe
    Stephen King movies (break it up by decade maybe?)
    Universal Monsters
    Hammer Horror
    Vincent Price Poe movies
    .....Puppet Master

  2. I would love a Hammer episode with JB or Conjuring Episode with Adam or both

  3. I haven't seen any Phantasm movies (I know, I know) so I am saving that part of the podcast for later. But I loved the beginning! So many funny moments--Chicago Mike! that hilarious Irish (?) noise Patrick made for the review of The Irishman! The revelation of what CM Punk's name really means!

    Thanks for the solid entertainment, guys. Loved it.

  4. Both the Hammer Frankenstein and Dracula franchises are very fun to go through and would make for very fun podcasts. The Dracula franchise basically turns into a slasher franchise. Just sayin'... ;)

    1. I should also mention... great show guys, loved it!

  5. Great episode as always guys! I came here to name some franchises, but it looks like they have already been mentioned

    As someone who just recently watched all the Hellraiser movies, I can’t really recommend anyone do that haha. But I feel like you guys would make a very entertaining episode out of it.

  6. A few other horror franchise ideas:

    Hannibal Lecter

  7. Great podcast, you two! The great thing about Phantasm, which you kind of said without quite saying, is that the whole series is one continuing narrative. Horror fans like to talk about the big franchises as if the sequels add up to epic sagas, but that's only partially true in the best cases. I can't help but feel that Don C. had a bigger picture in mind when making that first film, and then went ahead and made that bigger picture in the rest of them.

    As for future franchises, maybe it's finally time to answer whether Underworld or Resident Evil are worthy to sit at the big kids' horror table. If not, The Fly series is a fun marathon watch, if you start with the '50s ones up through the Cronenberg/Walas ones.

  8. Much like I am contractually obligated to refer to Heath as "Hollywood Heath Holland" I am now forced to refer to Mike as his full title of "Chicago Mike Pomaro"

  9. Maybe next October will be when I finally watch the Phantasm movies. They were high up on my watch list this year but did not make it into my viewing schedule.

  10. One idea for a future franchise episode could be catching up on the old franchises that have come out with new movies since you covered them.

    I think right now the list would be Saw 7, Jigsaw, Halloween 2018, Leatherface, Cult of Chucky, Child's Play 2019 and Leprechaun Returns. And there's more coming for at least the Saw and Halloween franchises, I don't know about the rest.

    Obviously, you've already covered many of them in one way or the other, but that's probably gonna be true with most francises at this point.

  11. I was going to post suggestions for franchises, but they have been mentioned above. So, it turns out I'm here to Second the recommendations of Puppet Master and Alien.
    Also, how about Amityville?

  12. Potential Franchises:
    Silent Night, Deadly Night
    Prom Night
    Amityville Horror
    The Howling
    The Exorcist
    Basket Case
    Slumber Party Massacre
    The Omen

  13. The Omen, Hammer's Dracula series{my fav},The Exorcist,Hammer's Frankenstein series,..Universal's horror, The 1st Shared Universe,..

  14. I watched through the Hellraiser franchise earlier this year and was surprised that I actually liked most of them. Maybe I'm easy to please, but I really don't think it's as bad as people claim it to be. I'd personally love an episode on it. I'll also second Unknown's suggestion of The Slumber Party Massacre and Re-Animator.

  15. You think when you die you go to Heaven. No you come to me. This should make for an interesting discussion.

  16. Have you guys covered the dead franchise?

    1. If you mean Romero's Living Dead series, then here you go:

  17. I really like Mikko's idea of catching up and talking about films that have been made after your horror franchise podcasts ie Saw, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw, Child's Play.

  18. Man, my SMM plummeted off a cliff halfway through the month thanks to work and then PG&E's "planned" power outages in California. Wish I could have participated more but once things fell off it was hard to get back into it.

    As far as a franchise to do next year, Scream would seem like a possibility. I could also see taking the Make Your Own Horror Franchise idea from last year, and doing a Make Your Own Horror Anthology where you each pick 6-9 segments from different anthologies.