Wednesday, May 13, 2020

What I'm Most Proud Of During These Last 10 Years at FTM

by Mike Pomaro
I’m very proud to be a contributor to F This Movie. I don’t do it often (that’s my own insecurities getting in the way), but having been around since the beginning means a lot to me. It’s been mentioned several times before, but I’m part of the answer to an FTM trivia question: what was the first podcast recorded for FTM? Answer: Patrick and I recorded Young Guns together. Probably a good idea to not kick off the website with that episode.

I’m proud of a number of things I’ve contributed to the site. Some are better than others, but my American Movie piece is one of my most personal and best, I think.

I don’t necessarily have a favorite podcast I’ve done, but a few come to mind. I laughed harder during our On Her Majesty’s Secret Service podcast then I have before or since. The Logan podcast was a blast because we recorded it not once, but twice in the same night! While I’m usually exhausted by the time we get to the franchise episodes at the end of every October, I wouldn’t miss those for the world. And of course recording the Scary Movie Month commentary is always great because I’m lucky enough to be in the same room with three of the funniest people I know as we record.

If I’m being honest, however, I’m most proud of my friend Patrick. To see this site grow from Patrick and a few friends getting together to talk about what we’ve watched lately, to what it’s become has been incredible to watch. He’s managed to assemble a great group of contributors from all over to make FTM a movie website unlike any other. And in a sea of movie sites, that’s hard to do. Patrick’s voice is very important to me and I love that the rest of the world is catching up to how special it is.

FTM means so much to so many of us, that these articles could be published daily for a year. There’s a reason for that, and it starts with Patrick.

I’m proud to be a small part of FTM, I’m proud to call the FTM community my friends, and most of all I’m proud of you, Patrick. 143.


  1. Mike, I love reading your columns and hearing the podcasts where you appear! Also, I'm glad to see that you picked the American Movie column as a fave of yours, since that also appeared in my list of faves today. :)


    I don't even know you anymore. KIDDING! I love this and love you!

    1. I was saving that for my "Soundtracks I'm Proud Of" article.

  3. Though I have only posted a handful of comments here at F
    This Movie I have been (and am) a frequent (daily) visitor
    here. The constraints imposed by my personal finances
    have sadly limited my own movie viewing experiences but
    the love of movies shared by those who curate and visit
    this site is infectious. I have come to greatly appreciate
    the passion and camaraderie shared by the community that
    has grown up around this site. I wish you all the best
    and I look forward to many more enjoyable visits here.

  4. Thank you, Mike! The FTM community loves you right back!

  5. I always love it when a new Bond episode pops up, and the Scary Movie Month franchise episodes have consistently been great. Between those, the Logan episode, Leprechaun Returns, and the Halloween III: Season of the Witch Commentary, you've been on a lot of the episodes that have made me laugh the hardest. And if all that wasn't accomplishment enough you've been directing! Keep up everything you've been doing because you're a damn talented person.

  6. I'm so glad you've been a contributor here, Mike! Otherwise I wouldn't be aware of the next Martin Scorsese in the making!