Wednesday, July 1, 2020


King Kong ain't got shit on Patrick and Rob.

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Donate to Black Lives Matter here.


  1. What a terrific episode! Rob I appreciated your take on systems coming from a teacher's perspective. My Uncle was a public school teacher in Philadelphia for twenty years, and oh boy does he have some stories. Also I agree with both of you about the missing nuances in Training Day. Truly from now on when I think David Ayer I'll think, "Raaaaagggghhh"!

    1. You couldn’t see me, but I was clashing my clenched fists together when I made that noise. Don’t forget that part.

    2. Good to know. I was just making a Michael Ironside Scanners face. Too...many...ideas...!

  2. As a person of color I find it a bit disingenuous that you post a donation tab to the Black Lives Matter organization. I have no problem with the slogan but that organization is corrupt from all levels down and funnels its money into DNC campaign coffers (ActBlue has been caught several times reallocating good intentioned funds into campaign contributions.) You'd much better serve the community by posting tabs for local black-owned businesses or community resource centers.