Wednesday, December 9, 2020


Patrick and Adam Riske always be closing.

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Mank (2020), Castle Freak (2020), The Yakuza (1974), Promising Young Woman (2020)


  1. I love these out of left field episodes. I think the thing with Affleck v Damon is Affleck is getting more interesting and Damon's getting more boring, playing it safe. Also a The Cell would be a fun show especially if you guys disagree.

  2. I absolutely needed to hear Adam's thoughts on Boiler Room, so this is sure to be a treat.

    1. 1. I'd really like to see Patrick's one man reenactment of Mank

      2. Patrick choke-slamming Scott Caan to hell vis-à-vis suit sizing was unexpected but certainly not unappreciated

  3. I'd like a podcast series with Adam & Patrick running through the filmography of Affleck.

    When you two are together it feels like warm hot chocolate on a winter's morn.

  4. I love your podcast been a since 2010......jesus it's been forever. I take issue with the myth that labor or poor people vote against their own interests. That's partly false. The people who vote for Republicans are mostly rich people without college degrees like bill gates and mark Zuckerberg. Yes, are there people who are poor that vote against their own material interests? Yes but that is the same thing when poor or working class (everybody who sale their labor to survive for a wage) vote for the Democrats. The top 20 richest congressional districts in America are represented by Democrats. Both parties only offer cultural war and not improvement in martial conditions. The Democrats hasn't been the party of a bigger paycheck since LBJ. President Carter was the first neoliberal president that started instituted austerity under Volcker shock. Here's this perfect explanation of this analysis.
    The only who look up to the wolf of wallstreet or boiler room are reactionaries because the Republicans have said since Reagan is you are morally good if you are rich and you are morally bad if you are poor like to them it's below $100,000.