Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Patrick and Rob catch the excitement.

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Also discussed this episode: Class Action Park (2020), Sound of Metal (2020), 12 Hour Shift (2020), Saint Frances (2020), Bad Education (2020), Fatale (2020), Unstoppable (2010), One Night in Miami (2020) 


  1. I spent many summer days at Action Park and I survived...mostly unscathed.

  2. To answer your question of what unfairly maligned box office bomb you guys should do - - - Speed Racer

    1. great call. that flick is sooooo much better than folks gave it credit for.

  3. I vaguely remember a Bruno cartoon from back in the day. Also I've been waiting for 'The Phantom' episode. The movie we need right now.

  4. I just watched the Bruno live concert. So...thanks? I'm not sure.

  5. Great episode guys!

    Also, Rob I’m in total agreement with you on Last action hero. One of my all time favorites. I saw it when I was 6 and it was also a huge part of me falling in love with movies.

  6. holy episode on Hudson Hawk? Clearly im in some kind of matrix situation and y'all have created this site and podcasts soley for me! I love love love this movie. I used to call it the 'guilty pleasure' but dispensed with such verbiage as if you dig a movie you should just dig a movie. I do, however, reference this movie EVERY time someone asks to name a movie you like that most people dont. This flick is in general disliked but i find it endlessly watchable (highest praise), quotable, silly, entertaining, funny, and DIFFERENT. Its sort of cartoonish handling of reality and villains and plot is unlike most any other movie and a real treat. Also a musical heist genre!? Come on! Dig it!

    Peace .n. Would you like to swing from a star?

  7. Building upon some of the other comments, im thinking there's an unidentified genre out there of 80s/90s movies that exist in a bit of a silly reality. Those who love them love them. Not sure if this grouping makes sense but lets run with it....

    * Hudson Hawk
    * Big Trouble in Little China
    * The Golden Child
    * Last Action Hero (good call Matthew B)
    * Raising Arizona
    * True Lies (this is more straight forward action/comedy)

    Thoughts on other titles to add?