Wednesday, July 14, 2021


Patrick and Rob have an Oscar Isaac dance party.

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  1. Hands down one of my favorite movies of the past 20 years...and honestly..ever. Endlessly rewatchable. Incredibly well written. Acting, direction, tone, all perfect. The writing is SO good that the entire thing could be done as a play with ZERO effects and almost no set and it'd still be one of the best cerebral sci fi productions to date.

  2. Awesome podcast sirs! I reallllly appreciate your deep dive into this amazing flick...i learned a lot. Also, your riffs about what Eva whispered? i was CACKLING doubled over laughing whiiiiich isnt the safest on the drive home from work. LOL., im going to be showing 2001 tonite in my backyard drive in on 70mm...feel free to bring the kids and Erica and swing by it should start around..awwww..poop....ive got projector issues (in that i dont have a 70mm projector or print)...NO worries...we'll show it in the way it should be viewed..Circuit City DIVX rental on a kicken 27" tube tv. what time you coming by?

    Peace .n. Asimovs 4th Rule: "when it comes to robots, ignore the first 3 rules, you f@#$ed"