Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Patrick and JB go to Disneyworld and talk about a misbegotten adaptation of one of their favorite rides.

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  1. This is quintessential F this movie, drag out a film that should have been better and was a massive betrayal.

    RE: JB and the Haunted House movies was so satisfying, I own and love all of those Cat and the Canary films.

  2. I am very happy about the new criterion releases and posted about my excitement several times. High Sierra rules! I just also like to keep the conversation alive about how Jekyll & Hyde should get a blu ray release, and I like talking about my love for that movie. There was absolutely no back handed insult intended.

    1. In no way was I trying to diss you. I was just excited for Incredible Shrinking Man. I too would love a blu/Criterion J & H!

  3. I just had an idea that an interesting take might be to do a film that flips half way through from spooky/scary played straight to more a more lighthearted romp with spooky elements just like the ride. At least that's SOMETHING besides Eddie Murphy cashing a check.