Saturday, October 1, 2022


Patrick, Adam, and Mike kick off Scary Movie Month 2022 with a little commentary.

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  1. The spider coming down in front of the tv is kind of on-brand for this month

  2. I'm expecting a lot of Mark Jones in this commentary.

  3. Mark Jones must be in some kind of limbo over re-releasing his movies in 4k. At the one hand, the number of pixels increase, so the number gets bigger, which is a no-go. Yet, the actual pixels are getting SMALLER - and he is all for that. I guess, the solution would be to watch his movies on smartphones, the smaller, the better.

    I would love to see the movie with your commentary, but Amazon won't let me rent it (German Amazon does not have it, American won't let me rent it, because of my German credit card, despite actually being in the US - stupid system). It was still a fun episode.

  4. I had so much fun listening to this commentary. I'd never seen Rumpelstiltskin before, but I'm convinced watching with the F This Movie commentary is the definitive way to watch. Here's to a Triloquist commentary in 2023!!!! #RumpsAndABump